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Horror/scary movie with boy and honeycomb caves

I saw this movie in the early 1990’s, no later than 1998.

If I remember correctly, the little boy lived in a house on a farm or someplace with land, not in a city. He was crawling under a table or cabinet.

The only scene I vividly remember is that  young boy walking through a dark Canyon. The walls were close on either side and made up of honeycomb like caves. I can’t remember if it was aliens or monsters that reside in those caves but I remember he was incredibly scared of them snatching him up.

Boy goes to another world to save it!

This movie starts with a dwarf running to deliver a message to the gate when an evil person shoots him with an arrow and kills him. Then there’s an old man who guards a gate to the other world, a boy comes and talks to the old man and the old man gives him a spell book and lets the boy go to the other world where he meets a man and girl who help him learn magic so he can stop the evil wizard who’s trying to take over.

it’s in color and it’s a B rated movie, made around 80s or 90s

please help me!

teen racing movie small one person care

i can’t remember this movie at all, but its about some teenagers who are racing and taking turns in this small car. At the end is a heavy set boy who is racing last and his teammates are cheering them on I think they win. its a movie and came out between 1990-2000, it was a color movie. i think neve campbell may have been in it, but i can’t remember. if someone knows or can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.

little boy with “magical” powers traps family and brings home women he met in a restaurant. house was floating above sand when she finally tried to get out

Saw this movie sometime in the early 90’s

It was in colour. The case had a picture of a house on it.

Movie starts out with a women on a road trip? She stops at a little restaurant in the middle of no where. Little boy is playing a video game in the corner. She asks about him the waitress says something about him always being there. When the women leaves she doesn’t see the little boy at the video game and as she is leaving or on her way comes across him with his bike. The tire might have been flat. She gives him a ride home and then insists on making sure everything is ok at home but taking to his mother. Everything seems normal and she enters the house.  That’s when things get weird.

Don’t really remember the order but from what I can the family just watches TV all day afraid to pissed off the little boy. Someone upstairs had hand hr punished them by sealing their mouth. Anyway before you find that out the little boy is trying to make everything seem normal and asks the mother if she is going to invite her to stay for dinner.  The son asks her is she is going to go get dinner and tells her it’s in the oven like where she normally keeps it. The dinner is mainly junk food something like a hamburger ect. The thing that sticks out is the ice cream. The family dives in the the food like they haven’t eaten in a long time. The women starts questioning the mother about the poor choice in nutrition and the family shuts down this is insulting the little boy but she doesn’t know it. That’s when it comes out he has magic.

At one point the boy seals the family’s lips with zippers then metal plate across.


When the women tried to get out of the house it’s floating and the ground has all turned to sand. Apparently once in the house you can never leave.


I think in the end the little boy let’s her go. I don’t really remember the ending.


Any help would be great

Visit me in my dreams

She’s high class and he’s not. I think it’s in black and white, old movie and I think it’s filmed in Europe.This movie starts out with this little girl and boy meeting in the garden so they can play together. For some reason she moves away and never sees the boy again. Then the girl is a married to a duke or something like that.The husband hires the boy, now a man to be a stable boy. They realize they are childhood sweethearts and fall in love. Her husband finds out they have plans to run away together and has the man arrested. She finds him and gets to him him one last time in the dungeon-like  cell he even has an ankle chain to prevent him from escaping. They agree to meet every night in each others dreams. She gives him some kind of memento that he keeps in the hay they give him for a bed. They live a life together and even see each other grow old together in their dreams. Then she dies and he also does.

HBO Movie about Little People Living Across Street

In early 2000’s my family had hbo and I use to sneek on and watch movies that I probably was way too young to watch. This one movie I would love to find out the title.

The movie is about a mother and a son living in a house and the mothers gets afraid of the family that moved across the street. In the family that moved across the street one of them is a  little person or either the whole family is. The one scene I remember the mother asks the son about the family across the street. He says that he had sex with the daughter and the mother asks if he used a condom. He said yes. Thats all I remember. Thanks

Film where a woman retells her life story

I saw it in the cinema between 2-5 years ago I believe.

It was in colour and English.

She retells her life story in the modern day, I think she was being interviewed, covering what I think was over WW2.

There was a plot twist at the end where a key person in the film actually died and she made up the story, it was the man she loved but he actually died of gangrene or something, I think when they were hiding underground during the war.  Everyone in the cinema burst into tears.

