Three Movies, First One: What is title of this movie      [SOLVED: “Awaken the Shadowman”]

Second One: I remember this clown horror house movie where they had to play games to escape or they die and they were given clues, there was about  8 or so in the house and I remembered one of the girls got tired and frustrated and wanted to leave so she run through some barbed wire and cut herself and died, and the others were calling out to her and was crying and there was this Jack sparrow pirate looking man that drank some kind of green substance.        SOLVED: “Circus Kane” (2017)]                                                                      Third One: A man’s teenage  daughter was having an affair with his best friend but she didn’t want him to find out, One day she must have hugged him or something and some of his shaving cream went on her face and she went to eat breakfast with her father and he saw it and he asked her what’s on her face and she touched it and said, oh it’s just whipped cream or something like that, then she ate it [SOLVED: “Blame it on Rio]

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