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Man rips out his eyes in front of a crowd. (A church congregation?)

I’m guessing this movie (or TV show?) is from the 50s or 60s.  Probably black and white (but I’m not sure, because I saw it on a black and white TV, in around 1980!).  This must have been the end of the story, which is the only part I caught:  A man walks into a big room with a big seated crowd (seems like it was probably a church congregation or something similar), and somehow they’re aware of whatever bad stuff he’s been up to (I don’t know what that is).  The crowd starts chanting something like “rip them out! Rip them out! Rip them out!” and the man rips out his own eyes with his hands.  Anyone know it?

1981? 82? Three men w/machine guns traveling in a big truck, chased by bad guys

Movie.  (Maybe made-for-TV?) Saw it on TV in the early 80s.  It looked pretty recent at the time.

Three guys are traveling on the highways and they’re being pursued by bad guys.  Both sides have machine guns.  I think one of the good guys dies.  Eventually they make it to wherever they’re going, and their wives are waiting for them, and the wife of the guy who died sees he’s not there and cries.  That’s about all I got!

Music video from 80s

Mid-80s.  Pretty sure I saw it a couple times on MTV.

The guys in the band looked middle aged; I used to think it was The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and it might be, but I don’t find any such thing by them on youtube.

The distinctive thing about the video was that they were all dressed as women.  Not drag-queen like; just silly looking.  I believe the various nonsensical scenes were all set in different historical periods, but I’m not sure about that part.

Anyone?   Thanks!

70s. Rock star on stage; big (cheesy) insect sends down (solid, prop) lightning

Must have been late 70s.

There’s some rock star on stage.  Above the stage, behind him, in the proscenium arch, there’s a door that opens.  Some big mechanized insect thing looks out on stage while the guy is performing.  Then a moment or two later, you see some solid prop representing a bolt of lightning coming out of the door, and it shoots down onto the stage and kills the rock star guy.


Not movie but car commercial. Racecar driver dad, cool son. 80s

In the mid 80s in the US there was a car commercial.  It showed a dad driving and talking about the car, and then it switches to his son driving and talking about the car.  It contrasts how the dad likes to drive it fast, and the son likes to drive it slow.

The dad is a race car driver (I believe a famous real one but I’m not sure) and he’s on a race track, talking to us out the car window, and he says something like, “I love to get in my [make, model] and drive around the track as fast I as can.”  Then it switches to a nighttime exterior scene with the son, who’s supposed to be cool and handsome.  He’s driving a different version of the car, on a wide, festive-looking urban boulevard.  He’s talking out the window to the camera and says something like, “I love to get in my [make, model] and drive around town as SLOW I as can.”

I would really love to find this commercial, and not just to scratch an itch, but for an academic reason.  Thanks!


First, let me say I feel bad I haven’t been able to solve anyone else’s gnawing mysteries!

Anyway, this movie (MAYBE a TV show?) came out some time in the last 15 years, I think, and I have no clues except this–

Some principal character, maybe kind of a bad guy, is disgusted by some creature (or maybe some creature that a character has turned into), and he says something like “and you show me this…HOBGOBLIN?!”  The one definite thing is his use of the word “hobgoblin.”  It was just really funny.  Ideas?  Thank you!

Late 70s? Young boy running from man with gun who kills other kids

Might have been a British movie; not sure.  I saw it on TV in the late 70s or maybe as late as 81.

The main character is a boy and for some reason there’s a bad man looking for him.  The man has a gun and–maybe this is just my distorted childhood memory, but when he kills someone with it, their bones get exposed in some weird way.  It’s not gory, just weirdly exposed and scrambled bones.  The one person I remember the man killing was a young girl who tries to help the boy; she’s around the same age.  I think a lot of scenes were dark–night time exterior.  Thanks!

Woman on raft in pool gets shot by sniper. 1970s.

Saw this on TV around 1978; pretty sure it was in color.  ALL I remember is that there’s a woman lying  on a raft in a pool, in a bikini, I think, and you see a sniper get ready to shoot her; he does, and then you see her lying dead on her raft.  Probably an American movie.  Heck maybe it wasn’t even a movie.  But it’s one of my earliest memories of all (nice, right?) and I’d just love to know what it’s from!  Thanks!

Dad tells teen driver “never hit a person; hit an object/car instead”

I thought it was Steve Martin in Parenthood, but I scanned through that movie and didn’t find the scene I’m thinking of.

Anyway, it’s a late 80s/early mainstream 90s movie, I saw it on video or cable around that time.  American film in English.  Color.

In this scene, the dad is giving his teen child a driving lesson in the family car, and tells the child that if there’s no avoiding a crash, they should choose to crash into an object rather than a pedestrian.  Help?  Thank you!

Corny sci-fi horror: oversexed hot young spaceship crew; hooking up; getting killed one by one.

This movie was from probably somewhere between 1998 and 2007.  Attractive young crew of men and women are piloting some spaceship on some mission.  But there’s something evil on board; can’t remember if it’s a monster, villain, or something supernatural.  But even while crew members are getting offed one by one, the living ones can’t keep their hands off each other.  I thought, seemingly incorrectly, that Michelle Rodriguez was in it.  Maybe someone who looks lik her?

Woman living with mother; at end of movie discovers a dead body that’s been hidden in the attic for years

Pretty sure it was in color; I think it was from the 1970s but might have been 60s or early 80s.  There’s an adult woman who’s miserable because she’s living with her crazy mother in the mother’s house.  At end of movie, the woman’s in the attic, and discovers a dead body that’s been hidden in the attic for years.  Maybe her father?  Can’t remember for sure.

Underground/Cave-dwelling army of white haired baddies with spoon-weapons?!

Color movie, I’m thinking mid-70s but maybe 80s.

Most distinctive thing is that there was a population of evil underground dwellers or cave dwellers–not normal human beings; looked like Oompa-Loompas but with opposite colors (blues and whites, white hair), and they weren’t little people, they regular-sized adults.  They were like a mindless army; I think they were commanded by a main bad guy who was a regular human being, but evil.  The anti-Oompa-Loompas all carried a ridiculous weapon:  looked like a big wooden cooking spoon, and it must have carried some very potent poison.  They’d flick the spoon at their target (using two hands–one on the shaft of the spoon, and the other holding back the top of the spoon to offer resistance, to give the shot some “pop”), and I guess that caused poison pellets or something to fly at the victim, because any normal human who got hit by one of these shots died in seconds.  The victims were a group of men an women, I think a mix of scientists and civilians or something.  Anyone?  Anyone?!