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croth monster

There was this movie that a friend of mine had me watch with him when I was about six years old (1989 in my case) little did I know that this was a horror movie. The movie was on color and in English. All I can remember of it was it involved a guy who invented some kind of machine that he gets sucked into and some type of fat black slugs take his place. Aleast one possesses another person and one possesses a poster of a beautiful lady and they had some type of powers to change things. When doing so they made this sound that as best as I can describe it sounded like a rattle snake rattling its tail. Anyway the one part of the movie that left a permanent imprint in my memory was there was a part in the movie where this couple seek into a room to “get it on” the rattling sound then started and it shows the guy on the bed get a bulge in his pants. The lady clearly excited proceeds to open his pants and its revieled that his crotch was turned into some type of monster that then killed him.  It was probably the most frightening moment I ever witnessed.

Girl goes thru forest to get help for dad, encounters a monster with a red cape in the woods

saw it from 2007-2010, english, i think netflix

there was like an amish family who lived in a village next to a forest. the main character is a girl and her dad gets sick/shot so she has to go through the forest to find help. there is a mentally disabled man who *spoiler ends up being the monster in the woods that wears a red cape and antagonizes the main character. i might be able to answer any questions about it but this is all i can come up with for now.

mocie with guy who looks like Lucas grabeel

I remember that there was a guy whom I thought was Lucas Grabeel but it wasn’t, and he was probably around 12 ish at the time. I remember him getting in a fight at school or somewhere. he was trying to protect someone I think or standing up for someone and the person he was fightinf had brought a knife to school, so he stabbed him and the guy who looked like Lucas Grabeel died. I just remember his dad was super sad and that the kid died. I saw it on tv arounf 2005-8 time probably.

Seasonal special about an alien birdman with a spaceship steals peoples hair for his eggs.

There was a special that used to play on TV in the 80’s, I would look forward to seeing it every year at christmas..  The ‘bad guy’ was an alien ‘birdman’ he had a human head, and was dressed all in black feathers like a robe.  He had a spaceship full of his eggs, but he needed to keep the eggs warm so they would hatch.  He developed a machine that would steal all the humans hair on earth.  Once it was activated, it switched to shots of people standing, and their hair lifting right up, and off camera, leaving them bald.  The human hair was packed around the eggs as insulation, and the ‘good guys’ saw this when they went on the spaceship.  When the good guys save the day, they shut down the hair stealing device, and the hair falls back onto the people’s heads.

Afterschool special-type thing about teens who discover a secret room in their house

This was on in the afternoon back in the late ’80s (I’m guessing), and I don’t think it was feature-length, so I assume it was some kind of “Afterschool Special,” although it doesn’t really fit that mold in that there was no real “moral.”

Anyway, it was about a teenager(s) who discovers a really old secret room, maybe in his basement, maybe through a little tunnel.  Eventually they discover a skeleton in it (scary!).  I think it maybe collapses at some point, or the tunnel in/out collapses, so they’re stuck.  But they discover that there’s another entrance at the base of a huge tree on their property.

Japanese black and white sex movie

So what I remember from that movie was this girl who was raped when she was younger, then I think she fell in love with this doctor who helped her, after that there was this funny scene where she had become a prostitute, comforting a soldier who was a virgin, and she had a friend perving through the next room, eating a Popsicle, then there was this funny client when having sex with her, was defying gravity. I know it sounds random,bbut that scene has never been forgotten.

A movie with a demon monster a sorcerer and a small town sheriff

I watched this film maybe when I was twelve so early 2000s on the Scifi channel. This film must be from the eighties or nineties it could also be the late seventies but I doubt it. The film is about a demon that looks like a werewolf that is raised by an evil sorcerer in a small town and starts to murder everyone. The scenes I distinctly remember are one where the monster is trying to kill a Catholic priest but it can’t enter the church it is being stopped at the door but then after the priest slips up in his sermon the beast comes in a tears off his head. Another scene is a bunch of cops trying to shoot the monster and the beast is killing them all while the evil sorcerer laughs at them. I know that there is also some secret chest that may stop the monster. This movie has been on the edge of my mind for years. Thanks guys.

Strange British avant garde Film circa 1970’s –

Late one night in the 1980’s or early 1990’s I turned on my local PBS station and started watching a strange movie. The film was already in progress when I tuned in.

