Kids jumping into a painting

yeah so… I watched this as a kid, and I think it’s definitely before 2005.. All I can remember is that a bunch of kids/teens, they could be siblings, are in some sort of mansion or dark castle(staying with relatives maybe?) and they accidentally fall into a painting that brings them to a Medieval world with Knights and King Etc etc. I think when one of the characters first falls into the painting, he lands in a heap of hay? And I’m pretty sure everyone in the medieval world thinks they’re weird, cause they’re dressed modernly etc etc

Yep. That’s all I’ve got 😛 would appreciate any clues!!!

3 thoughts on “Kids jumping into a painting

  1. My daughter says she has seen this – they were in a museum, and the lights went out during a storm or something– The boy goes into the painting, and the sister draws a wizard to save them, but she didn’t draw it well and so he’s kind of goofy.
    “Search For the Jewel of Polaris.”

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