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Horror Movie with alot of birds

I remember this horror movie where a couple had twins ( baby boys) and the family was being attacked by a demon,when the demon was coming alot of black birds would appear, so the husband went to a witch doctor for help, she was smoking a pipe and she gave him something to protect himself from the demon and she told him when he’s coming back he must wear red carnations or carnations so she knows that its him, in the end he defeated the demon and the birds disappeared.


What is the name of this movie?                                                                   There’s this other movie where a group of friends went into the woods and they saw some men and they thought that they were going to kill them and one of them fell in a wood chopper while another fell and hit his head etc

Horror Movies

I watched two Horror movies on YouTube but can’t remember the name of them, year range (2000-2017) maybe they are independent films.                                                                                         First One: A medium was called into a haunted house where a child died and she used a vintage telephone to communicate with him/her and although the phone cord was not plugged in, it will ring anytime the spirit wants to say something.                                                                                                 Second One: A couple and their baby move into a haunted house and the lady keep on saying she is seeing things in the house but was taking pills for post partum depression and one day her husband took out the pill and said did u take your pill today? And she said no and he said take it then she took it and out it in her mouth then when he turned his back she spit it out in his tea or drink and he drank it but then when she couldn’t find the baby and was waking up the man he couldn’t wake up because of the pills, the thing had the baby, there was another part where the man went to buy baby things and the cashier asked him, new baby? And he said yes and asked her if she would like to be their babysitter and she said yes but the thing killed her in the house and hid her somewhere where noone could find her and the following day they were wondering why she just left like that without saying anything [SOLVED: Dark Circles]


Three Movies, First One: What is title of this movie      [SOLVED: “Awaken the Shadowman”]

Second One: I remember this clown horror house movie where they had to play games to escape or they die and they were given clues, there was about  8 or so in the house and I remembered one of the girls got tired and frustrated and wanted to leave so she run through some barbed wire and cut herself and died, and the others were calling out to her and was crying and there was this Jack sparrow pirate looking man that drank some kind of green substance.        SOLVED: “Circus Kane” (2017)]                                                                      Third One: A man’s teenage  daughter was having an affair with his best friend but she didn’t want him to find out, One day she must have hugged him or something and some of his shaving cream went on her face and she went to eat breakfast with her father and he saw it and he asked her what’s on her face and she touched it and said, oh it’s just whipped cream or something like that, then she ate it [SOLVED: “Blame it on Rio]


Three Movies, First One: A woman’s daughter was sexually molested by either her father or stepfather, so she wanted full custody of her daughter but was not allowed it for some reason, there’s a scene in it where she was talking to another woman  who wanted to help her and she kicked the car tyre and said” I don’t know what to do”, I think at one point she ran away with her daughter to start a new life but they found her and put her back to her father/Stepfather but in the end she got her back after a female detective in charge of the case handcuff herself to the steering wheel and said someone else did it so that she could get her daughter back after she found out that it was true (I think it’s a lifetime movie).           Solved: “Stop at Nothing 1991”

Second One: A man washed up on a sea coast maybe after the boat he was in capsized and a teenage girl who lived with her grandmother and mother found him and alerted them, they attend to his wounds and let him stay there for a while, there’s a part where the girl had a boyfriend who rides a motorcycle that they didn’t approve at but at the end her mother let her go with him to join a band after the man convinced to.

 Third One: A Woman met this woman and they become friends and she was sick but it’s like she didn’t have any money or card so she did some illegal thing like switched her identity so that she could receive nedical help, when she left the hospital and cane back a nurse informed that her friend died, so it’s like she was stranded without money and she had to wear her clothes which was very short ( it’s like she was an exotic dancer or something like that), there’s a part where she was standing in a line and pulling down her dress and a man saw her and gave her his space in the line, in the end she got tired of living that way so she went to the police or some other law person who told her she will lose her job etc. But I don’t think she was arrested Solved: (As Good as Dead)

Drama movies

Two movies: First One: A woman who owned a restaurant was closing up one night and she saw a man in car outside looking at her constantly so she went back inside and called the police, when the police came they started beating the man severely so she called back the station and told them that they are beating up the man and she went to court to testify and the cop started threatening her and framed her son for killing a young woman                   SOLVED: Payback (1997)

Second One: I’m not sure if it’s a doctor TV series or movie where a woman was giving birth and her husband ( the father) was in the room and he was happy and everything and then he went out and tell the rest of family members that the baby was perfect like his/ her mother but when he went back in the room the nurses cover her with a sheet then he just walked out back looking sad and disappointed (she died) and the other family members was wondering what happened but that’s all I remembered


