Japanese Fantasy Anthology Samurai, Train Station of Cats, Airplane

I saw the movie in Star Movies Chinese in the mid 90’s (~1996).  It’s a Japanese movie (with Chinese/English subtitles).  It’s an anthology of fantasy stories.  I can remember a few details:

1.  One is a period piece about samurai and ghosts.  There was a scene wherein a person was on his way to a meeting gathering of samurai.  When he got to the venue, the chief told him that there was something that went with him of that sort, which is not good.

2.  A guy accidentally got a kitten killed in a train.  Apparently, he was on a town station where all the inhabitants were cats.  The mother cat was there pleading her case to the station master, who was also a big cat.

3.  Another story about a plane, and some pilots, soldiers, the details of which are very hazy.

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