Cages in a tower

I remember this movie — probably in the 80s or 90s — and on VHS because I saw it multiple times.

There was a boy trapped in a cage. The cage as suspended by a rope or a chain, and it as in an empty tower or column. It seems like there was another cage hanging slightly higher than his, and his friend-another boy-was captive in that one. I remember it with a magical/fantasy genre.

It may be a different movie, or it may have a scene in the same movie with the two boys forced to battle each other.

Thanks for any leads.

6 thoughts on “Cages in a tower

    1. A good movie, and seems to be the right time frame and feel, but that’s not it. Very similar scene, though. (And now I’m going to go re-watch my Time Bandits DVD!)

    1. THAT’S IT! I *never* would have found it on my own–The scene isn’t just like I remembered, (probably merged with other movies in my memory over time.) but I recognized it immediately. Thank you so much, AlexDuLarge!

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