Eyes in Trees?

Okay, so this’ll be rough because I really don’t remember much.

I think I watched this movie around 1997-2001 and I’m pretty sure it was on VHS.  It was an animated movie.  It may have been released many years before this though, I don’t know.

I only remember one scene (because it scared the crap out of me) which was:

Two protagonists, which I can’t remember if they were people or animals (but I’m leaning toward animals), are going through a dark forest at night and they’re scared because they’re seeing eyes and faces in the trees and one of them has a gun which flares out into a bell shape at the end and he’s shooting at everything.  I’m pretty sure they’re in a boat going down a little stream in the forest but I could very well be wrong.  I think they’re on their way to do something important/help someone and at the end of it all I believe they’re succesful.

This has been bugging me for years so if anyone can help that’d be amazing!

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