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  1. I think we need a mechanism to be able to see all the titles of the unresolved posts (like on the Recent Posts, but ALL unresolved ones), and be able to arbitrarily click and go to any specific post through it (rather than having to scroll through page after page).

    I am sure this functionality will greatly improve the site usability and result in more “resolved” posts, what do you guys think?

    1. By clicking on the category “I Don’t Know the Name” you’ll see only unsolved posts. With thousands of unsolved (or at least, unconfirmed) movies on this site there’s no way to avoid having to scroll, though. The best I could do is to fiddle with the settings and exclude the descriptions and make it so more posts display per page.

      EDIT: I amended the category name to make it more clear that “I Don’t Know the Name” = “unsolved.”

      1. An interesting suggestion but I am not 100% sure it would be an improvement. I moderate another message board with the same emphasis (smf, not phpbb) and the poster still has to reply and the moderator still has to mark it solved. Also, it would require customization to get the point system working, and that database may not be transferable. I do appreciate the suggestion. The necessary customization to improve the site can be done relatively easy in WordPress, I just have to find either the a) free time to learn it or b) a person who will work cheaply to implement it.

    2. Hmm… I like the idea, but without verification from the original poster, there would still be those considered unsolved that might very well have the correct answer…
      But at least having those that ARE verified being at least shifted to a different area WOULD make it easier to search for requests that still don’t have the correct movie replied in them…

      1. “Lamb to the Slaughter”(1979)?
        It was an episode of ‘Tales of the Unexpected'(1979-1987 TV series). Susan George was the blonde lady. It was also an episode of the old series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but that was black and white. Both episodes were written by Roald Dahl.

  2. Tomorrow is the beginning of a (semi-working) vacation for me, so be aware that I won’t be checking this site as often, and some posts may be delayed. Comments should post automatically. I’ll still try to check in here at least once a day. Things should return to normal by Wednesday, July 27.

  3. TV Movie a banshee or vampire like woman in a castle screams out of a window in anger as men on horses are trying to escape and the men fall off with blood coming out of their ears. They were saving a woman.

    English/USA Maryland /Black and White

    Might be from movie classics channel

    I saw this movie on TV during mid 90s

    It seemed like a 60s or 70s film

  4. I only remember a few scenes:

    A man is walking past a wheat field and spots a man attacking a woman and asks, “What are you doing?” The other man replies “What do you think I am doing? I am raping her.” It’s all in forced English–which makes it hilarious

    English over other language/Black and White/60s, 70s?/Real Fighting/Sweating/No flying

    The last scene after the man has fought throughout the film different enemies

    He takes on a man dressed in black with big hair who makes a lot of noise

    They are surrounded by rocks. He basically beats the young man in black to death and rescues the girl they were keeping. ergo, he is the last ninja fighter.

  5. OK so there is this movie i watched as a kid and i cant remember the name or much of the story line. All i remember was there was this bad guy and i think he made popcorn come out of peoples TVs. I think there were about 3 good characters and i seem to remember them being in a toy shop at one point maybe?? and i seem to remember them in the sky maybe on a parachute. anyone got ideas??. also im pretty sure it was animated and the characters were small but i might be wrong. PLEASE HELP I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING ONLINE FOR HOURS AND ITS DRIVING ME MAD!!!!!!

  6. Ok so I remember some cult of women in big city are involved in abducting this main character’s wife.. He has a daughter.. His wife has magic powers idk shes some main witch who’s their prisoner they torcher her and use her to do magic around the city.. I remember scene where they made bus exploded or something.. That woman’s daughter also has magic powers she finds out later when she jumps out of window on top of the building and begins to fly.. Hers father and she use her magic to locate his wife, they find her in some abandoned mansion and he brings his friends. They find out that all women, all their wives were involved in the cult and they kill them all.. I think movie is definitely 21st century probably 2000s.

