Two movies: First One: John Heard the man from would you rather and there was a little boy, he has a movie where he was either talking to or hugging his wife while his daughter about 3- 7 years ran into the road after the ball she was playing with roll into the middle of the road and maybe a drunk driver hit her and run and I think she was killed and he keeps remembering it and drinking, its like they didn’t find the person, I think he was also a police officer, didn’t watch the entire movie, it was kinda slow, googled it but could not find it.                                                                                                         Second One: A man was saying goodbye to his wife and child and they went in their car and suddenly it blow up and he ran to it and was screaming and crying, I think that’s how it starts but that’s all I remembered about it

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  1. The description of the first movie reminds me of “The Pledge” starring Jack Nicholson. I don’t remember it that well, but he was drinking and trying to find a little girl’s murderer. I may be confusing it a bit with his movie “The Crossing Guard” as well, though. I saw them at around the same time.

    1. oh no its not any of them but Roxanne the first movie is similar to the one you suggested except its a little girl playing with a ball and a car anyway thanks for trying 🙂

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