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Son in dungeon and grows a tree there

I remember this one scene: A king puts his son into a dungeon, for some reason I can’t recall.  There is maybe one or two other prisoners in there with the son.  One gets released by the king, who tells the son that he will put in good word for him so the son can get out.  The son waits but he remains in the dungeon. I think they are given oranges to eat, and in the dirt on the dungeon, the son plants a seed.  The son is shown to take care of it until it grows into a tree.  Then finally, one day he is released.  Thanks!

Espionage movie with a abandoned seafood restaurant..??

A movie that was created within the last 10 years, English language.  I watched this movie streaming somewhere several months ago.  It wasn’t a particularly interesting movie so wasn’t really paying much attention to it as it was on to keep my company while I was cooking.  I didn’t finish watching it, meaning to go back to it, but after all these months, I’ve forgotten what it was called and can’t find it.  I think it had a couple of big-name female and male actors, but I don’t remember who… I don’t think it was a blockbuster movie that was shown in movie theaters.  A group of spies, made up from different agencies and possibly from different countries were put together to do something, I think they were familiar with each other’s reputations.  They show up at an abandoned seafood restaurant on a deserted beach in a coastal town that had been abandoned due to war or something.  This place was going to be their front as they did their spying.  They didn’t expect to open the restaurant, except to just occupy the building to hide in.  Except a busload of tourists end up show up and to avoid blowing their cover, they frantically must get the restaurant working or risk blowing their cover with whatever current military or crooked government the restaurant was located in.  I stopped watching it at this point.  I’d like to finish watching it to find out what happened.  Thanks!

Set in 1950’s period

I had always thought this was from the movie Grease, but I saw the movie and didn’t see this scene in it.  A small group of teenagers  needed car parts so they could finish working on their car.  It was night-time as they roamed a neighborhood looking for what they needed.  They found a car parked on the side of the street and with the tools they carried with them, a couple of the boys acted as look-out the others worked on stealing the car parts.  In this scene I think it was a tire or rear fender.  Once they got the part, they set-off to find the rest of the parts needed.  Thanks so much.

military movie scene

It’s just one scene, I can’t recall who was in it, when it was filmed or anything. except that it was probably a theatrical movie.  There is one guy who is/was in the military.  Apparently he did something bad … the scene is of him walking down between two rows of his fellow soldiers standing at attention.  As he slowly walks down the aisle between them, as soon as he approaches a pair (each one located on either side of him), they simultaneously does an about-face to turn their back to him so they don’t acknowledge him.  It’s choreography of them executing this as he walks down and out.  Each of his fellow soldiers have literally, “turned their backs” to him to show disrespect or disgust.  You can tell this hurts him.  It’s not Starship Troopers.   Thanks!

recording her own suicide

I believe this scene takes place at the very start of a movie.  In it a girl is recording her own suicide.  The young lady wraps her head in plastic and duct tapes it closed at the neck.  Then she zip ties her hands behind her back. She flops around until she is gone.

I think I saw just this on Netflix streaming…so it may have been a episode from a series instead of a movie.


Rescuing a male team member from a prison

I just remember this one scene from an action movie– members of a team (maybe military squad or just a group of tight friends), did something to get them in different prisons. They have to get together to do something righteous, so one by one they escape.  The last guy they need to bust out is in a particularly high-security prison – I think it was some sort of labor camp.  The prisoner is a tall muscular guy who has to run fast dodging a bunch of explosives going off as he runs to escape from the prison camp.  I think he may have said something about how it took them long enough to get him out because he had been expecting it.

I’ve always thought it was the movie-reboot of the A-Team, but I just watched it and it wasn’t.

Don’t know if it was set in the future or present-day. I think I watched the movie about 10 years ago.

Any help will be appreciated.

1990s(?) comedy

Unfortunately I remember just this one scene from a movie.  It was a comedy packed with A-List actors, but I can’t remember any of them.  Two of the main protagonists  broke into an office building, that one of them works in, to return something before the office opens for business the next day…I think.  They get into this office that has all glass walls.  They hear a security guard coming their way so they hide behind desks.  Except one of them accidentally turns on a radio (??).  They think they’re blown, but the security guard – a young doofus doesn’t seem to be too worried about why dance music is playing all of a sudden, he grabs his flashlight and starts to dance around while turning the flashlight onto himself – like he’s in the spotlight on some dance stage.  The 2 guys don’t get caught.  I’m thinking one of the actors is usually in action films, but for some reason, is in a comedy.  It may have been a Christmas movie.  Thanks!

1970s movie I watched on TV

I was a kid when I saw this on TV in the 70s so my memory of it is sketchy.  It scared the crap out of me.  It had something to do with the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.  There are people on a boat where one by one they die after they rescue someone from the ocean.  I think that rescued person is a evil entity that ends up taking over the body of each dead person like a meat suit to continue killing people.  There’s a scene where a dead person seems to be levitating in the air, but as the camera pans, you can see that the body is actually speared by a swordfish that is mounted on the wall of the boat.  Some how they are able to call the Coast Guard and get rescued.  Except the bad person (who made it onto the helicopter) managed to cause the chopper to go down killing everyone.  You see the dead bodies floating in the water … camera zooms to one of the dead Guardsman with his face in the water.  But then he lifts his head and gives a evil grin showing he’s alive.  So basically the evil that has been haunting the Bermuda Triangle continues on in the one entity that moves from one dead body to another.


1980s action movie

I just re,ember this one specific scene in a 1980’s action movie that starred a actor who does action moves (can’t remember who it was).   The scene has these bad guys chasing them in a small town.  They break into a gun store or military surplus store and steal guns and stuff.  One of the guy get a LAW (light anti-tank weapon) and shots it into one of the businesses on the street.  He then yells “I LIKE IT!!!”  Then they take off to do more damage.