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Sci-Fi – Kids with powers – Secret formula..

So it has been a while. Maybe the 90’s since I saw this. I probably saw it on TV but I believe it was on a movie channel.

So I cant remember everything about it but I remember some scenes and some parts of the plot. These things are totally jumbled up but here goes.

  • The “good” kids are being chased because of something they have. I believe it was some sort of secret formula. At one point they disguise it in a suitcase (but it isnt really the formula it was like hotsauce or something).
  • The “bad” kids chase the “good” kids through a market. The bad ones have a scream power that breaks a fish tank. When it hits people they are stunned.
  • There are like two girls. One good one bad. Both with some sort of precognition. They draw their visions in notebooks. The good girl has better visions when she is drunk.
  • The “bad” kids are asian and members of something like yakuza.

I may remember some other things but I am afraid I am jumbling more than one movie together.


Vintage college movie

I faintly remember this movie but I believe it was about a black man who was an English professor in college and he had very few students and one if his students were interested in him and at one point the student went over to his home and he forcefully had sex with her. Then afterwards she realized he was a bad man and I remember the ending was, I believe, the girl reported him and the teacher was arrested. I would love to remember the name of the movie again…

I saw this movie about 4 years ago on the encore channel I believe. The movie was in English and it was in color.

Looking for possible alien abduction movie?


When I was very young, maybe 7 or 8, I’m 23 now, I saw a movie that really influenced me for some reason (intrigue and fear haha). It was probably an 80’s or 90’s movie, maybe an episode of something since I do distinctly remember seeing it on TV.

I’m not sure if I saw the entire movie, and I have very little memory of it and because it was so long ago I may not be remembering it correctly, so I apologize.. But this one part I do remember.. A girl, not a little girl, maybe a teenager or adult woman, being kidnapped by an alien, or some sort of monster life-form thing?? I remember it being an alien, but like I said, I may be remembering it differently.. I also distinctly remember in this scene.. A desert planet, or maybe some long barren strip of land, and the alien taking this girl in some sort of wagon across it.. I’m not sure, but it was something like that! She was not a willing participant lol I remember her being tied up or restrained in some way.. And then all I remember after that part is the aliens putting her into some sort of contraption in a building of sorts…

And thats all I got. I know I saw it on TV, it was in English and I know it was in color.

I know thats not much to go on, but if anyone has any idea’s please let me know!

Black and white movie, two boys and a dog in the pound

I saw a movie about 2009, it was black and white and depicted a boy and his best friend in depression era, had a little rascals feel to it income wise…  they looked like they were about 7 or 8 years old. In part of the movie one of the boys’ dog gets caught and taken to the pound, which wasn’t saying much, it was  a joke run by a jerk,  and they scramble to raise funds before the dog is killed.  I don’t get emotional much, but this movie pretty much had me crying my eyes out, and I would love to see it again now that I know how it ends.

John Ritter Movie

There was a movie with John Ritter, possibly 1980’s or 1990’s where he comes across a guy in the park dressed like a clown and pulled a gun on him. When he realized the guy was just an innocent guy who was dressed like a clown, he scolded him for “being dressed like that just begging to be shot”. I seem to remember that the John Ritter character had already had a run in with someone dressed like a clown. I think it may have been a serious comedy.

Military Movie with Feeling

All I really remember is one scene where there are several military men ( I believe they were low ranking recruits or something similar and I believe it was the Army, although it could have been Marines) and several of them are holding another one down so they can read his journal.

They think that he thinks badly of them or something, and the journal only says good things, and one passage was something describing one of the other military men talking about how he was masturbating with something similar to “missile 4 down, loading missile 5.” and the journal says that he (the writer) wouldn’t have anyone else with him on the battlefield.

Another passage was describing how he (the writer) thought one of the others was gay, but altogether a good guy.

I saw it on television in the past 5-7 years, and it was in color and English.

Man is strapped down in cave like system and he gets some kind of liquid poured into his ear

Mid/Late 1980s – possibly 1990


Saw it on TV therefore unsure if it was an actual movie or a TV episode

Was presented in color

I remember the setting being in some type of desert location where almost all individuals were dressed in ragged clothing. There were carts around to transport goods and there were underground living quarters etc where the individuals would live (I think) and work. I remember torture scenes, shackles on walls. This underground area was, I believe, the enemies area because the main characters were running around there trying to avoid capture. There were wooden torches situated throughout the underground corridors for light. I remember a specific scene where this area of the underground space seemed medieval and there was a man being dragged into this wide open space underground where there were hearth fireplaces and a lot of metal weapons and iron work and a large table to strap people down to. The guy being dragged in ended up strapped to this table and then you could rotate it so he would be on his side. They rolled him to this small area where it was underneath what seemed like a chimney but it was just a tall cement structure opening to the top of the ground like a chimney and then they start to drip some kind of liquid substance into his ear canal and he is totally freaking out at this point. Lots of screaming etc. Not sure if this turned the guy into a slave or a monster, I can’t remember that far past the torture scene. All I really recall is this liquid was really bad and it wasn’t going to kill him but change his demeanor somehow ……

That is basically one of the only main parts I can remember. At the time I was maybe 7 years old but that scene has stuck with me and over the years I would attempt to explain it to my friends or try to research it and could never come up with anything. Fingers crossed that someone might know what I’m talking about 😀

Sci-Fi movie memory

Alright, I’ve been trying to remember this movie forever, but I’ve never been successful in finding anyone who knows what I’m talking about or remembering the title.

