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Aidan Quinn might be in it. Looked thru all his movies.

Saw it couple years ago. Probably on netflix. Main heroine is forign but movie not all foreign.
Starts out with a welder working on a pipe and then a woman that works in a factory and lives so quietly and never gets in trouble eats only one type of food every day. She gets fired. She doesn’t talk for a long time. When she’s fired she gets a job as a nurse on a ship, but she’s not really a nurse. Aidan Quinn is hurt from an accident that he caused on the ship and it killed his best friend. She takes care of him and he’s kinda mean to her. I think she has flashbacks of being raped or something and he has flashbacks of accidentally killing his best friend. She goes to his old bunk and finds his phone and hears how his bf’s wife or his wife?? Idk, left him messages and she finds out that Aidan Quinn has his own demons. The end is him and her in a field crying and holding each other. Something like that. Scanned thru ALL of Aidan Quinn’s movies and nothing!!! I’m 90% sure it’s him tho. Thanks everybody!:)

60s Black & White Artistic Adult Film

An adult film might be odd to ask about, but I was in the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas a couple months ago and no one could recall (or figure out) the name of one of the movies on display.  Here are the details:

It’s hardcore and it was only one scene, but it was like a 1/2 hour long. It’s Black & White.  It focuses on a man and a woman who seem to be Hippies (I remember him having a beard and wearing a long dress like frock). It takes place outdoors and the long sex scene is visually overlapped with crashing, churning waves of the seaside.

Thanks for for your time.

1970s Occult Film

Saw this in mid-90s on channel four (UK).

Probably made in mid-70s

There’s a scene, possible opening or closing scene with some sort of occult ritual, people walking down stone steps in a mansion house/castle basement (possibly hidden section of the house).

There’s a couple who are staying at this house/castle and the man is seduced by a lady in front of an open fireplace, she’s on top of the man and is wearing a cross or some necklace. This was taking place while his wife was sleeping or was ill in bed.

The man’s wife is sacrificed in the end some cult. She possibly looked like a dead person from a painting!

It’s so long ago since I saw it, I’m afraid I may be mixing two films up.

B movie

Please help me find this movie.

It is a B movie from the 90’s, there is a married couple on their boat/yacht and a redhead maid/helper. Three men board their boat in the midle of the sea, turns out they are terrorists/criminals. The redhead girl sleeps with one of the badguys to get his trust. When a police boat approaches, the main bad guy forces the girls to take off their tops to make it look like a fun trip, while having a concealed gun pointed at them.

cartoon movie about animals 1970-1999 color movie

when i was little i remember that we had this movie recorded from tv on a vcr.

i vaguely remember the plot, i know it’s about animals amongst them a woodpecker.

and the scene i remember the most is that somehow they ended up in a suitcase, and they are trying to get out, and the suitcase is in a flood or maybe in like the drainpipes or what it’s called. and how they got there is i think they are fleeing some kind if evil animal. and i remember that the woodpecker paniks and start pecking on the suitcase walls so that water comes in but more than that i can’t remember.

not sure but i think that they end up at one kind of casino (not sure though, so if the movie you are thinking of doesn’t have a casino in it it might still be the movie i looking for)

and in the end i think that they are on a farm and its a real boy that appears but i’m not sure.

and for me it was dubbed in swedish i think so i could be a film for any country.

Horror maybe sci if movie

I saw this movie when I was a kid so I don’t remember much about it. I do remember I the beginning if the movie that a group of adults or teens are running somewhere and they go inside a building. But a man leaves his bag outside and it seems some sort of rain falls on it and starts dissolving it. Inside of  the building they a find a head under a desk. There is also a naked shower scene. Somewhere in the building there is a monster that kills them. To get to the monster they have to crawl through a some sort of tunnel maybe a vent. The movie seems to end when a man stabs the monster and a baby is born out of it.

old vhs

I am looking for an old porn I saw a long time ago. it was in the mid 90’s that I seen the movie on vhs. the porn was only girls dancing and stripping no guys in it. Also they danced one girl at a time. I remember they were all white but about half way through or so there was one black girl. I believe they were dressed in biker chick clothes and dancing on or near motorcycles.

Short B&W film about a man running, buried in sand at the end. I saw this film in middle…

…school, early eighties, and I believe it was made in the mid-60’s. There is no dialogue, but plenty of ambient sounds (the man’s heavy breathing as he runs, traffic, birds). Some shots I remember: the man running down the street, eating french fires and gulping a soda; a long shot where he examines his face in a pet store window, while we see birds in a cage. The final scene takes place on a beach, where the man encounters his double (who I think was chasing him the whole time), who whips off his sunglasses and forces the man into a hole dug in the sand. The man then claws the sand onto him, burying himself, until the last shot just shows his hands descending into the sand.

90s movie about a family of eco-terrorists in the future, mom turns into swarm of bugs

So i remember watching this movie sometime in the mid 90’s im guessing it was around then also because there was some not-too-bad CGI.

it was set in the near future, the earth had become a dry and lifeless place, and exposure to the sun was very dangerous. the movie followed one family who were biologists/eco-terrorists, who would genetically manipulate plants to become incredibly fast growing and large. both the parents were played by french actors i think.

the first scene opens up with the feds raiding a house where the family had been renting, to find it inundated with plant-life, lots of fungi and spores etc…

the family is one the move and settle in a new town. thier daughter meets a local boy and they hit it off, at one point they are having sex in a hot spring as the sun comes up and he is badly burned. there was also a ton of softcore nudity in this movie.

at one point later in the movie both parents have altered their own genes so much that the mom transforms into a sentient cloud of bugs/spores capable of speech and some sort of healing power.

weird/awesome movie. any ideas would be hugely appreciated! thanks!