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Criminal Movie

This movie would have been available on TV or VHS before the year 2000. I’m pretty sure it was a movie about a crime ring or group of adult criminals, and possibly a very popular or famous movie.
I think this was the first scene, although I’m not sure.
One of the criminals tells the other (new) guy to hide something (a package of money?) down the front of his pants. The criminal hides it there, then does some actions, successfully avoiding detection. New guy meets up again with the more experienced criminal who tells him something to effect of job well done, then says it was a good hiding spot because no self-respecting man would search someone there.
Thanks for any help.

Flinstones Flim Flam Man

I’m about 95% sure this was an animated Flintstones episode. But I could be wrong, because I can’t find a clip or reference to it anywhere! Maybe is was the Jetsons, or one of the live action Flintstones movies. (Not a completely original bit, but I’m pretty sure it’s at least somewhat connected to the Flintstones cartoon.)
Fred and/or Barney are doing some transaction with a thin man–maybe at a carnival. I think the man asked them for change for a large bill.
The conman counts the money, then decides he wants the large bill after all. Maybe there is some other money-shuffling and fast-talk in between.
In the end, the conman walks away, and the “good guy(s)” realize they have no money and have been swindled.
Thanks for any help!

Home I provement episode/quote

(If not allowed, please delete, of course.)
I’m looking for a TV episode, not a movie, but I’ve searched every which way I can think of yet come up empty.
It’s from the popular American sitcom from the 90s called “Home Improvement.” I think it was a later season in the series run.
The main character, Tim, is talking to his wife. I thought it was an episode about his kids wanting a dog, but maybe someone had just died. He says something to her like this: “That’s why we have kids instead of pets. They last longer!”
I’d love to find a clip of it, or at least know the exact line.
Thank you.

Bear in a Tweed Jacket

This was a series of movies, or maybe a tv series in the 80s or 90s. Could have been from earlier, but not later.
There was an animated bear–likely a teddy bear, possibly a “real” bear cub. He went on various adventures. He always wore a jacket with elbow patches on the sleeves–ones that are there for style, not to cover holes. He might have spoken, or perhaps he was silent–I can’t remember a voice.
There’s a small chance the bear was from a series of books, but I remember him pretty vividly.
(Not Paddington or Pooh or Little Bear. Already checked them.)
Thanks for any help/leads.

Car with lights like teeth

I think this was a made-for-tv movie. In English, color. Likely from the 90s.

There are crimes happening, and we keep seeing the front of a car (maybe the back, though–it has been a while) and it had a whole row of lights along/above the bumper in addition to the headlights. It seems like the mysterious vehicle was often partially hidden by fog. At the time I was thinking there couldn’t be many cars with lights like that, so why couldn’t the characters figure out or narrow down who the (killer? stalker?) person was.
Towards the end of the movie, we find out the car belongs to “the woman’s mother-in-law,” so the movie probably has a female protagonist, but I can’t remember any of the characters!
Hopefully someone else remembers this distinctive car and can help out. Thanks.

Cake Batter Milkshakes

This has got to be from a good 30 years ago. In color, live-action. I watched it in English.

Some kids (two boys, I think) started making milk shakes from cake batter and selling them at a restaurant. (Or maybe they were just cups full of raw cake batter.) Then the company that made the mix they were using to make the cake batter sued or threatened to sue the kids, so they stopped. I don’t remember any courtroom scenes, so maybe the kids just got a letter or a visit from the company’s lawyer.

I’ve tried searching, but all I get are recipes!

Give a Little Bit of Your Heart

This song has haunted my friend for decades, so I’m hoping to surprise her with an answer. Here’s what I know:
The song has these lyrics: “Give a little bit of your heart, and look what you find within.” She has the tune, too, but I don’t know how to write music. It’s slow, and maybe staccato like a xylophone or music box.
She said she thought of it it right after she had watched The Boy Who Could Fly and Mazes and Monsters. Her family immediately recognized it, but no one could place it. The movies were on VHS tapes, but she’s seen both since, and the song is nowhere in them.
She said she thinks it’s most likely from another movie from that era–American movie aimed towards children, out on VHS 25-30 years ago. Possibly a fantasy genre. The song is also likely to be from the opening or ending credits, or maybe in the background. She is pretty certain the characters didn’t sing it.
Someone told her it could be from a LDS commercial but she (and I) can’t find it. She’s also 100% sure it is not the song by Supertramp or the one by Ariana Grande.

Large Bird in a Building

There was a bird, an eagle or hawk I think, in a building. The building might have been under construction, and quite possibly it was a high rise apartment or maybe an office in a skyscraper.
The bird plot/storyline was referenced throughout the movie, but I think it was a subplot, not the main thing. It seems like maybe one of the characters kept dreaming about it or some characters thought it was imagined.
It was in English, and in color. Live action, and the main characters were adults. Sorry it’s not much to go on.

Wrong Kind of Party

This movie is in color, English, USA made.
It is likely from 5-10 years ago. Maybe a comedy or romcom.

The scene I remember:
A young woman shows up to a party to which she had been invited. Someone is with her–a date or a friend. The party-goers enter through the front door. The party is in an expensive modern house, or maybe a large apartment. It’s a dancing type of party. Like a fancy nightclub. The woman has brought something with her–maybe cookies on a plate covered in tinfoil or a casserole in a glass pan. She brought the food because her mother told her never to show up to a party empty-handed. (I don’t know when this was talked about–maybe it was repeated during the movie.) The party hostess is a bit surprised/confused, but very polite and takes the dish and welcomes the friends.
The woman arriving at the party might be Anne Hathaway, but I haven’t tracked down the movie/scene yet, so I could be wrong–maybe way off on that.
Thank you for anyone who can help!

For Richer or Poorer, but not that one

(ok, one more–these have all been bugging me. thank you for any help.)

I saw this movie on TV in the 90s, during the day I think. (Might help narrow down release years.)
I thought it starred Richard Caine, but based on his name not his appearance. It could have been Nicolas Cage, since their last names are similar, or someone else completely!

It was a color movie about a man who is rich, and then decides/realizes money can’t buy happiness, so he gives away all his money. I think he had a grown son who was quite upset at this turn of events.
It had some very catchy tagline or quote to which I often used to refer, but my memory of it is fading fast.

Cages in a tower

I remember this movie — probably in the 80s or 90s — and on VHS because I saw it multiple times.

There was a boy trapped in a cage. The cage as suspended by a rope or a chain, and it as in an empty tower or column. It seems like there was another cage hanging slightly higher than his, and his friend-another boy-was captive in that one. I remember it with a magical/fantasy genre.

It may be a different movie, or it may have a scene in the same movie with the two boys forced to battle each other.

Thanks for any leads.