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Users can chat here about (almost) any topic that catches their fancy. Common sense applies: no spam, obscenity, hate speech, or defamation will be tolerated, and please observe rules of common courtesy. If remember a movie you want to know the name of, make an official post. Other than that go wild!

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  1. I think getting a sponsor would be awesome. Also prizes would be awesome if and when you find the time. As far as cheating goes, i think having a small group of dedicated solvers would mitigate this, they could also volunteer information about themselves if they are going to be a solver and receive any type of compensation whether be a prize or anything else. It would have to be almost like a radio contest where people submitting cannot be related to or associated with any given solver. How you track that I’m not sure. I know if i was going to be able to win anything for solving movie memories id gladly submit certain personal info so my solves could be better vetted but these are just ideas I’m vomiting here , they could be completely nonviable dog shit.

    1. It’s possible that it’s because the site was down for several hours recently. Let us know if the issue persists past this weekend.

    2. I think there is a problem with the email notifications feature. I got 4 responses to my post, but I didn’t get any email to notify me. I also noticed that many users do not reply to answers submitted on their posts. Could this be because they haven’t received any notification and, unlike myself, they don’t come back on the site to check for answers??

    1. There’s no real secret to it, it’s just more difficult because of the small display screen and frequent updates. You just have to keep scrolling down and then going back a page by selecting “older” posts until you find yours. It might be a good idea to bookmark it in your browser.

  2. I tried to find some movies by describing some scenes in them. Now, I’ve forgotten which movies I had described. How can one see the old posts posted by you here?

        1. If you comment on a post there is a box you can check to notify you by email if anyone comments on that post (“Notify me of new comments via email”).

  3. I’m trying to find a movie where a women’s sister died by falling g off a horse. Also she gets a nose bleed while eating eggs. That’s all I have .

  4. There’s a movie (or tv episode I can’t say for sure) about these women competing to get to the front row in spin class to impress the trainer (who to them is a guru). Near the end they discover that he has been sitting behind a green screen or something and not actually working out. Anyone have any ideas??

  5. this blog is great. i really like scrolling through and trying to answer or just finding new things to watch. the thing is… new posts are added so often that it takes me forever to go see if anybody answered the movie i need help with. i think this may be the problem with folks not verifying if the answer is correct. maybe they give up trying to find their original posts. ??

    1. Yes, I think people may lose their own post if they do not check on it soon enough. On any post you make a comment on, you can check a box that allows you to be updated by email when someone else comments. That can help with certain posts. I need to fix it so that it will automatically email you if someone answers one of your posts but I haven’t had time for that project.

      1. It’s easy if you just write down the title of your post and then look for it later by typing it in the search window. I don’t know if many people realize this which could explain why most of my answers don’t get a response! I thought it was my looks!(Ha Ha)!

  6. I watched a movie when I was younger it was about a man who helps a whole wack of people in a small village ( a blind man and a guy in a wheel chair I think?) and then hurts them in the end, it has a church at the end and he gets torchered in the church scene. It’s. Related to God movie I think… It gave me nightmares

    1. I fixed your name. Your other comments were marked as spam; I don’t know why. If the problem continues I will look into it.

  7. I remember this movie I think i seen it in 2003-2008 but it’s medieval times . And they made the brother and sister have sex but they didn’t know . Then they ended up having a child that came back and destroyed the castle and monarchy . Sorry I can’t really remember much else

    1. Perhaps it’s “the mists of avalon” it was a mini series (actually on YouTube now) based on the book of the same name, about the Arthurian legend and Camelot, but told from the female perspective

    1. Lots of good ones out there. I always liked Signs with Mel Gibson. If you like military thrillers, the German movie Das Boot is excellent.

  8. The site needs a policy in regard to porn/adult movie questions. They are rare and unlikely to be successful but we do get them. One was posted a while back and a reader objected; I deleted another one today (with the poster’s permission). My thought is 1. posts about plot-based adult/pornographic films should be allowed, but 2. they must be tasteful/non-explicit. If anyone has any thoughts on the matter go ahead and let me know.

  9. I have a movie scene stuck in my head about a person helping someone else wit a pottery wheel. However this is not from Ghost. I have had no luck at all getting a name of this movie or television show. Help!

    1. I’m here during daylight hours, US EST. People have not been using this space for chit-chat lately, but that’s OK, it’s here if you want to use it.

  10. hi guys please can you help me , okay I watched a film cartoon maybe 6 years ago and I’m thinking the film cartoon was old film cartoon , I don’t remember name it 🙁 , i want to get it , i can describe it : the film cartoon about one girl have one brother that he is very clever, the girl is young ( maybe 13 years old) and her brother is nearly 25 , okay. her brother wants make a new machine to fly finally he can make it , but the girl have another brother! twice brother like once brother but twice brother is bad , and twice brother want to use this machine to things bad . finally on the film cartoon only the girl can live , so she came to her father and she wants make a new machine to Fly but this machine like that machine have now .

    please help me to remember name it please

  11. What movie is it when a guy moves his family to another town and it looks like Mexico and they go to a restaurant and it’s Mexican food and when they walk out low riders pull up and say stuff to them and the dad gets them in car and drives off the curb

  12. Heyy I’m new. I submitted some info. The movie isnt something I would watch today, but for whatever reason I keep getting memories from it so I may as well try and find out what the heck it was called right? xD

    1. I’m sorry, we’re up to date right now and I don’t see any posts from you. You’ll have to fill out the form again, I’m afraid. It may take up to 10 hours from now (11:00 PM US Eastern time) to be published.

