Set in 1950’s period

I had always thought this was from the movie Grease, but I saw the movie and didn’t see this scene in it.  A small group of teenagers  needed car parts so they could finish working on their car.  It was night-time as they roamed a neighborhood looking for what they needed.  They found a car parked on the side of the street and with the tools they carried with them, a couple of the boys acted as look-out the others worked on stealing the car parts.  In this scene I think it was a tire or rear fender.  Once they got the part, they set-off to find the rest of the parts needed.  Thanks so much.

2 thoughts on “Set in 1950’s period

  1. I just watched The Lords of Flatbush, I don’t that was it because they were stealing a car instead of taking parts off it. Almost didn’t recognize Sylvester Stallone, Perry King, and Henry Winkler – so young!

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