Criminal Movie

This movie would have been available on TV or VHS before the year 2000. I’m pretty sure it was a movie about a crime ring or group of adult criminals, and possibly a very popular or famous movie.
I think this was the first scene, although I’m not sure.
One of the criminals tells the other (new) guy to hide something (a package of money?) down the front of his pants. The criminal hides it there, then does some actions, successfully avoiding detection. New guy meets up again with the more experienced criminal who tells him something to effect of job well done, then says it was a good hiding spot because no self-respecting man would search someone there.
Thanks for any help.

7 thoughts on “Criminal Movie

  1. Ps. It also seems like some classic movie song — along the lines of “The Entertainer” — played at the end of this scene.

      1. Thank you! Definitely it. It really is famous and a classic. I kept thinking/checking The Usual Suspects, and that was definitely not it.
        Thanks again.

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