Horror Movies

I watched two Horror movies on YouTube but can’t remember the name of them, year range (2000-2017) maybe they are independent films.                                                                                         First One: A medium was called into a haunted house where a child died and she used a vintage telephone to communicate with him/her and although the phone cord was not plugged in, it will ring anytime the spirit wants to say something.                                                                                                 Second One: A couple and their baby move into a haunted house and the lady keep on saying she is seeing things in the house but was taking pills for post partum depression and one day her husband took out the pill and said did u take your pill today? And she said no and he said take it then she took it and out it in her mouth then when he turned his back she spit it out in his tea or drink and he drank it but then when she couldn’t find the baby and was waking up the man he couldn’t wake up because of the pills, the thing had the baby, there was another part where the man went to buy baby things and the cashier asked him, new baby? And he said yes and asked her if she would like to be their babysitter and she said yes but the thing killed her in the house and hid her somewhere where noone could find her and the following day they were wondering why she just left like that without saying anything [SOLVED: Dark Circles]

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