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Aliens capturing forest creatures for noms?

Animated Film in English about an hour or so in length.

It had 4 aliens I believe named w,x,y,z from some planet that discover earth and go there. They proceed to capture the forest creatures they come across I believe to take back home and eat. Classic ending where forest creatures are saved and aliens defeated.

Would’ve seen it in the early 2000’s but was older than that. We had a color VHS copy.

Old woman cutting carrots then hand then falls off roof

Ok me my cousin saw this in the early 90s it was in black and white  and the part we saw was-Old woman cutting/dicing carrots then begins slicing her hand as if we’re a carrot – a young woman in the kitchen notices what the old woman is doing and the old woman chases the  young girl through the house upstairs (very slowly) with knife in hand. They eventually end up on roof and the old woman still slowly approaching the young woman misses stabbing the young woman and she eventually falls off roof into a tree below. This gave  us the creeps big time and we changed the channel  it was a very dark and quiet movie.

A girl and her college friends get into a car crash and think they survive it but then a ghostly figure…

… starts killing off her friends. At the end of the movie her and one of her friend have survived the car crash and the rest died. The whole movie was basically a hallucination

I saw it approximately 12 years ago and it was in color. It was in English. It was a movie my parents and I watched together and it has been driving me crazy. One of the friends was mute but could talk during the hallucination. I think the ghostly figure had a green hue and looked sort of like a shimmer around him like heat rising from a fire.

Movie from the 80s. f.h.i ??

possibly a kids movie that started with the writing out of f.h.i. cant remember the letters exactly, but definitely know “f” is one of them.  What i remember…. movie opens up inside a family home, people are busy (parents im guessing) kids are running about doing what they’re told. maybe grandparents are coming to visit. one of the younger siblings is listening to something with headphones on. i want to say a toy comes to life and  needs  the kids help finding something/someone. the next thing i remember is seeing them going up the side of a mountain( like on a trail on the side of a rocky mountain) older kids helping the younger ones along possibly with a toy/stuffed animal leading the way. then i remember the kids being back at home in time for grandma.  i would appreciate any help figuring this out. I’m 32 yrs old and this movie has been a nagging mystery for a while!!  American family.   in color.

The movie had Kids battling each other

I only remember few scenes from the movie. I am pretty sure the movie had the word “fort” or “fortress” in the title. It was about a group of kids who are camping in the forest. But they split into two groups and battle each other.

There is a scene where they collect leeches and try to sell them (yuck) . Also, the girl of one team adn the leader of the other team are dating secretly.

In one scene she saves a drowning bee and says that bees dont sting who saves them.


Possibly a sci-fi movie

A movie I saw on television in the early 90’s. It was in color and in english. I don’t remember much, but there were some scenes that stood out.

It had to do with a group of people going into the city sewers. Maybe a terrorist group or thieves. A woman is arrested and put on trial. They show her security footage of a hand pulling on an electrical cable in the sewers, causing a massive explosion that probably killed her team. She repeatedly denies it was her.

Another scene shows a man in what looks to be a robotic suit and helmet. He’s completely armored up, save for his eyes, which are behind a transparent lens. At one point, a character wants to know who he is, and he lifts up his helmet and shows a deformed face. The transparent eye lens turn out to be part of an entire fishbowl-like tank, encasing his head. It was later found out that he was the one that pulled the electrical cable.

Short-film: town of dolls

It’s a short movie. A man arrives at a town and I think he’s got a breakdown. He finds that all people are dolls. The dolls don’t move, they’re frozen. But every time he close his eyes, they move. He’s becoming crazy, and finally he enters a house, and breaks a doll. Suddenly some policemen appear and he realises that he has killed a real person.

I saw it many years ago (around 10 years?), but I don’t know its title. I think I saw it on a TV, probably in English. I hope you can help me.


Alien movie


It would be great if someone could help me with this. Someone else was watching this movie when I was a kid, I only got to see a small part. They never watched new movies alot, so maybe it was new or old. It was anywhere from 12-10 years ago. Not sure about it. I am sure about the movie though. These are the movies I know it’s not: They live. Men in Black.