  7. – early 90’s. Was in English and pretty sure it was an American film. A guy was dropped off in the middle of a snowy mountain range (looked like Alaska) and was playing a drum set at one point. He was researching something and had some sort of base or lab setup out there. Could have sworn the title had something about “Frequency” in it. From what I can remember it was a strange film. Seemed like some sort of mystery suspense. What was the name of the movie?

  8. “I remember this movie”, and “I don’t know the name” ,why are there two different forums that are apparently the same thing?. If you search “new posts”…”I remember this movie” comes up, however ,movies that are posted under” I don’t know the name” will not come up under that search.

    1. “I Remember This Movie” is the name of the website (irememberthismovie.com). “I don’t Know the name” is the category for unsolved movies (for internal WordPress reasons, every post needs to have its own category). I’m not sure what you mean by “search ‘new posts.'” so I’m afraid I can’t explain it. But technically there are no forums here: there is a website call “I Remember This Movie” and on that website there are posts which have been marked “I don’t Know the Name” (if they are unsolved), “Solved!” (if they are solved), or “Administrative” (if they are announcements).

      1. Sorry for the confusion. I was referring” newer posts” as listed on the Google page. When I click on “newer posts” it takes me to a list that is not quite complete. Anyway it’s no big deal and I want to thank you for your website it is quite entertaining.

        1. Oh yeah, Google’s algorithm does its own thing, who knows what it’s thinking? When I click on Google’s list of “newer posts,” it takes me to page 2, which are older posts than the ones on the front page!

  9. Okay that’s interesting I’m glad you understand my point of view now. I did not know about Google’s algorithm. I’m just glad that I don’t appear to be the dummy thank you again

      1. It’s interesting because now that I am paying attention, on the Google page before entering your website, the algorithms are changing and sometimes there’s a category called” I don’t know the name” and sometimes it is not there .. That is also where some of my confusion was.

  10. You should have a list of movies you have already found for people on this site. With a list of key words in the descriptions. So people can’t look for a movie that way too. Would save time so if 5 people are looking for the same movie, they can find it themselves faster

  11. Jenny: It’s OK, I cut and pasted the text into the body of the post. I think the box was there, but it’s not always outlined on every browser. Your other suggestion is a good one, though I’d have to think about ways to implement it. Just using the regular search feature should work about the same (if I search for “king queen food truck” your new post is the only one that comes up). Good luck with finding your movie!

  12. how can get to the post i did to check if it has any comments ? i dont remember the name i posted it with. i am new on the site and i dont really know since it does not apperar in the profile space

  13. Administration will help you with that. And once you are there you can check the box to be notified by email of any further comments that have been left. l. You then have to confirm that by going to your email to agree for future notifications

  14. I’m having trouble posting comments, it says error: Need email and tells me to go back, but it has my email and name as they are visible to me.

  15. I finally found the management page for all of my posts and followings. It was in my email notification. I knew I had seen it before but I was not able to navigate their from your website. Any suggestions. Or should I just rely on the email

    1. I think you just have to rely on the email. WordPress handles notifications centrally from their servers. If I can find the link and think of a way of placing it here so that it won’t confuse people I will.

  16. I haven’t received any New Post e-mail notifications since Friday (9/23). Did anything change in the handling of these? Do I need to update some setting?

  17. It was a movie set in the 90s or the early 2000s something like that i can’t remember and also there was kids basically a boy and a girl running somewhere and the boy finds his grand mother a zombie undead maybe his grand mother or his grand father i can’t really remember but his tells the girl that this is his grand something, and they were on the woods i think it was a cemetery and i believe that the movie was set in the halloween because in almost the final scenes of the movie a female wearing a ape/monkey/gorilla mask, appears to be a monster because two bug or flys with green light enters the eyes of the mask and becomes part of her and than she open the mask, all the sudden the people screams when they see her face, i think that i can describe it as skull with two lightning green eyes, then the zombies or the monster smash the door where the people are staying and somehow a big dude tries to kill that female lightning green eyed monster but when he breaks her she just repair herself, i believe that he crashed her bone or something but than she repairs it and she than describes the whole story and than the end

  18. I remember the movie which was ’bout a guy who had his own fitness center. And once there came a fat woman and she wanted to lose her weight. The guy behaved really rude. But once they like changed their bodies(I remember that the girl jumped from building and she became thin, and the guy woke up and he was fat). He was fat and she was thin. He lost his popularity. They spend some time together. They hated each other but in the end they fell in love. They ended up together and one day they changed and they were both thin. Though.

