I remember two movies, First One: A woman had cancer and her husband found some letter she wro.te for her children so when she die they could read it, A baby and about two others about 3-5 years old, when he found them he got upset because he wanted her to get better, there’s another part where he blends some kind of nutrition shake and she drank some and stop ( like it was bitter or something) then she said to him you should drink this” unfortunately she died in the end, I remembered her friend or doctor told her to remember when her mother used to pushed the swing with her when she was on her dying bed, ( it was some kind of comforting thing) I’m not sure but I think she wrote in the letters that she wanted her husband and her friend to get together, get married.                                                                                   Second One:  a young lady husband died but it’s like his spirit is still with them ( kinda like the lovely bones) she also had a daughter or son about 7 or so, what stick out in my mind is that he made a balloon go to another country or state, they show it when its in the sky and the rain fell and nothing happened to it and it went in a family house for some reason, there’s another part where the lady met another man and they became friends or was dating and he went in the basement or toolroom and found some love letters and was about to read one of them and it blew out of his hands then he picked it up back and it blew out again then he ran out and close the door.                                                                                    Third One: This homeless man went in a house where a little girl and her mother lived, the little girl wasn’t afraid of him and she gave him something to eat then he said to her “you smell nice then she said “my mother takes good care of me”, I don’t think he did anything to her but thats all I remembered.

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