3 bffs and one of them is notsopretty

Soo. There were 3 girls being bffs since forever. The two “pretty girls” were popular, the third girl was the “ugly one”, but they didnt care, did not throw her away or something, still bffs. But everyone was using her to get closer to them. One scene I can remember when the ugly girl goes on a date with a guy she like, and thinks “okay, i have to sit in front of him, otherwise we can’t kiss” and moves her plate while the guy is in the kitchen. They start chatting and stuff, but it turns out this guy is just like the others, and wanted to get closer to pretties via ugly girl. She leaves the house and even finds out the boy lied about the dinner, he said he cooked, but she finds the ordered food boxes in the trash. The girls had a fight because she had enough, didnt want to be the “approachable” so people could talk to them thanks to her. One more thing i can remember is that the girl had a neighbor, a boy. They hated each other, constantly roasting and insulting the other. Something happened, and this guy ended up helping her to be prettier, to get a boyfriend or something. Which didnt happen, but meanwhile they fell in love with each other and in the end became a couple.

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