Espionage movie with a abandoned seafood restaurant..??

A movie that was created within the last 10 years, English language.  I watched this movie streaming somewhere several months ago.  It wasn’t a particularly interesting movie so wasn’t really paying much attention to it as it was on to keep my company while I was cooking.  I didn’t finish watching it, meaning to go back to it, but after all these months, I’ve forgotten what it was called and can’t find it.  I think it had a couple of big-name female and male actors, but I don’t remember who… I don’t think it was a blockbuster movie that was shown in movie theaters.  A group of spies, made up from different agencies and possibly from different countries were put together to do something, I think they were familiar with each other’s reputations.  They show up at an abandoned seafood restaurant on a deserted beach in a coastal town that had been abandoned due to war or something.  This place was going to be their front as they did their spying.  They didn’t expect to open the restaurant, except to just occupy the building to hide in.  Except a busload of tourists end up show up and to avoid blowing their cover, they frantically must get the restaurant working or risk blowing their cover with whatever current military or crooked government the restaurant was located in.  I stopped watching it at this point.  I’d like to finish watching it to find out what happened.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Espionage movie with a abandoned seafood restaurant..??

    1. OMG that’s it! I checked it on Netflix, was able to find the movie and this one scene I remember! My memory of it was so vague I didn’t think anyone would figure it out. This is solved !! Thanks much!

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