Ok the movie is a sci-fi movie. A thriller. It involves this bad of either circus or carnival people who have strange powers. A part of this group is two brothers. One is good and the other is evil. The evil one’s power basically revolves around him making a gun sign with his hand and pointing it at things/people and pretending to shoot them. Except that an invisible bullet/mind bullet/psychic force is triggered by doing so.

At the end of the movie the brothers face off. And the good one wins. I think I remember the evil one trying multiple times into forcing the good one to use his powers and him not wanting to.

Also I have asked several people, including my mom, and someone told me they thought it might be a Stephen King film. It came out in either the 80’s or 90’s I think.


That’s all I can remember. I hope you guys can help me.


Unborn children living in Greek-like heaven

Basically it’s an older movie that shows a perfect heaven-like place where unborn children live. The place had a sort of Greek architecture, and the characters all wore robes. When the ones chosen to be born were sent away, they sailed away on something resembling a Viking boat. A man would come and read their names off a scroll to be sent to earth. Siblings would be sent together. I remember a teenage couple being in love, but being heartbroken when the boy was chosen to be born before her. I don’t know if the entire plot of the movie was this scene I recall, or if it was just a sort of subplot. As a kid I watched this movie multiple times, and cannot find it!

Looking for years for this movie.

I remember a movie from the late 80s to early 90s where a guy and a girl meet in a bar.  The guy seduces the  girl and takes her to a warehouse/studio apartment.  The have sex.  He drugs her then proceeds to take care of her.  I remember at one point where he give her sponge baths and tells her he will take care of her. She get better and finds out she is trapped inside the warehouse.  He finally let her go and at the end of the movie she finds him and finds out he is married. She drugs him.

priest sees blonde ghost, is then tortured and burned


I saw this movie on late night television in England roughly 12/13 years ago. It was colour, and looked like it was filmed in the 60’s. We only caught the last half hour or so.

All i remember is it involved a priest or monk that kept seeing a blonde woman/apparition appear. He was being held for some crime, in which they told him he would have to wear these wooden things around his knees/legs than they would then hit, and would brake his shins. After-which he’d have to walk to be burned at the stake. And that’s it.

It was pretty weird and brutal, and I’ve always wondered what I was called.


Asian film, erotic, maybe horror; woman invites friend & husband over, women bark like dogs, debauchery

I saw this film a few years ago; I think it was probably made in the last 10 years?  It was Asian, maybe Japanese or Chinese? Korean also a possibility. It was definitely erotic, though not porn (i.e. it was a “real” movie, not a porno), and weird and pretty perverted. I don’t remember a whole lot but here goes; there’s a main female character (MFC) and she has a female friend. MFC invites her female friend and female friend’s husband over to her house. MFC and her husband are hinting to the friend-couple that they do weird things together, and maybe they’d like to join. Husband has MFC get on all fours and pretend she’s a dog and bark. Eventually they get the friend-couple to join in; the female friend pretends she’s a dog too.

Things get progressively weirder and sicker. I think some stuff happens later on with the two women on leashes, on the floor, in some situation where they have to fight, or struggle? And there’s sex involved. I think it all ends pretty badly.



Thanks for your help!!

Childhood animated movie/tv movie

When I was a kid in the 90’s, or early 00’s, I remember a scene from a kids movie where two characters were in a strange alien world (possibly underwater) and looking at a river where the water flowed uphill. Later on there is some kind of alien being that spoke with a very soft, almost pidgeony(?) voice and asked them for help with something. I remember the alien was bald and pale.

It was in English, but I cant remember if it was a cinema movie or a TV movie. It was in colour and I probably watched around 1999 if that helps…

Movie where a a couple is killed by a tree in a storm

What is the movie where a couple and a baby girl are going to see the baby’s grandpas ms they get into the fight so they leave and on the way back they are walking in the forest and it’s raining and a tree falls on the parents and then in the morning the grandpa goes looking for them to make sure they are alright and he finds the parents dead and the baby is still alive on the ground so he takes the baby and raises her. He lives in a barn type house in the middle of the woods. I saw it on tv in English in the early 2000s.

Bittersweet romantic comedy about remembering a school sweetheart

I used to watch this movie with my mom on VHS in the 90s, and I think it was a late 80s or early 90s movie. If I am remembering correctly, it’s about a guy who learns that a girl he was always fascinated with died recently and goes back home for her funeral. There’s lots of reminiscing and jumping back and forth in time about their days as children or high school kids, I think, and the girl was characterized as sweet, tomboyish, a little bit of a trouble maker and always seemed to know something more than our main character did. I think there were a lot of beach scenes and one scene I very clearly remember because it blew my mind as a kid was when she tries to have sex with him in the living room, but the parents are coming, so it gets interrupted and he has to get his clothes back on. I believe the two main leads has brownish blond hair and it may have taken place in a different time period, though the movie is in color. The girl may have had her name in the title and it was pretty “girl next door” name like Jenny or Megan. It had a simultaneously sad and humorous, naughty and innocent tone to it. I’ve searched everywhere (IMDb, various 80s and 90s lists) and can’t find it.

Woman walking down staircase morphs into a creature/demon with a purple tongue.

When I was a kid in the 70’s I watched a movie which had a scene of a woman who morphed into a creature with a purple tongue. The movie was already older at that time (60’s or early 70’s likely) and was in color. It was on broadcast TV. The scene as I remember involved a woman coming down spiral steps and she suddenly had a purple tongue and had become a monster or demon. I think there were people at the bottom of the steps and she attacked them. I believe this scene was at the movies end. She may have been wearing a silver outfit or dress. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance!