Three Movies, First One: A woman’s daughter was sexually molested by either her father or stepfather, so she wanted full custody of her daughter but was not allowed it for some reason, there’s a scene in it where she was talking to another woman  who wanted to help her and she kicked the car tyre and said” I don’t know what to do”, I think at one point she ran away with her daughter to start a new life but they found her and put her back to her father/Stepfather but in the end she got her back after a female detective in charge of the case handcuff herself to the steering wheel and said someone else did it so that she could get her daughter back after she found out that it was true (I think it’s a lifetime movie).           Solved: “Stop at Nothing 1991”

Second One: A man washed up on a sea coast maybe after the boat he was in capsized and a teenage girl who lived with her grandmother and mother found him and alerted them, they attend to his wounds and let him stay there for a while, there’s a part where the girl had a boyfriend who rides a motorcycle that they didn’t approve at but at the end her mother let her go with him to join a band after the man convinced to.

 Third One: A Woman met this woman and they become friends and she was sick but it’s like she didn’t have any money or card so she did some illegal thing like switched her identity so that she could receive nedical help, when she left the hospital and cane back a nurse informed that her friend died, so it’s like she was stranded without money and she had to wear her clothes which was very short ( it’s like she was an exotic dancer or something like that), there’s a part where she was standing in a line and pulling down her dress and a man saw her and gave her his space in the line, in the end she got tired of living that way so she went to the police or some other law person who told her she will lose her job etc. But I don’t think she was arrested Solved: (As Good as Dead)

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