    1. The only movie that comes to my mind is Shallow Hal (2001), however, I’m not sure about the fitness club part. It is about a rude (shallow) guy who only cares about a female’s physical beauty until he is hypnotized into seeing a morbidly obese woman as being thin and falls in love with her.

  19. this website is a thankless task, i know there are 4 movies i’ve guessed which are correct, people log their forgotten films then never return!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s very frustrating, but I’ve answered probably 100s of them and only get a response 1 out of 10 times, some of them wait weeks to answer you.

      1. Well, I appreciate you guys, at least. There are a couple of things I could do if I had the time and know-how to increase the rate of response, but human nature being what it is, a lot of people will still never say “thank you” once they have their answer, and a lot of people will post impulsively and never check in again.

  20. Hmmm… when I had 86 solves, my rank was expert. Now I have 87 and my rank is newbie. LOL What gives? I’ve been here 2 years. I don’t know if I really am an expert but surely I’m not a noob. LOL

    1. You noobs and your complaints! OK, I have absolutely no idea how that happened, but it’s fixed now. Let me know if it happens again.

  21. So here’s a classified ad/request for donations that I’ll leave open for a while. There are a number of small tweaks that could be made to this site to make a better user experience, which would be very easy to make for a person with free time and under-the-hood knowledge of WordPress. Should anyone be willing to donate their time to make these changes, please respond to this comment and I’ll contact you. I cannot pay much—I’m thinking in the $20 range—but given the small nature of the tweaks needed I imagine it would not take an experienced person more than 1-2 hours to make the small code customizations I’m looking for. It might be a nice project for a college student on Christmas break who wants a little beer money and a bullet point for their resume.

  22. I can’t access this site on my computer, it says ‘server DNS address could not be found’. It’s been doing that for the last 2 days.

    1. Very sorry to hear that, especially since you’re one of our best Solvers. Since you’re posting now, either the problem is intermittent, or you’re only having trouble on one device. Other people are getting through so I suspect it’s not a sitewide problem. You also don’t say whether it happens to just this website or to others. The best I can do is give you some links that might help:



      Hope this helps.

      1. It’s only on this site, and on my desk top computer. It just started happening, I’m at work now, but will try again when I get home. Thanks for the link.

    1. Interesting, that’s an unanticipated bug where someone submits a post that matches an existing page (not post) on the site. Fixed now and I doubt it happens again.

  23. This happened again today. The movie is ‘Silence Like Glass’ (1989). The link leads to the info page. I think because the poster used the very generic “what was that movie?” as a subject line.

  24. There’s a movie scene that I remember from years ago, Im not even sure if I even saw this or I’m remembering a false memory, but this scene Is all I remember, a man is standing on water or maybe it’s glass that’s right on top of water (not sure), in the middle of an ocean all alone, and I think he’s breaking down crying, and there’s a voice speaking to him almost like God, but that part is fuzzy so it might not be accurate, any help will be welcomed because I’ve been thinking about this scene for a long time now and can’t find any clues.

  25. Does anyone know this type of movie, it starts out as a group of friends get lost they see a house they go in and they sit around a table the woman who lives there goes under the table and gives the guys blow jobs then she does the same for the woman as well then her dad says that’s enough get out from underneath the table.

    1. saph, the system marked your comment as possible spam and it was held for review. I don”t know why that specific comment was flagged, but false positives happen. I approved it and it’s up now. You did nothing wrong.