  13. I created a post of a description of a movie I’d seen a while ago, and I haven’t seen it posted yet. So I tried looking up my name, and it seems that my webrowser either didn’t post it as me or logged me out or something.

    I can’t remember what I posted, but I do remember it had to do with green blood and possibly an action film. Do you guys delete old posts that don’t have a user, or is there a way I can get that post back and repost it logged in?

    1. There isn’t any way to submit a post without a user and we don’t have any record of a post submitted under your username. Whatever happened, we never got it, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to try again.

  14. Im sorry i cannot sleep I have a movie that was made from 1990-2008. It has a mom telling a boy a story then it goes to a carosal. Than animals become animated and I remeber them being trapped in the carosal than a Bear (i think he is a panda) has to help and there is a cabe with a enephant the elephant is wearing a tan suit with a spectical. Sorry this has been on my mind and I just can think straight

  15. This movie was from about 2009. I remember it was about a girl in a private school and in one scene she starts her period and jams the tampon dispenser. I also remember her class was supposedan to dissect chicks but she grew attached and stole hers. Any ideas? I feel like the girl’s name was Meriwether or Merideth or something like that.

  16. I think there is a problem with the email notifications. I did not receive any notifications for the 4 responses on my inquiry. Also, I’m noticing that a lot of users are not responding to answers provided to their queries?? I’m guessing they are not getting any notifications and are not coming back to the site to check for answers.

  17. I think there is a problem with the email notifications feature. I got 4 responses to my post, but I didn’t get any emails to notify me. I also noticed that many users do not reply to answers submitted on their posts. Could this be because they haven’t received any notification and, unlike myself, they don’t come back on the site to check for answers??

  18. Diablo1418, all I can say is the feature works correctly on my end.

    The problem is that the feature is not set up automatically when you make a post. The software works through commenting, not posting, so you need to make a comment on the post and then click the box saying “Notify me of new comments via email.” Adding that as a feature on posts is something I’d love to do but I haven’t had time to implement it yet, meaning people do have to come back and check manually unless they know the trick of commenting on their own post.

  19. i remember two guys on willis jeep,jumping a river or a lake in (i think) the bigining of the movie,than i remember that they whent back there to the same place to explore some caves,and there is a part where a guy put is and in a hole of the cave wall and somethign bit it of…anyone??

  20. i could maybe be mixign two movie together unpurpusely,its been a long long time,but the feeling of the movie is still on me after some 20 years,i need to see it back

    1. That’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a request to delete an account, but I suppose it won’t hurt anything in this case. We will soon see what happens to the post you made when I delete your account.

      1. To post a reply or answer a question no registration necessary, but to ask a question I need to register, is this how it works ?. I tried to register unfortunately I received the dreaded “404 not found” error. Anyways to answer my own question the movie is “The Place Beyond The Pines”

        1. Pretty much. Glad you found your movie. I am sorry you got a “404 not found” error, I can’t replicate the error so I can’t fix it. What browser were you using?

  21. my exams are going on. but i am so glad they are getting over tomorrow, finally i can get back to watching movies. so i am really into movies related to abused past and movies like gone girl. so if you all have any suggestions please let me know. i so hope o pass with good marks ;p

  22. I have basically searched all Google but I couldn’t actually find it so now I am trying my luck here hope someone knows about this movie. I am not sure if this is an English movie or some other language like Spanish or Italian. I have not seen the full movie I just went through some scenes of it. The scene is like a young boy in his teens observes a married (older in her 30s) woman ( don’t know if she is his step mom/aunt or something else) the scene is in some village kinda where all the household chores are done by females. So this boy goes around her and observes her bottom, her cleavage while he is sitting on tree and she is doing her routines.The female actually knows that she is been observed. She is sexy , hot and sometimes shows off purposely. Another scene I remember is when the husband is away they both kiss but in between she pushes him away. Another scene they both actually make out in bedroom on her bed same time her husband arrives, she hides the boy in bathroom i guess. And in other scene she is asking boy to leave or run.

    I have been looking on google since a week now. please if anyone recalls which movie it is let me know. It will be so much of help. Thanks in advance. I know someone will solve it. Sooner would be better

  23. My movie wasn’t approved for the main page, but it was about a little girl with red hair and her father. It started out with them in a huge crowd running from something possibly because of war, the crowd pushes them apart and they are seperated. the little girl is taken in by an old lady who owns a foster home. years later the girl grows up and she leaves the foster home in search of a job. she works at this one place that looks like a palace and her boss is actually her dad but neither of them know it. this movie can’t have been made any later than 2007.

  24. I was really young when I first saw this movie so all I can remember is that a boy or maybe a girl had to dive underneath the water and under a rock into some kind of under water cave and down there was skeletons and other stuff like gold and I believe they were looking for something. Please help I would really appreciate it so much.?.

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