The movie is about a couple with a young kid, who take a nap on the side of the road in the dessert. Suddenly an alien searches their car when they are sleeping. The alien or aliens- accidentally films himself on their camera, but doesn’t know it and leaves. The parents keep the tape, afraid. The aliens figure it out, and start chasing them. So the people run. The aliens can conceal themselves by wearing sunglasses. When the sun glasses are taken off, either just their alien eyes show, or their entire body. So the sunglasses makes them look like FBI agents. I remember a scene where the couple try to go to the police, and a group of FBI agents show up outside the station. The couple ask a cop to not let the FBI agents pass, and demand they take their sunglasses off. The police officer reluctantly asks them to take the sun glasses off. The FBI agents won’t, but after the cop and couple insist, they do. They were just regular FBI agents. That is the last scene I remember, and I’ve been trying to figure out what it was called, for years. It was not black and white. They spoke English – no sub-titles, and it was not an animation movie.

Short Film at ACMI

Hi there,
I’ve been looking for this short film since I was about 11 years old.
I saw it in 2007 or before at ACMI in Melbourne Australia on a school trip.
There was a woman who was peeling potatoes and she accidentally slipped or something and shaved off some of her skin (I believe it was claymation). She then becomes obsessed with shaving off her skin to be thin and pretty. I think she had a cat too.
I don’t remember if it had a rating but I do remember a teacher coming to see what we were watching and then hurrying us out because it was inappropriate.
I have been searching for this short film as it’s been the subject of my night terrors since I first saw it but can never find it anywhere.
Please help me!!!!

Girl with cameo necklace…couldn’t find her….found like 100 years later under floorboards

I watched this movie on TV when I was a kid in the 80’s. Set present day (80’s). The people in the movie were trying to solve a mystery of a girl that died and was never found. There was a cameo necklace and her remains were finally found under the floorboards in an old house. There was a note that led them to find her there. Please help me find the name of the movie.

1970’s Post Apocalyptic Film

I remember watching a movie on TV — during the 70’s.  I am not sure what happened to the town but it seemed that only one man was alive and he had a super fast sports car.  He was wandering through town one day, looking for food and stuff and all the people were frozen in time/I guess dead.  There was one women, African American who was still alive and when she saw this man wandering through town, she froze — so she was still like the rest of the dead people.  The two ended up together.  At night they had to lock themselves into his apartment because there were some kind of “army” (not sure) looking for survivors.  It was a really weird move but for some reason — I keep recalling it and I have no idea what the movie was named.

Saliva fighting obesity

This one might be obvious, yet still I can’t recall the movie or its title. it’s probably some superhero-featured Holywood blockbuster I saw some 4-5 years ago, I am not sure though.

There is this scene in which a corpulent guy has put off wieght amazingly fast thanks to the “superhero’s” saliva he had a contact with while drinking from the same glass (that’s the way i remembered it). The substance, however, caused an insatiate hunger, so, the guy, having dinner at a restaurant, orders one steak after another and cannot kill it, until, some time later, he dies of malnutrition.


Mummified healing cloth

I saw this movie on tv in the 90’s, it was in English.
It was in colour and it was about some egyptian mummy scientists. The female scientist cuts herself accidentally on the mummies toe/fingernail or something along those lines and becomes violently ill and is admitted to hospital because she’s dying. In the same tomb is a cloth that they discover can cure anyone and anything but it disintegrates and becomes smaller and smaller – the more people it heals. At the end of the movie one of the male scientists steal the cloth to save his colleague instead of keeping it and researching it to potentially help more people.

An assembly line worker needs to leave her baby alone at night to work and the baby dies in a fire

I remember seeing this movie when I was young which puts it late 70s or early 80s. It could have been made earlier in the 70s though. I remember that it was about a single mom who needed to work nights on an assembly line. I am fairly certain she was a union worker. This mom would put her baby to bed and leave it alone while she worked the night shift. The baby was still in a crib maybe 10 months old. I remember the scene where another woman comes up to her during her shift and tells her the child died in a fire. The mother gets upset and starts crying but does not leave her spot on the assembly line because she needs the money and there is nothing she can do about it.