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Red Headed Irish Writer

A Irish woman or mabye scottish was writing a book and got published. The publisher/editer was scottish i think. The writer woman with red hair has daddy issues and thats what the book it about. When she tries to write another she cant and gets writers block and strats baking things. Her publisher/editor tries to make her sad because thats the only way to get her to get over writers block. He takes her plant that her dad gave her. I rember this one sence where the woman is naked and is getting the cupcakes out of the oven and her editor walks in and just stares at her. Her name may have been Jane but  I can’t remember.

Black and white war time film about a boy

I remember watching a movie probably 30 years ago, that I have never been able to identify.

The film was black and white, it may even have been subtitled. It was set during one of the World Wars, I was very young so I don’t remember which.

The movie centered around a young boy who may have been sent away to keep him safe during the war.

The main thing I remember about the movie is the end. The planes are starting to bomb and the boy is running and climbs into an old fridge or freezer out in an empty lot and he is crying. The way it ended like that, you assumed he died.

Late 80s Sci Fi (TV?) movie where everyone dies

This would have been late 80s/early 90s when I saw this.  The only thing I remember about the title was that it was written in neon blue cursive.

Anyway, I remember it starting out on a space ship and one by one the good guys start getting killed off. One is a chubby guy in a Hawaiian shirt and he’s killed by a green alien that looks like Greedo.

The story ends on a planet and the last two good guys are being hunted down. One is a woman and one is a kid. It seems as though she remains alive long enough to get the kid to a safety point before she is killed as well. The kid may have been special in some way and the goal of the whole mission may have been to save the kid.

Looking for a girl in a house filled with death traps

It’s not Saw or the collection.

I saw it on tv and it was in English and color.

I don’t have an approximate date of when I saw it, since it was so long ago.

I think it’s about a group of people who are looking for this girl inside a house thats filled with many traps and puzzles that are designed to kill.

I only remember three scenes from the movie:

1. On the floor of one room, there is a giant puzzle and a book on a stand next to it. I think one of the characters walked on the puzzle and accidentally activated a trap that impaled them.

2. A man walks into a narrow hallway that only contains an old fashioned phone on one of the walls. He picks up the phone and then the exits close and the walls start moving in on him. I think he manages to escape somehow.

3. One of the characters finds the girl inside the wall of a bedroom. Wherever she is, water is slowly filling up so they have to get her out quickly before she drowns.


First kid dj

Early 80’s movie at the end of it kid in silvery space suit outfit wearing flashlights on the side of his head while spinning records in a dj booth. That’s all I remember about it.  My daughter, who is a Downs child saw it Many years ago, and I just caught the tail end of it.  Now she wants to see it again and I told her I would try to find do it. I don’t hold much hope of anyone being able to help.

Evil woman takes off mask revealing shes someone else

There’s this movie that I watched when i was young that scared the crap out of me. It was not in black and white and did not look too old. All i remember is men in black robes dancing around the fire. I also remember that there is this girl who rips off her face at some time of celebration (a wedding, maybe?) to reveal she was someone else the whole time. I remember that she is evil as well. Help!

Kidnaped Woman Turns into Plant

I saw this maybe around 1999/2000? It was in English and definitely a colored movie/VHS. here is what i remember:


A man and a woman are nieghbors. i believe the woman has short, possibly red hair. i think the man was flirty with her? and currently another different woman has gone missing.


Eventaully the man  Kidnapps the red headed woman. she wakes up naked on a table covered in roses, and the man makes some speech. the redhead looks over and notices the woman who had gone missing on another table (i think she had long black hair). somehow that woman has turned into some sort of plant/human. i think the man was trying to “preserve” their beauty? i think it ends with her being locked up in there forever.

softporn movie “blacksploitation?”