Movie with ugly girl kissing villain in finale

I am looking for a title of the comedy movie that I saw aprox. 10-12 years ago on TV. I don’t remember whole movie but from what i recall there was some kind of race against time in golf cart in the last part of the movie. After that villain is kicked in groin by some woman and kissed by ugly girl that had crush on him. He shouts “just take me to prison” to policemen just to get away from her. From what I remember there was also chimp or some other kind of monkey in this movie. I don’t remeber if it was english or other language.

black man sinks into a rug…

So, when I was about 7-9 late 1990s I was watching this movie on tv. It was colored and English.

Seemed like it was set in the old times and they dressed sort of in the style as Lord of the rings or game of thrones. Something around those lines. I think there was dragon’s involved and there was this big war I believe.


Only scene I actually recall was this white man and black man trying to escape or something from this castle and there was this rug that turned into a quick sand texture? Any way, the man ends up getting pulled into this rug and the white man is forced to leave him behind.

family – teen halloween / fall break movie (not scary)

i have been looking for the name of this movie for quite some time. it came out before th movie fun size by a few months i believe but i cant be 100 percent positive. i do know 1) it iS a modern movie 2) it iS takes place around halloween

okay as for all i remember about the movie. there is a girl who is responsible for her younger siblings.. im pretty sure they might have both been boys or one boy and one girl… possibly twins duriNg halloween. one of the neighbors turns their house/yard iNto a spooky thing for the entire neighborhood. the younger sibliNgs ditch the girl by tradINg costumes with a couple of other kids… so the sister thinks she is with the siblings the whole tiMe until she un masks them and realize that it isnt them.

they end up goiNg to look for them and get some friends to look for them too. one of the boys who likes the older sister — goes out with the girls grandmother to look for the kids and the end up at a house iN the town that people think is haunted.. but kids reallly just go there to make out. it may have been her house many years before.

one of the kids who iS the girls friend and i think is home from college is contemplatiNg droppiNg out of school but i think he ends up meetiNg a girl at a bust stop a the end of the movie who is from liek the next town over who is goiNg to the same college or is goiNg to be… i cant really remember.

it wasnt a scary movie… it was just a teen / college movie… that took place around halloween / fall break. i have been tryiNg to fiNd the name of thiS movie for some tiMe… and yes i have tried puttiNg the plot iNto google and i havent been able to come back up with a name… so if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it

Old children’s story with old person narrating

I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, probably 5 or 6, maybe even 7.  I’m 21 now, so that was the mid to late 90s. I think this movie was older than that, because the animation was kind of crappy, and the vhs wasn’t in very good condition. Anyways, I believe it starts out with an old person sitting in a chair, and they begin to introduce the first story. I believe there was 3 stories on this vhs. It could have been a short tv series that a family member recorded for me, but I can’t really remember. So the person introduces the story, and this creepy music starts playing, and it stays playing throughout the vhs. The story that sticks out most in my mind is one of a kid(s) and they go into a haunted or abandoned house and are looking for something. I believe there was a cat and maybe some sort of closet or wardrobe someone got stuck in. Mind you, this creepy music is still playing and this old person is narrating what’s going on in the animation. There might have been some sort of other story on there about a cave or a tribe of some sort. The animation itself was very dark, not a lot of bright colors.  All in all it was a pretty disturbing animation for kids.

black guy has sex with wifes friends

ok let me start with a date. I saw the movie somewhere 2000-2010. Its not accurate but its all I got. I saw it on the tv but Im sure it was a movie. it was colored and in English.

Another scene that I remember is when the black guy was in a tunnel/underound tunnel/sewage(Im not sure). Also Im pretty sure it was not porn though you could see how he had sex with the wifes friends.He also did it with a white chick. He has sex with those women to prove that he is loyal or something, again it was a long time ago.

Thanks  in regards. been trying to find this movie for a long time.

Red Headed Irish Writer

A Irish woman or mabye scottish was writing a book and got published. The publisher/editer was scottish i think. The writer woman with red hair has daddy issues and thats what the book it about. When she tries to write another she cant and gets writers block and strats baking things. Her publisher/editor tries to make her sad because thats the only way to get her to get over writers block. He takes her plant that her dad gave her. I rember this one sence where the woman is naked and is getting the cupcakes out of the oven and her editor walks in and just stares at her. Her name may have been Jane but  I can’t remember.