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A young short hair brunette probably got kidnapped/held hostage by a woman with her young sons

I saw a movie scene on TV in the 90’s. A young short hair brunette was constrained by a few young men while an older woman said “I’m sorry” and place a cloth with chloroform over the young woman’s nose and mouth. Her eyes rolled upward and blackout. After she woke up, She was tied to a bed with her waists tied together. She managed to untie herself and got up and went for the bedroom door.

Movie with a scene where a young boy poisoned his parents’ wine


I only remember probably the final part of this movie I saw on TV a long time ago

The scene shows a woman in night gown drinking a glass of wine while enjoying some music (not sure) at night. A young boy was peeking out from behind either his room or his parents’ bedroom. Suddenly, both parents (assuming they were his parents) were in severe stomach pain. It was clear the boy had poisoned their drinks. They tried to attacked him. The boy eventually brought his mother downstairs as she tried to attack him. He placed her on a chair as she moaned, slowly dying from the poison as he watched he. Suddenly, the father attacked the boy from behind in a final effort to kill him but failed. Both parents eventually died.

The last part shows a middle-aged man (probably the boy grow up) telling another person the story. I believe the movie maybe his story but I’m not sure.

This is all I saw when I came across it on TV.

Black and White foreign crime movie

There was a black and white foreign crime movie (not sure if it was in Spanish/Italian or some other language)

I think two men (maybe more), possibly gangs committed robbery. Somehow, two women stole the money from them (I think it was a leather briefcase). The men followed them, tracked them down at their home and overcome the women.

The men proceed to torture the women with electricity. I think the women were stripped naked with tape over their mouth laying on the ground with wires attached to their body (maybe breasts) and one man plug in and out the electric plug into the wall. They may have proceeded to rape the women, I’m not sure.

The film was in black and white with no subtitle. I didn’t understand what they were saying. I would like to find it again to see if there is a subbed version.

Thank you!

A Home Invasion Scene

The only scene I remember from this movie (possible late 80’s or 90’s) is a young woman (not sure if she is a mother or a babysitter) telling a boy to go wash.

She then slicing some carrots with a blade. She was very nervous, probably expecting someone she know to break in when she was frightened by winds beating on window blind (wooden I think).  When she called the boy, there was no response. She walked over continue calling him and was frightened to find a man (someone she know) holding a knife against the boy.

The next scene shows the man tied them to chairs back to back while talking to the woman. He appears to be waiting for either her husband or some guy to return home. When they heard the sound, the man gagged the woman and the boy to keep them quiet. He may have gagged them before the guy he is waiting for to return. I cannot be certain.

The scene has been in my head for a long time. I have seen it on TV a long time ago. It also appeared on Youtube awhile back but it is gone now. I cannot be certain if it is from a movie or a TV episode or a TV movie.

Does anyone know where this image come from?

I saw an image on Youku video streaming site. It shows a duct taped woman. I thought the image was from CSI NY: Sleight Out of Hand episode but it does not appear to be.

I cannot post saved image here. Please go to this site to see the image.

The site above is similar to this site.

Greatly appreciate it if anyone recognize the TV episode or movie.


Pillow Smothering Death Scene from the 90’s

I saw this on TV back in the 90’s. The television showed a scene where a man tried to smother a sleeping woman in bed at night with either his gloved hand or a black rag. He switched to a pillow when he realized that it was taking a long time killing her. She died of asphyxiation. The man left and drove away in his vehicle.

I remember a detective (not too sure) talked to another detective about someone got into her place and killed her (referring to woman).

The killer could be around age50/60 with glasses. I’m not sure if he is an ex-husband or an ex-lover who tried to silent the woman but that is what it appeared to be.

I’m sorry there is not much details here. It could be from TV series or a movie. Any idea will be great.

Asian (Possibly Hong Kong) Crime Thriller from the 80’s or 90’s

I’m searching for the name of a possibly Hong Kong Crime/Thriller from the 80’s or 90’s. The scene that I remember is

A woman is coming downstairs at a hospital while a nurse carrying medicine/needle on a tray is walking upstairs. She follows the nurse, handgags the nurse and drags her into the very first room on that floor.

In a few seconds, the woman comes out of the hospital room wearing the nurse’s clothes and hospital facial mask. (Probably carrying the tray too)

The next scene shows nurse is tied up with virtually no clothes on and gagged. She struggled aggressively. The next scene shows some men in suits standing in the hallway outside a hospital room. I think the woman in disguised is trying to get inside to kill the hospitalized person.

Anyone has any idea what movie this is?


A movie with demonic impregnation from possible Asian Myth

The movie was from a rented DVD from Hollywood Video from 10 years ago. It was colored movie in English.

The movie was about a tall and bald human like demon lord entering the human world through impregnation of a woman. There was scene of villagers chasing a pregnant woman to kill her because she was impregnated by the demon lord. The woman gave birth to the child who grew instantly to a full-grown demon (tall and bald human like). He killed the woman who gave birth to him and I think he brought destruction to the world.

The movie enters the modern world, an young American was taking his younger brother (I think) swimming. He notice an attractive Asian girl diving. He chit-chat with his friends about her appearance. His younger brother suddenly starts drowning and the girl helps and rescues him. the older brother thanked her and became friend with her after that.

The Asian girl’s father told her that she is part of the family history whom the legendary demon king tries to impregnate to enter this world. There was a scene that in her dream, the demon lord rapes her on a slab with fire or magma (hell like). She becomes pregnant and her father tries to kill her. The American guy comes to her rescue. She gives birth later and they find a way to defeat the demon lord.