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TV/movie from the 80s

I’ve asked about this before, but I thought I’d try my luck again.  It was the mid-80s.  I can’t remember if it was a made for tv movie, or just an tv episode of either a police or lawyer show.
Details I recall (Lots of details):

Opened with a play.  In the play, the main character is beheaded by guillotine.  After the play, you find out that the young man and woman in the play are having a secret relationship, and she’s pregnant.  The young man’s name is Angel (he’s Latino).  Her brothers find out, and tell their father.  (I have a very strong memory of one the brothers saying something to the effect of ‘Some Jose got her pregnant’).  The brothers enlist their punk gang and they trick Angel into meeting them.  They torment him for a bit, being very racist.  At one point, one of the brother’s girlfriends says “I like your jacket”.  Angel says “Gracias”.  The brother tells him to give her his jacket.  And then when the girl says “I like your sweater”, Angel has to give her his sweater.  The girlfriend drops it saying “I don’t want this, it’s been next to his skin”.  After a bit, they give him a head start, and start chasing him down the street.  Angel runs to the house of an elderly couple, and tries to get them to help him.  The gang is outside yelling and threatening to come in, so the old man pushes Angel out and locks the door.  The gang then proceeds to beat Angel, to death if I recall correctly.  Then I had to go to bed (I was only about 10 or s0).  But based on previews I had seen earlier in the week, I think a big part of the show was whether or not to prosecute the elderly couple.

I’ve looked up all sorts of police and lawyer show episode synopsises (synopsi?) from the 80s, and can’t seem to find anything resembling what I remember.  I thought maybe the character Angel was played by Taimak (Last Dragon), but no go.  Help?

TV show spoofing Usual Suspects

NOTE: This kind of gives spoilers for the movie Usual Suspects movie.
I can’t remember if it was Everybody Loves Raymond, or King of Queens, but I recall a scene where the wife is trying to get the husband to open up about a traumatic incident he had as a child.  He starts telling some story about two bullies and twinkies or something.  Then he walks away.  The wife and friend?doctor? (I really can’t remember) realize that every detail in his story is taken from things he sees around him, ie: the bullies names are William and Mary, which he got from seeing a degree from the William and Mary college, just like the end of the Usual Suspects. I’ve been looking at the episode recaps of both tv shows, but can’t seem to find that episode.  Maybe it’s a different tv show altogether?  Please help 😀

80’s weird time travel movie

I remember the beginning being in black and white.  It’s set during the time of black plague.  This kid and some other men manage to find a tunnel of sorts that brings them to the present time.  He also keeps having visions of someone’s death/funeral.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!
It’s his death/funeral at the end.
What’s really sad is that I’ve found the name before, but as I get a little closer to the big 5-0, I can’t remember it now. 😉

Girl in Paris

Okay, real shot in the dark question here.  Hopefully I’m not mis-remembering info…
Saw this movie on TV back in the mid-80s.  Young women in France (I’m pretty sure she’s Canadian)
Details I remember:
She had an embarrassing moment where she meant to say she wanted to introduce her friend to her host family, but she used the verb meaning intercourse
Later on in the movie, a young man wanted to sleep with her, so she said if he memorized Romeo and Juliet and could quote it back to her, she would sleep with him
At the end, he memorizes (at least some) Romeo and Juliet, and she sleeps with him, at a friend’s apartment.  The next morning, they show the friend bringing the young man coffee in bed, while the young woman is walking down the street eating croissants or pastry or something, looking like she’s on top of the world.

mid-70s movie

A movie I saw when I was a kid in the early 80s.  Pretty sure it was in color but we had a b&w tv set…  Movie was made in the 70s.  Can’t recall any actors. I thought for awhile it was David Keith as the lead, but after checking his bio list on IMDB, I don’t believe it was.  I do remember watching it late at night, around Christmas time.  The parts I remember:

Single dad (not sure if he was widowed or divorced) and his young daughter move in with his parents – they live on a farm, I think, or at least in a farm-style house in a small town
Single dad’s hippie-type friends come visit, around Christmas time, as I recall them singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in some folk-type way
Single dad decides to leave daughter with his parents (she may have wanted to stay with them)
After dad leaves, the daughter tells her grandparents that she wants her daddy (I have a vague memory of her saying “I want my daddy so bad”)
Single dad leaving town on a motorcycle, crying
Grandpa and daughter chasing after single dad in Grandpa’s truck to catch up with him

Comedy Western 60s

I remember seeing this when I was a kid in the early 80s.  Pretty sure it was from the 60s. I remember it being in colour.  Two young boys, one blonde, one dark haired (I think he was Mexican). Grew up together like brothers, grew old together. One plot point I remember is that the Mexican boy’s little sister was kidnapped by Indians.  When they were adults, he finally found her.  She was still living with the tribe, and happily married.

80s TV Crime Drama


Time Frame 83-86; Probably between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m., as I had to go to bed and only saw the first half hour ish.
I don’t remember any actors
It was in English, and in color
What I remember:
A young white women and a young latino man (named Angel) are in a play together, then you find out soon that they have been dating, and she’s pregnant (I specifically remember one of the brothers saying to their father “Some Jose got her pregnant”).  Her two punk brothers and their gang first taunt him, taking his jacket and sweater.  Then they start chasing him down the street.  Angel runs in to a house of an elderly couple, pleading with them to help him.  The old man pushes the Angel outside and locks the door.  The gang then proceeds to beat Angel to death.


And then I had to go to bed, so I don’t know what happened.