Drama movies

Two movies: First One: A woman who owned a restaurant was closing up one night and she saw a man in car outside looking at her constantly so she went back inside and called the police, when the police came they started beating the man severely so she called back the station and told them that they are beating up the man and she went to court to testify and the cop started threatening her and framed her son for killing a young woman                   SOLVED: Payback (1997)

Second One: I’m not sure if it’s a doctor TV series or movie where a woman was giving birth and her husband ( the father) was in the room and he was happy and everything and then he went out and tell the rest of family members that the baby was perfect like his/ her mother but when he went back in the room the nurses cover her with a sheet then he just walked out back looking sad and disappointed (she died) and the other family members was wondering what happened but that’s all I remembered

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