It seemed to be that a “youngish” Albert Finney type was cruising England in an old style convertible MG type car when he either crashed or the vehicle stopped operating.

He approached a manor home for assistance and it appeared that a large costume party was taking place. The guests were behaving in a peculiar manner and did not seem able to leave the home or property. I believe that these people were dead and were reliving this costume ball over and over again.

I really would like to see this movie again. Any help in figuring out the title would be greatly appreciated.  My email is

Thank You,

James Edward Hughes

James Edward Hughes

Its about this teen boy who moves to this new location with his mom. It starts off with them…

Its about this teen boy who moves to this new location with his mom. It starts off with them two in the car. Hes a highschool student and I believe at the end discovers everyone including himself is dead. I remember there also being a sex scene randomly in one of the classrooms. Also the students might have had on uniforms.

Kids movie about boy and talking lips

Sometime in the 80’s I remember watching a movie (not sure if it was tv or film) and it involved a boy and his interaction with a character which was essentially talking lips (like the Rolling Stones) and there was no eyes or nose. At some point I remember the boy going into a tree or a room of some sort that was completely blank (no background) and having conversations with this talking lips character. This the the only movie in my life I have never been able to identify. Please help!!

Foreign film, woman hits man in the groin with metal rod arousing him

My brother and I were watching the Canadian network, Showcase, late at night in 1999 or 2000. We caught the bizarre end of a film which has stuck with us ever since. It’s a foreign film in color. I think it was French and probably made in the 60s or 70s. A man and a woman are alone and arguing in a fancy living room. She starts hitting him with a fireplace poker and he seems to be enjoying it and getting aroused. The movie ends not long after that, but we can’t remember anything else about it. My brother’s birthday is in a month, so it would be a great gift to solve this mystery after 15 years.

Chlorophyll Movie

I was a child but have no idea around what time the movie came out, i was born in 1987 so probably before or after that.. There was a farm with freaks that used to be kidnapped people and there’s this young couple i think or brother and sister, they are trying to perform experiments on them with chlorophyll and they just keep running around the farm and on the fields trying to escape, i got all sorts of nightmares from this movie dunno why my parents let me watch this as a kid.. Probably English Audio of not then Spanish, definitely a movie, it had color, Always keep coming back to the Internet trying to find this movie title i grew up watching this, Mac and Me, Enemy Mine, Little Mermaid and Mrs. Doubtfire, ( weird i know) so it was probably made within thise years.. Thank you for reading.


70s Jewel Thief movie

A few things i remember about the movie.  Rock climbers and gymnasts made up the team of thieves.  One scene had to cliffhang across the roof and old man has a heart attack and dies.  One of the last scenes, one of the thieves holds both jewels in each hand and he starts breathing fire, but after a lil bit he is back to normal. I also believe there is a scene where a snake comes out of a hole and bites one of the thieves in the face.

I remember this movie where two friends, the main character being white and the secondary…

comic relief character being black, embark on adventure to find this gem called a dragon eye. The main character falls in love and there’s a magical scene where a ring appears on either he, his mates finger, or both. There’s also a point where the main character is challenged to enter a dungeon filled with traps and obstacles in order to earn a dragon eye. Then later on the secondary character falls off of a castle I believe and dies. I think he was foaming at the mouth and then he either gives the main character a dragon eye or one magically materializes out of him. The movie was in colour and it might have been some where in the late 90s or early 2000s.

Boy that lived on the moon and chases a butterfly

I remember watching a video, it was on a tape. It had a boy who lived in a little house by himself on the moon or a little planet, and he was outside and a butterfly was flying around and he got a net and was trying to chase it to catch it, he ended up running around the whole moon/planet.

I was about 4 or 5 so would have been in the late 1990’s early 2000’s

It has been bugging me for sooo long!

short film about killed in the dark by demon from a book

All I remember is one night teens and a little boy were at the boys house. Note no parents were home. One of the teens was the older brother of the boy. I don’t remember but, they have a creepy book with old drawings of demons and stuff. Then they get cursed. The lights go off and then the terns get picked off one by one(killed). They then notice they will die in the dark. They all try to find light but they die. I specifically remember one teen running into a closest with a light you have to pull the string. Thought he still dies struggling to keep the light one. Then the next day the little who lived brings the book to school, the movie ends when he opens it and the goes dark. Email me at