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painted the sun on their foreheads

This movie was in English, probably from the 60s. I saw it in mid to late 70s as a child. I remember it being from caveman era and the people worshipped the sun. They drew sun on their foreheads. I remember the main girl was beautiful and didn’t look like the rest of the girls there. I can’t remember if she was not originally from that land or how she got there. But the cavemen I think we’re going to offer her to the god but the love interest character who I think was one of the cavemen but looked handsome compared to the rest saves her. not sure if I remember the plot accurately but the yellow (I think) Sun on the foreheads was what stuck with me.

From the 1970’s or early eighties. Color. English. Saw it on T.V. Plot was several men in the wilderness, looked like the Rockies, trying to survive a trek back out with a treasure. Might have been gold. They are dying off one by one I think. The specific scene that I remember is a fight ensuing between two of them (Fighting over the treasure and who should get how much portion) and then one of them falling off the trail sort of like a cliff to his death. What is so memorable is that the one that falls and dies has a belay line attached to him and the man that he had been in a fight with tries to grab the line to catch him and the rope burns out of his hands and he cannot save him so he falls to his death. Then another man (I think he is the son of the man that fell to his death) accuses the man of letting go of the rope on purpose (Because they had been in the fight). Then the man then holds up his hands to show the rope burns on his hands to prove that he tried to save him. This is all that I can remember of the movie.

Japanese Underground Horror Movie

It is a movie I saw in 2008, but I don’t really know the year of the movie (I downloaded it via torrent because I saw the recommendation in a forum post), my best guess is that the movie is from anytime between 2000 and 2008. I’m pretty sure it is Japanese (if not, it is Asian for sure).

Whatever search I make results in “icchi the killer”, but it isn’t that movie.

What I most remember it is a scene where there is a large room with a lot of chickens covered by a white sheet and the main character (a psycho leader of a gang) begin shouting  and stepping on the sheet killing the chickens below the sheet.

Town that forbids musics

This movie was on late 90’s, early 2000’s. It was in English, color, and I saw it on tv. Opening scene: a kid is studying when he puts on headphones and listens to music. His mother walks up and strangles him to death. Next, a guy, dark long hair breaks down in a town where no music is allowed. While waiting in town he learns the reason is the townspeople believe that music will summon a ghost. At the end the man convinces everyone its just superstition and they all sing amazing grace until the ghost actually appears and attacks and it cuts to black.

Daughter’s mother who died in a fire when she was young is actually alive

Can’t recall too many specific details, so some statements may be incorrect. The movie begins with a girl probably in around her twenties on a bus to return to her old hometown. She goes to stay in her old house (?) which is currently being lived in by a man who knew the girls mother (can’t remember the relation), and this mans daughter.

The young daughter of the man believes that there is a monster living within the walls of the house, and the movie ends with the daughter finally killing the ‘monster’.

At the end of the movie it is discovered that this ‘monster’ was the mother of the girl in her twenties, who was believed to be burnt alive, but had in fact survived and the man living in the house had been rehabilitating her and caring for her in a secret room inside the house.

The movie was in english, released around the early 2000’s, in colour. It is not “the Uninvited”, which is suggested whenever I try to search for this movie.

Request name for childhood movie

I am trying to identify a movie I watched in the 70’s. I recall the one actress (possible lead) as a young girl with beautiful blonde hair.  The story revolved around her being part of or in a circus yet there where adventures going on.  It was a colorful movie and I recall circus ponies. The one part was when the kids jumped into a kind of rowing boat but the boat grew arms and tried to pin the kids down. I am sure all worked out in the end but I would truly appreciate your help to identify the movie.  Thanks.

Old people start to die for no reason

I never actually saw the movie. I just got to see the beginning because it accidentally recorded from the TV to the VHS after the movie I really wanted to see ended.


I only got to see an old man asleep in his bed that starts sweating and gasping for air. And it cuts off to other old people in their beds gasping and sweating (like dying). It presents a snowy village, like showing you that while everybody else is sleeping, those people are dying. Then the screen goes black; and  white liquid starts pouring over the screen and shows you the title. BUT I CANNOT REMEMBER IT!


It’s probably and american film ( but I never heard anyone talking during the little bit I recorded) but it isn’t a silent film, and even though I can’t be sure, I’m quite certain it’s a film and not a series or short film. I can predict its around 1980′s and 1990′s since I was recording ALIENS (starting Sigorney Weaver) directly from the TV set.


It would mean a lot all your help. I don’t even have the VHS anymore and always wonder what movie was it. I would love to finally watch it. Thanks for your help.


Don’t Remember

Could not Post Catagory this is not a MYSTERY MOVIE!

I think I saw this movie on TCM Turner Classic Movie Chanell. It was in color I am almost positive, there are a lot of movies rolling around in my head. It was possibly early 1980’s or lower. I think it was a foreign film but in english, if not it was subtitled.

It had a woman teacher who had some students (Boy) students who were masturbating in the back of the classroom, she brought it to the attention of the principal or headmaster, he told her to teach  them to respect her she should handle the punishment herself, or something to that effect. I don’t remember other parts thats what sticks out the most.

Old film where a brother and sister are killed by soldiers

I watched this film quite a few years ago and I don’t remember much about it, just a scene that is really vivid in my mind.

