Horror Movies

Three Movies: I recently watched this movie on youtube where three young men is trying to make a horror movie with the plot of night of the living dead and they are killing the people for real after they got invitations for a party at a remote house, they dress up like zombies ( they put something in their eyes and put in vampire teethand was walking like zombies. ( It’s a 2000-2017 movie )               [Solved]

Second One: This man can see spirits and he helps them to move on to the afterlife or something like that and I think he told his friend or somebody and one day  the person was passing a cemetery and saw him pulling something from a grave, it was a spirit but they show it like there was noone there.

Third One: A little boy went to a cemetery maybe to visit a relative grave, probably got lost or playing with his friends when a man appear out of nowhere and gave him a wind instrument, think it was a saxophone, I remember he always went there to talk to the man, it’s kind of strange, I think the man was dead [Solved]

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  1. Alex: could be it but not sure going to get back to you on it, GG: thanks that’s it, sandnc: thanks, that’s it. :-). Didn’t think I would find them 🙂

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