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1995-2010 Film

a movie about kids on a music trip who have to land a plane after pilots die and terrorists a male and female i think the female was disguised as a nurse who has a sick patient on board and they take over trying to steal an ancient artefact going to a museum that was in the cargo hold. i also remember one of the kids putting extreme hot sauce into a air marshal’s food there was like a case of hot sauce and the kids chose the hottest one.

British Impostor Guy at Family Wedding/Funeral?

I’m looking for the title of a movie where the premise is that the two main characters are at a fancy British estate at a wedding and they are pretending that one of them is related to the family when he is really just a friend. I think the purpose is to try and secure some sort of inheritance or family ties to the owner of the estate. The impostor keeps pressing his luck in a slightly comedic way and the main characters are eventually found out by the family. The father then takes them down to the basement threatening them but doesn’t end up hurting them very much. I believe this movie came out sometime in the last 15 years. The title might be something simple like one or two words long.

Please help!!

A cartoon movie from a while ago, maybe 10-15 years. I don’t remember much  except people were living in a plastic globe, in like an alternate universes maybe because there was sand all around the plastic circular wall. They ate food that was being produced with in this plastic sphere globe. Every month they would choose people to dance in a circle and one would be sacrificed to the monsters And the person would be pulled under them in trade for their protection. All I remember is that someone was chosen to be the monsters food and then the rest the movie is  The main actor, a man, who tried to save her.

Eyes in Trees?

Okay, so this’ll be rough because I really don’t remember much.

I think I watched this movie around 1997-2001 and I’m pretty sure it was on VHS.  It was an animated movie.  It may have been released many years before this though, I don’t know.

I only remember one scene (because it scared the crap out of me) which was:

Two protagonists, which I can’t remember if they were people or animals (but I’m leaning toward animals), are going through a dark forest at night and they’re scared because they’re seeing eyes and faces in the trees and one of them has a gun which flares out into a bell shape at the end and he’s shooting at everything.  I’m pretty sure they’re in a boat going down a little stream in the forest but I could very well be wrong.  I think they’re on their way to do something important/help someone and at the end of it all I believe they’re succesful.

This has been bugging me for years so if anyone can help that’d be amazing!

Movie about a man with a gambling problem

Hey, Iam looking for a comedy movie with the main character being a bin man in the uk. This man frequently goes to the betting shop and bets on horses. The opening scene is him in a chip shop in the UK while his wife is giving birth to their son. The movie is a string of visits to the bet shop with mixed results for him.

Here are some specific scenes i remember:

He wins a bet and buys his son a playstation for his birthday

He sells his TV to a friend to bet

He spends his families savings to go to disneylands on betting on horses

He gets set up by his friend at the end of the film and loses all his money

spy parody film

The main villain short brunette wants to make all men impotent, sprayed gas all over the planet, Russian blonde twins create for him a fake drug, putting experiment on rabbit (computer graphics), who at the sight of a woman overexcited. By the end of the film Rabbit calmly reading a newspaper, not reacting to the girl, and the main characters are sent villain with his parents in a rocket filled with impotence gas in ocean