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2 girls, transvestie witch

Two teengirls, one latina one named ‘white girl’ run from a Prison. The latina has visions of molest and is a bit crazy. It has a bit of ‘Thelma and Louise turned sour’ and in the and the latina’s save haven turns out to be a transvestie witch who eats and molests children, the weird ‘turn’ to the travestie witch in the movie feels like ‘ from dusk till dawn’.
Who can help me out?

chinese movie about a chef who poisons his village

the movie begins with the chef and a bunch of people preparing a feast for a ceremony in the village but he was handed poison instead of salt or something and ended up unwittingly killing everyone. in the movie theres a lady who has an amazing sense of taste and can identify a dish by just smelling it too. also theres a newbie chef who meets the runaway chef and he teaches him these skills and at one point in the movie they assemble a team for a culinary competition and that’s all i remember

at the beginning of the culinary competition i remember they had to pick ingredients and one of the team members looked at a raw chicken and it kind of floated up and turned into a cgi xray rotating chicken

i watched this movie about 4-8 years ago on a coach when i was on holiday in taiwan but the movie is probably much older than that. it was a colour movie

Had a girl being painted nearly nude by like an art profesor… she was a student

Ok. So this movie was pretty sexual. I remember a sex scene where the girls boyfriend drove a motorcycle and they had sex this one night which made her wake up late to her session with the art professor or like a painter she looked up. I remember him painting her with some of her clothes off and stuff but one time he had her like basically nude and got turned on and had her lay down on this couch and he started feeling her and licking her and stuff. I also remember her getting invited to dinner with him at his house with his wife and daughter after and them somehow ending up in a dark hallway alone and him kissing her neck and putting her up against the wall… if u have any ideas of what this movie could be please share.. Thanks!

New York Movie??

I saw a movie around 2007, and I can remember very few parts of it but can see the parts I can remember very clearly. There are two young girls who are moving to New York with her mom and dad. In the first scene, it is shown that their brother had died, and one girl talks to her brother. They move into an apartment building, but they are poor and have to sell their car. They meet their neighbor soon after. Who is, as I remember, a boxer? The girls are friendly to the man, but is not to them. Eventually they have him over for dinner, where they eat a cake with a coin in the center. The man gets the coin, but I forget what it is supposed to mean. Soon after, he dies. If anyone knows what movie this is, please let me know!

English film set in Asia suffering from drought, saved by Asian style dragon who brought rain

I have been trying to remember this movie for years. It’s likely from the 90’s as that was when I remember watching it, and all I can remember is that is was set in Asia(likely to be china) where many of the characters wore those stereotypical straw triangle hat things and works on fields. The plot line focused on a massive drought in their community and the ending had an eastern style dragon (blue coloured I think – like the one from Spirited Away) who made it rain, at last for these people. I think one kid went on a journey to find the dragon? And the dragon flew over the land and made it rain. I’m seriously racking my brain about this!!!!! ūüôĀ


More details: It WAS in English, though set in Asia and it was in colour not black and white. It was a cartoon as well.

Early 2000 movie where woman was pushed off building at the end.

I Remember a movie from early 2000s my grandmother had it on bootleg. There was a 18 year old woman who was a senior in HS and she had a promising college future. Her name was “Fa” like the beginning of Faith. Anyhow she was doing very well until she met this Hispanic man who was a drug dealer…. He started making her do things that were entirely out of character for her her family started finding signs but they didn’t know . Once they found out she didn’t want to listen to what they had to say because she was 18. Eventually she started not to cooperate with the things he was telling her to do…. She started dodging him then one day she came home and found him in her home she bEgan running from him up to the top of the apartment building which kinda reminded me of a NYC styled apartment. He told her to take off all of her clothes and she didn’t do so so he pushed her off of the building and she died… It was really sad but I can’t think of the movie for anything. I want to say it was an independent movie…. But Idk it was never in theaters….. It was a really weird copy…. Any help?? She was a African American woman.

Drug releated movie – can’t remember

I watched this as a kid (my parents are strange) I can only remember scenes. A guy is talking to a self camera (I think he is in Greenland) about how he got into drugs. The flashback show him meeting a girl, he goes to this layout and there is kids there that take drugs. Then the layer gets stormed by three guys and their is a singing scene where I think the song was “when a man loves a women”. Then I remember main guy going for an interview but after he wants to take drugs so he goes to the bathroom but its hard for him. Then his boses give him a chance to go to Greenland (I think) if he gives them the drugs. His girl doesn’t go with him, and so e homeless guy gives him words of encouragement. a

80s movie

I’m afraid I don’t remember much. It was about a poor kid who lived with a single mother. I remember a scene where he goes fishing with a few of his school “friends.” One of the boys lets the poor boy use his much nicer fishing rod and the poor boy does an excellent cast. One of the boys, the snootiest richest of these, is not pleased and he tells everyone to watch him do it better…except he gets his line stuck in the tree. The only other scene I remember is the poor boy playing on the floor with some sort of robot toy. Sorry, I know that is not much to go on.

Western movie I saw on TV I’ve always wanted to see again

I saw part of a movie on AMC YEARS ago and always wanted to go back and watch it again, but didn’t know the title.

I saw around the last half or third, and the climax involved a train chase. The leads robbed a train and switched it onto an old track to hide it in a mining tunnel with the lawman chasing them in another train behind them. In the end they drive the train out of the mining tunnel and it comes crashing through a blocked tunnel opening and then the main characters get shot trying to run away.

Anyone know this movie?

late 90’s ish horror film weird young guy shoots himself right at the beginning .

A rural house in America, a young guy with a Jim Morrison look about him runs upstairs and shuts himself in an empty room, kneels down, he shoots himself…or has rigged up a shotgun so that when someone opens the door he will be shot ( ¬†that may be my over fertile imagination though) then the rest of the film I remember the guy seems to be alive again,( unless I’m getting two movies mixed up) and is a really nasty piece of work , he murders people and sends their souls to hell in a big ball (of souls) yeah ¬†weird and probably not that good, but its bugging me that I dont know what film it was, hope you can help.

1980s movie set in the 1950s

I remember watching a movie on HBO in the early ’80’s. The setting was 1950s small town USA. All the actors¬†were young so they were either Seniors in high school or had just graduated.¬†There was a blonde main character, clean cut and traditional. One day this biker guy moves in next door. The main character finds him fascinating and tries to befriend him. I remember there being a couple of female love interests (a blonde and a brunette I believe). One girl, conservative, dark hair, pony tail falls for the biker dude. They don’t get her parents blessing to be together so biker dude and girlfriend leave town on his motorcycle towards the end of the movie. The main character falls for a pretty blonde but she’s not as nice or conservative as he thought she’d be. In the beginning he’s crazy about her they break up at the end. Typical coming of age movie. The main character learns not to be meek and builds confidence, stretches himself out of his comfort zone with the help of his new biker friend. What is the name of this movie, it’s killing me? ¬†Great music soundtrack from the ’50s.

70’s movies – not much to go on

Hello, these movies have been vexing me for years. I remember seeing these 2 snippets of these movies, when my parents were distracted but they seem burned into my head.

The first clip was of a man who gets on a bus, doesn’t look to well at all. Sits down while the bus drives down the street past a park. he’s looking around and he hears all the sounds of people around him but no one is there. He looks out the window and the same thing. Hears all the noise and people in the park but there is nothing there. I think my parents made me go to bed right after that but I’m not sure if this isn’t the beginning that leads to the next clip…

So several people on a bus or similar in a tunnel of some sort with water from a rain storm/flood/busted pipes or something like that.

I know it’s not much to go on, but it’s so burned into my head that I just want to find out what these/this movie is.

Fantasy Movie

So there is a movie made a while ago and it isn’t recent but I remember loving it when I was little. These kids move into an old house with their mom and they discover a weird elevator stairwell system thing in the wall and discover a house elf/troll type thing (like Dobby from Harry Potter) who is good. In the attic, they find a little ring with glass in the middle where if you look through you can see the trolls/other magic creatures which are invisible without it. They go on a journey to find their father or something like that, I haven’t seen it in a while.