For Richer or Poorer, but not that one

(ok, one more–these have all been bugging me. thank you for any help.)

I saw this movie on TV in the 90s, during the day I think. (Might help narrow down release years.)
I thought it starred Richard Caine, but based on his name not his appearance. It could have been Nicolas Cage, since their last names are similar, or someone else completely!

It was a color movie about a man who is rich, and then decides/realizes money can’t buy happiness, so he gives away all his money. I think he had a grown son who was quite upset at this turn of events.
It had some very catchy tagline or quote to which I often used to refer, but my memory of it is fading fast.

4 thoughts on “For Richer or Poorer, but not that one

    1. Oh my gosh–I’m pretty sure that’s it. I guess the Tim Allen -Kirstie Alley movie of the same name just hijacked my searches. Thank you!

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