1990s(?) comedy

Unfortunately I remember just this one scene from a movie.  It was a comedy packed with A-List actors, but I can’t remember any of them.  Two of the main protagonists  broke into an office building, that one of them works in, to return something before the office opens for business the next day…I think.  They get into this office that has all glass walls.  They hear a security guard coming their way so they hide behind desks.  Except one of them accidentally turns on a radio (??).  They think they’re blown, but the security guard – a young doofus doesn’t seem to be too worried about why dance music is playing all of a sudden, he grabs his flashlight and starts to dance around while turning the flashlight onto himself – like he’s in the spotlight on some dance stage.  The 2 guys don’t get caught.  I’m thinking one of the actors is usually in action films, but for some reason, is in a comedy.  It may have been a Christmas movie.  Thanks!

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  1. That’s it! With the name of the movie I was able to find that scene on Youtube. Thanks much! In case anyone else wants to see it:

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