Two children, a brother and sister, i think are brought out from hiding in their hut or cave and murdered by a group of soldiers with bayonets. They’re all white in my memory and I think the girl had blonde hair. I don’t know what country or era the soldiers are from but they look a little like French revolution soldiers or early American civil war. I think the little girls tries to comfort her little brother before they kill them. The children are very young perhaps 5 and 9?

The film seemed like it was made in the 60s and I saw it when I was a child and I am 22 now.

Sort of soft-core parody of X-Files & Species

I remember seeing this movie in my preteen years after my parents left me home alone to go out. There are some scenes I vaguely remember, mainly because they had (I was 11 and wasn’t allowed to watch movies that late for this exact reason) sex in them.
I remember there being a scene where a group of scientists brought back a ‘plantlike creature’ from a space mission, and putting it into soms sort of microwave. It then began to evolve and take over someone’s mind/body in order to satisfy itself with whatever there was to take. Food/women/whatever.
Then there was this X-Files like duo trying to solve this ‘mystery’. Meanwhile the alien was seducing everyone left and right and taking over their bodies to ultimately get to a male (?) plant-alien-thing in a cave somewhere. The X-Files duo find that location by driving around with a woman who claims to be interacting in some way with the alien by touching herself.
Now, this movie had to be pre-2000 but post-1995, because it was influenced heavily by the 1995 movie Species (I saw it later and reminded me of my mystery movie) and probably was rated R or X at the time, I don’t know.

Teenage movie – about sex

I remember seeing this movie in late 1980s early 1990s. English movie that was dubbed in French. American movie.

2 scenes that I remember

The guy is a virgin and not ready for sex, so he uses a pepperoni instead. The girls freaks out, then later in the film, his friends teases him

The guy and an other girl are in a bed, and they pretend to have sex using a miicrophone plugged to a high powered stereo.

Loner girl gets violently raped at a party, everyone thinks she’s a slut, she eventually goes on a killing rampage.

I saw it a couple of years back because it was free on  youtube or streaming on netflix or something. It was hugely disturbing, but not in the way I’d expected.

Basically, this guy invites the bookish loner girl to a party. Then he and his friends rape her, including with foreign objects. It’s brutal. She is found unconscious by the rapist’s girlfriend, who somehow believes it was consensual and ties her to a tree, where everyone laughs and throws things. Good lord, this movie was traumatic.

She gets a reputation as a slut and everyone at school whispers about her. Eventually, not NEARLY soon enough, she gets revenge by killing them all in poetically just ways.

I’ve described it as “if Easy A was horrifying and not funny at all.”

It’s driving me crazy that I can’t find it.

Horror movie about family car crash possibly involving a swan.

My memories of this film are very vague, so I’m sorry for this. However I remember a family driving along on a very stormy night. The rain is lashing down on the windscreen giving very poor visibility. Suddenly out of the gloom looms a person in a yellow coat and hat (think sou’wester). The car runs off the road.

One of the people from the car (possibly driver, but I can’t really remember) wakes up in hospital. He is horrified to discover he has had a limb amputated (can’t remember whether leg or arm, but I *think* it was the arm). They sedate him when he becomes distressed. From here on he wakes several times, each time he has had further surgery or amputations, and each time he needs to be sedated.

Can’t really remember anything more apart from being very disturbed when I was a kid.

old people isolated, about 1970

i remember seeing a movie on educational TV right around 1970 about a future dystopia where people who have lived to a certain age are isolated from the rest of the population. then, when they get to another age, they are( IIRC) put to death.  i  think the place they were isolated was near a beach.  this movie was filmed with what i call “soap opera” video quality, obviously on soundstage, if you know what i mean. i can’t remember anything of the story beyond what i said above, just that there was a lot of arguing.

A man is faced with an ultimatum and the ghosts/angels of people he previously saved come to him.

So I don’t remember much at all, I was about 7 or 8 at the time (about 10 years ago) I think it was a movie but I’m not entirely sure it could’ve been something else. Basically what I remember is that there is a man and he is faced with some sort of ultimatum, either he’s dying or thinking of committing suicide or something similar and these ghost/angels come to him, one at a time (I remember there being 15 or 7 but I’m really not sure about that) they are people he saved in his lifetime. They take him on sort of flashbacks and I really only remember one it was another man and it involved a car, I think he was the driver but I don’t know how he was saved (for some reason I also have a strong memory of him being blue, it’s not a solid fact but I really  think he was) This whole time the main man is located in a tall building high up in a white room with a big window looking out. The whole movie has a kind of “It’s a Wonderful Life” feel to it. The ghosts/angels showing him what good he has done and thanking him for it. If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very grateful, sorry for such a crappy and vague summary. Thanks!

Film teenager goes searching for something left by dad


I’m looking for the title of a movie, but I can only remember bits and pieces about the story.  The main character was a teenage boy whose dad has died and goes looking for something that he left.

There is one scene where he is searching for a key in a diner.  It has something to do with when his parents first met.  The diner catches fire but he remembers at the last minute that his dad used to hide things taped under the table and finds the key under the jukebox.

There is also a scene towards the end where he and a girl are in a car that is being towed away and they climb through the window onto the tow truck while it is moving.

I saw this film in the early 2000s but the movie was definitely made before then, probably 80s or 90s.  It featured the song “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”, I think sung by Willie Nelson, so it has to have been made before 1975.  It was on VHS and I had checked it out at the church library so the rating should be probably G or PG.