  26. I’m looking for a name of a older movie where there is a scene when cockroaches come out of everywhere and the main character tries to fend them off with a pillow or so… Have seen it when I was a child so it’a hard to verify the details.. I think the movie is in czech or polish

      1. Ok, something went wrong. You need to post the question under “submit movie memory”, which you can find by clicking on menu. You might also provide more details like, is it color, or b & w, what year you saw it, how old you think it might be, what country of origin, etc.

  27. I remember few scenes:

    theres a couple that the boy works in a garage that belongs to his girlfriend’s father. they go to a field and shoot a video about invitation to their distant town. you can see someone is murdered in the frame by a gunman. in the end, the serial killer project is to replicate a picture from the 30s, he stuffed humanes and dressed them in a 30s style and put them in a thing that looks like a vintage kitchen. thats all i remember pls help.

  28. does anyone know how long it takes for your post to be ”acceppted”?? Bcz once I completed the forum it told me that it was successfull but I have to wait for it to be accepted. did i do something wrong??

  29. PLEAAAAAAAASE!!!!! I can’t for the life of me find anything about this one. I caught it on TV when I was younger and it really struck me. What I do remember from it was it was about a blond nerdy boy in his teens who had a younger brother and lived with his mom (?) a few scenes come to mind: -him being beat up until bloody in the face, I believe near a large concrete plumbing pipe? -the boy dressed up as a cactus on-stage in some sort of school play -his younger brother asking some weird question about a Rhino? Jeez this must sound weird. I swear I didn’t eat paint chips back then. Any help to fill in this strange crack in my memory would be appreciated

  30. This site is the best! You guys are doing great work and so are the active users. Thank you all 😀

  31. The movie is a relatively new US military movie with a tough-as-nails female instructor-team leader. Her team has 2 or 3 male cadets/recruits. Judging by the visual quality the movie is between 1990-2010

    In one scene she asks one of the cadets to strip then mocks him for his size but sometime later they fall in love.

    In the climax scene, the entire team physically battles a giant Iraqi or Arab general/warlord who proves to be very strong and overpowers them until one of them kills him by a trick or something

    I watched only four or five scenes, so I do not remember in detail. Please help out.

  32. I’m looking for the name of an old movies where at a few points a picture of an upside down bird would appear and spin. Also I believe one of the main characters wore a mask. Its been killing me for years!

    1. I sooo much want to answer this, I think I can help you. Please post this. I’m going to hold my breath ( Lol).

      1. Oh, you can answer him here. I’d just prefer people didn’t gum up this thread with movie requests. I know from experience that this method turns into complete chaos.

    2. “Phantom of the Paradise”(1974).
      The masked man was the phantom and the upside down bird was the logo for Swan Records, the label owned by the villain.

  33. How do I mark a post that I made as SOLVED? Someone solved the mystery movie I’ve been searching for and the person deserves credit for doing so. Thanks for your time in responding.

    1. You can’t mark them yourself, just mention it in the thread (like you did) and I’ll take care of it (which I did).

    1. Sure, people often will think something was a movie when it was actually a TV series. If you have a question about a TV series feel free to start a post.

  34. I can’t post anything because of:
    Error: Correct captcha required
    Even if I put in the correct antispam question, I always get this error message.
    Cookies are enabled on my browser.

    1. Hmm, well, that’s part of a plug-in rather than a core function of WordPress. It does appear to be wonky on my end, but I would have to log into your account to see exactly what you’re seeing. Is there something you particularly wanted to find for some reason, or were you just curious about your history?

        1. I can probably find what you need it by looking into the database directly, but the navigation seems to be messed up. I can report it to the plug-in creator and hope they fix it in a future update.

  35. I am currently having personal computer problems which may delay the posting of questions and the updating of answered posts. Not serious enough to create a general site warning (yet) but folks may be interested. Obviously I can still access the site by other means.

  36. Man I tried everything but there is this movie about this struggling movie shop, which finally is able to start selling more movies but then some Christian fundamentalists start attacking the owner and his family for refusing to remove a movie from his shop

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