Two movies: First One: John Heard the man from would you rather and there was a little boy, he has a movie where he was either talking to or hugging his wife while his daughter about 3- 7 years ran into the road after the ball she was playing with roll into the middle of the road and maybe a drunk driver hit her and run and I think she was killed and he keeps remembering it and drinking, its like they didn’t find the person, I think he was also a police officer, didn’t watch the entire movie, it was kinda slow, googled it but could not find it.                                                                                                         Second One: A man was saying goodbye to his wife and child and they went in their car and suddenly it blow up and he ran to it and was screaming and crying, I think that’s how it starts but that’s all I remembered about it

Horror Movies

Three Movies: I recently watched this movie on youtube where three young men is trying to make a horror movie with the plot of night of the living dead and they are killing the people for real after they got invitations for a party at a remote house, they dress up like zombies ( they put something in their eyes and put in vampire teethand was walking like zombies. ( It’s a 2000-2017 movie )               [Solved]

Second One: This man can see spirits and he helps them to move on to the afterlife or something like that and I think he told his friend or somebody and one day  the person was passing a cemetery and saw him pulling something from a grave, it was a spirit but they show it like there was noone there.

Third One: A little boy went to a cemetery maybe to visit a relative grave, probably got lost or playing with his friends when a man appear out of nowhere and gave him a wind instrument, think it was a saxophone, I remember he always went there to talk to the man, it’s kind of strange, I think the man was dead [Solved]


Two Movies: First One: A little boy was reading a book and the things in the book was coming alive, I remember him on one of the creature’s back like a dragon and he was flying with him on it, I also remember a girl in it keeps on encouraging him to continue reading when he paused for a while.

I remember this Christmas movie where this lady and her daughter moved back to the town where they lived and a little boy was living in the basement, In the past the mother was engaged but left the man at the altar and she was always saying she was adventurous and he was prevential, can’t remember the name of it

High School Girl and Elderly Man

What is the name of the movie where a high school girl was in love with an elderly man or think she was in love with him and her parents disapproved of it and made a psychiatrist come to their house to talk to her because she wasn’t eating and locked herself in her room and when it was her birthday and they had a party for her she didn’t care about it anyways in the end they went their separate ways

Crime/Action Movie

I remember this movie where this man was married to this rich woman and she was killed at a part for some reason, so he hired about three hitmen to take revenge on her killers, I remember a scene in it where he thought one of the hitman was going to shoot him but he didn’t see that one of his wife killer was behind him and it was him he was going to shoot but that’s all I remembered,  Any ideas?


I remember two movies, First One: A woman had cancer and her husband found some letter she wro.te for her children so when she die they could read it, A baby and about two others about 3-5 years old, when he found them he got upset because he wanted her to get better, there’s another part where he blends some kind of nutrition shake and she drank some and stop ( like it was bitter or something) then she said to him you should drink this” unfortunately she died in the end, I remembered her friend or doctor told her to remember when her mother used to pushed the swing with her when she was on her dying bed, ( it was some kind of comforting thing) I’m not sure but I think she wrote in the letters that she wanted her husband and her friend to get together, get married.                                                                                   Second One:  a young lady husband died but it’s like his spirit is still with them ( kinda like the lovely bones) she also had a daughter or son about 7 or so, what stick out in my mind is that he made a balloon go to another country or state, they show it when its in the sky and the rain fell and nothing happened to it and it went in a family house for some reason, there’s another part where the lady met another man and they became friends or was dating and he went in the basement or toolroom and found some love letters and was about to read one of them and it blew out of his hands then he picked it up back and it blew out again then he ran out and close the door.                                                                                    Third One: This homeless man went in a house where a little girl and her mother lived, the little girl wasn’t afraid of him and she gave him something to eat then he said to her “you smell nice then she said “my mother takes good care of me”, I don’t think he did anything to her but thats all I remembered.


I remember this supernatural movie about an evil coat hanger or a tall lamp, it’s either a coat hanger or a lamp that’s evil, It does bad things to anyone who comes in contact with it, I remembered a lady bought it and she cut her finger on it and it got black and sore and it was spreading to the rest of her body,  don’t remembered what happened to her but the lamp was destroyed in the end, it was black and looked evil and scary, I think it’s from the 80s or possibly the early 90s