Circus/carnival movie?

I saw this movie in 2004, from a  DVD, it may have been black and white but I don’t quite remember, and I think it was in English but at any rate I watched it in the US. One scene that stuck out in my memory is when this girl and her love interest are in the woods when the girl gets kidnapped by these cronies and taken to the circus/carnival where they scare her by doing things like strapping her to the spinning wheel and spinning her around, trying to drop an iron maiden on her which she runs out of the way of, and shooting her out of a cannon and she gets caught by the ringmaster? (I think the head of the whole operation) standing on top of a high platform over a shallow pool and he threatens to drop her or something? And I think her love interest comes and saves her at that point. Some details may be wrong because it was so long ago but it’s been driving me crazy for years that I don’t know! Thanks in advance.

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