Around 1998, I recall seeing a movie on a late night premium channel like Showtime or Cinemax that looked a little gritty, it was in color but seemed like it may have been from the late 70s or possibly 80s. I think the title may have been in a yellow font but cant be sure. Anyway it began with a black couple leaving their younger son with an apparent teenage babysitter or maybe sister, it wasnt clear. She had devious intentions and when the parents left she called the boy into a bedroom where she was nude and brought him toward her and took his clothes off. She was laying on her back on the bed and he was standing and she brought him between her legs and she started grinding against him until she came. He seemed emotionless to the whole situation while she clearly was taking advantage of him. Thats all I can remember. What the heck did I see??


Hi!, a long time ago i watched a softporn, erotic movie on TV, a couple lived in france or something like that and a friend of one of them arrives asking to live there for a while and then he gets a girlfriend and then they cheat each other with each woman, and is a fucking mess but is a good softporn movie, and there is another one where a cop woman is investigating a crime and in the end one guy she tought was her friend was the killer or something like that, i dont remember anything else but i have been looking for this movies like forever, i dont remember if it was on Golden Choice, i dont know but they where 2 awesome softcore movies.


porn movie aired on TV with magic jelly or something

im looking for a movie that I saw at a sleepover when I was too young to be liking or even really enjoying it. I think I saw it in the late 90’s early 00’s. it was in color I believe. the only part I can remember is someone gave this chick some magic jelly or magic peanut butter or something and saod that after she eats some of it she will have sex with the very next person she sees. well she eats it and im sure she was waiting for someone but she turns around and sees herself in the mirror and basically attacks the mirror and starts making out with her reflection.

I am having horrible luck googling this. I really hope someone can help me! I’ve been searching for this film for forever it seems!

any help will be much appreciated! thanks!

70s or 80s Cult scifi with female protagonist

I don’t know the origin of this movie, but I saw some clips from it on youtube that were on the sidebar for some Caligula clips.

The movie was definitely from the 70s or 80s.  It was in color.

The most memorable scene I saw was this girl in a sterile, white torture chamber where some other people (women, I think) were strung up in various torture devices.

The main girl is wearing some kind of skimpy white “futuristic” outfit.

The movie’s title, I think, was the name of the character and had a ridiculous pulp scifi sound to it… kind like Xanadu.  I’m not 100% on this.

The movie had a Heavy Metal vibe to it, like a surreal scifi/fantasy.

Suicide cult turned to stone pillars in a graveyard

This was in tv, but I am confident it was not an episode of a tv show. It was in the mid to late seventies, and it was in color. The movie starts off with a young man who lives in a mansion with his family. There is a strange room that is always kept locked, because entering it will kill you or turn you insane, but may give you some secret knowledge. His first attempt to enter the room results in him almost dying but he wakes up on the couch. There were flashes of a lot of bizarre things the room is showing him. The second attempt is a success, but he realizes he has died but is now immortal. This sort of cult develops around him. And there are many depictions of followers committing suicide to gain immortality. The cult runs amock in the town, meanwhile the main guy is pressuring his girlfriend to take her life as well to gain immortality. She resists, towards the end of the movie, she is cornered by him and the other followers in a graveyard and handed a knife and is being forced to do this. However before that can happen all of the followers turn into stone pillars.

British movie with mentally disabled man/brother wrongly suspected of killing a girl

This movie centers around a group of teenagers, one of whom has a mentally disabled older (mid-20’s) brother/relative.  One of the girls begins a relationship with the disable man (after seeing his giant member through his long underwear during an underwater swimming contest in a canal/river).  I think it was some kind of pity case to deflower him, but she couldn’t take the beer.  I think the girl is then killed by another man who finds out about the relationship (and maybe demands sex for his silence?), but the disable man is blamed.

couple attend orgy parties

I remember little of this movie it was long ago when I watched it. Watched it in the early 90s

husband and wife (or a couple) he likes sex parties orgies and takes her to them. He encourages her to take part.

She sees him have sex with other women at the party she is upset

Large orgy scenes quite graphic

he takes her to another sex party orgy and this time encourages her to have sex with other men. She resists but then gives in and allows men at the sex party to fuck her

In the car after the party he is annoyed she had sex and asks if she enjoyed it, she replied she did and he slaps her really hard in the car.

that’s all I can recall can’t find the movie title , please help thanks