Rescuing a male team member from a prison

I just remember this one scene from an action movie– members of a team (maybe military squad or just a group of tight friends), did something to get them in different prisons. They have to get together to do something righteous, so one by one they escape.  The last guy they need to bust out is in a particularly high-security prison – I think it was some sort of labor camp.  The prisoner is a tall muscular guy who has to run fast dodging a bunch of explosives going off as he runs to escape from the prison camp.  I think he may have said something about how it took them long enough to get him out because he had been expecting it.

I’ve always thought it was the movie-reboot of the A-Team, but I just watched it and it wasn’t.

Don’t know if it was set in the future or present-day. I think I watched the movie about 10 years ago.

Any help will be appreciated.

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