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This one scene

For the life of me I can’t remember the name. I’m positive it was a movie but it could have been a show. It was in English and color. The only scene I can barely remember is a guy says to a girl something along the lines of: aw what made you think you were special? Then he makes a “tch” sound and taps her on the chin with his fist before heading out.

It feels like a early/late 2000s thing but I’m not sure.

Children’s horror movie

When I was in middle school, I watched this movie that I got from a block buster. I looked a cheat knock off of a Nickelodeon movie.

After watching the DVD, I remember being very terrified of the movie, so I returned it and thought nothing of it.

Later when I am walking home from the last day of high school, I remembered the movie. I thought of how terrified I was after watching it, so later I thought about watching it again out of curiosity, but remember the name of it, just about the front of the case and some of the scenes. I when back to where I got the movie, and saw that the blockbuster had went out of business.

(DESCRIPTION) The font of the box had 4-5 children on it ride some sort of boom bugie. Behind them a large haunted house/cabin (can’t remember what it exactly was). The boom bugie had like a monster face on it, even tho it was on the front of the case, it didn’t appear in the movie till near the end. I think the children had built it¿

The movie began when some of the kids stay at there grandmas for like a weekend. The grandma lives in the middle of know where begin surrounded by woods, in a sort of manor.

Later in the movie, the grandma is telling the children about this cabin in the woods, which a mother and daughter lived there. Of course, the children go looking for this cabin and run into some other people the same age as them. The other children show them there wood club house and point out where the cabin is, which is in sight if the club house but still far away. They then discuss the daughter and mother that lived there. There is a scene where a nurse (mother) is walking in the woods, during a thunderstorm and is squashed under a broken tree (that was struck by lighting). They then go on about the mishaps of the child, I think they said that she was left alone in the house and died from her rotting or just dying from old age.

The children believe that the cabin/house is haunted and desire to spy on the house. Of course spooky stuff starts happening. They do enter the cabin/house, which the spooky stuff starts to get worse.

I would like to mention that I did see the inside of the cabin/house, there was only a rocking chair in the corner, which starts to go mental when the children adventure inside.

The end of the movie was basically they find the bugie and set the child ghost free to be reunited with her mother. I don’t really remember the rest, I really only recual the scene where the mother died, as I thought it was terrifying.

This sound like a horror movie at the start, but I can reassure that it was a kids movie. Please can someone help with this find, as I have been looking for nearly five years now and not finding anything on it.

Thanks Ashley

Group of friends are blamed by cops for the murder of a woman who HANGS herself.

I only remember this particular scene…

A Group of friend or I don’t really know if they’re friends. Are arguing with this woman (who might be cursed or might be a witch.. honestly IDK) while they’re in what looks like warehouse. She is yelling at the group, with a video camera in her hands filming the whole thing, she is laughing hysterically and just has a look of evil, she walking up the mental stairs and starts putting a noose around her neck . She finally says something to the group and jumps, obviously killing herself. In the another scenes the group is seen talking to the cops because they are being investigated for her murder in which the tape that she recorded somehow gets messed with and show the group arguing with her and pushing her off the stairs to her death. One of the memebers in the group says” this is not the tape ! Who gave you this tape ! This is not what happened! Someone messed with this tape ” and I guess they get sent to jail for ” murdering her” .

But that’s not what happened.


If someone can please help me with the name of this movie !

Old diving for gold movie

Distant memory of this film. It could be an 80’s or 70’s movie.

So it starts with some divers looking through sunken ships for gold, when they get back to their boat they find some bandits on board. there was a few of them but i only remember that one was pretty young and the leader had a black beard.

There is a scene when the divers are standing at the side of the boat and the young bandit finds a gold coin in one of the divers shirt pocket.

Another scene after being forced to dive, the divers find an old bikini. The older beard pirate tries to get the young one to wear it, he refuses and some small fight breaks it and it ends with the older guy whipping hm with his belt .

Last scene as far as I remember was some sort of fight/scramble or escape on a beach.