Tell me the name of the series

Hello everyone, please help me find the series. It seems to be two thousand tenths of years. Either it was a TV series, or a movie of several stories inside the movie (but rather a TV series). The idea is something – a young woman in a bar or at a disco meets a man, goes to his house. In parallel, somewhere in the background, either a warning is scrolled that a violent maniac is operating in the city, or something like that – the fact is that we know that there is a maniac somewhere nearby. They have sex at a man’s house, and after a while – a friend of this man appears there at home, and the woman has sex with him too – the first man gently insists on this. In general, it becomes clear that the woman has fallen into the clutches of a maniac and now she will be covered when it suddenly turns out that the maniac is her

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