1970s movie I watched on TV

I was a kid when I saw this on TV in the 70s so my memory of it is sketchy.  It scared the crap out of me.  It had something to do with the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.  There are people on a boat where one by one they die after they rescue someone from the ocean.  I think that rescued person is a evil entity that ends up taking over the body of each dead person like a meat suit to continue killing people.  There’s a scene where a dead person seems to be levitating in the air, but as the camera pans, you can see that the body is actually speared by a swordfish that is mounted on the wall of the boat.  Some how they are able to call the Coast Guard and get rescued.  Except the bad person (who made it onto the helicopter) managed to cause the chopper to go down killing everyone.  You see the dead bodies floating in the water … camera zooms to one of the dead Guardsman with his face in the water.  But then he lifts his head and gives a evil grin showing he’s alive.  So basically the evil that has been haunting the Bermuda Triangle continues on in the one entity that moves from one dead body to another.


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