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Evacuation scene where a truck pushes a car off the road

This short scene occurs during a citywide evacuation which I think was part of a montage near the beginning of the film.  A car (station wagon?) with an elderly couple in the front is broken down on a freeway or other major road, blocking a lane.  Behind them is a big pickup truck with 2 or 3 tough-looking guys inside.  They ram their truck into the car and push it off the road, then jump out and start pulling the couple’s bags out of the car and throwing them into the back of the pickup.  It looks for a moment like they’re robbing them, but then they usher the couple out of the car, escort them back to their truck and into the cab, and the truck’s original passengers jump into the back with the bags as they drive away.

I feel like it’s from a zombie or alien invasion movie, but it might have been a disaster or viral outbreak, or something along those lines.  I’m pretty sure it was an American film that would have been in theaters between 1995 and 2015.  As I recall, it didn’t include any of the main characters, was just one of many short scenes setting up a feel for the film.

Thanks much!

Russian movie

I can’t remember the name of this movie.

It’s about Russian beautiful woman and her daughter. Schoolteacher fall in love his pupil’s mother at opening schoolday. He begins to meets her. The girl want to have a stepfather.

But he refused it because he loves her girlfriend who is photographer.

The girl killed him in the forest. She killed men before as this reason.

(teens) guy and girl fall in love, and run from the law

I need serious help in remembering the name of a movie! I’ve tried Googling many dif ways, I get nothing 🙁

the premise is about a teen guy who is in some kind of juvenile jail, and a teen girl in a Catholic school, I think(?) / there’s a part in the beginning where the girl is floating in the water, very still and peaceful / the guy sees her…. they eventually sneak around and start seeing each other / alot of stuff happens in-between, and both teens find themselves running from the law / at the very end of the movie, they slip past the law, are seen by them jumping off the cliff / their bodies can’t be found and are presumed dead / then it shows them coming up from the river bank, and onwards towards a cabin, where they will live their life, happy and in love….

anyone at all even remember this movie????? I really would love to see it again, but I just cannot remember the name :/ please, help if you know?

I’m just guessing, but think it came out in the mid to late 80s, or very early 90s at best, but I’m more guessing the 80s….

50s/60s B Sci-fi Movie

I saw this on like the 4pm movie like they used to have every afternoon.  The story line is 2 astronauts return to earth from a space mission.  I believe there was a larger crew but they were all killed.  An alien somehow gets on the ship ( it’s very large so this is a conundrum in itself). The creature has telepathy/ mind control over humans.  The hero is immune because he has a metal plate in his head.  Toward the end of the movie, to prove his complete control over humans, the creature has the 2nd astronaut ( the one that was not immune but has been assisting the creature throughout the movie) walk into his mouth and eats him.  You can hear the crunching.  This also gives you a idea of the size of the creature, looked like a large rock with a mouth.  The other astronaut saves the day and prevents his pretty lady friend from becoming its next meal by killing it.  That’s the best I can remember.  It’s driving me crazy.  There are so many B movies form this era.  Please help.

A middle-east movie with three separate stories

Hi all.

I remember seeing a movie about 15 to 20 years ago, made in some middle-east country, if I recall correctly.

The movie consisted of three stories that were narrated separatedly, first one, then the second, then the last, with the catch that the events that were described it these stories could not happen in the order in which they were described, because elements from the last story somehow predated the ones in the first, although the stories were consecutive. It’s like a small time-loop, if you understand my meaning.

The movie had some critical acclaim at the time, but I’m not able to find it now. Can someone help me with it?

unknown film


I saw film on youtube years ago, i think it is a japanese film, the main characters are a woman and 2 men , i think there all friends.  They are in a mental institution and manage to escape, they walk along a high wall  as a dog walks below, the woman has a black umbrella as she walks along, they manage to get away and i think the pass a school, the children sing song of jesus christ, later on  they seem to depart from each other, towards the end one man commits suicide.

Invasion movie that took place in a condo style apartments maybe

I seen this movie a few years back, however, It’s a 2000’s movie. It may have came on lifetime, I’m not completely sure.


The plot is that there is a nanny ( reminds me of halle berry but is not her playing the nanny ) and a little boy ( pretty sure he was in blue pajamas with some type of print on them ).

I remember at one point of the movie , the nanny’s friend ( black lady wearing a tan trench coat ) came over with maybe wine , and the intruders got in and shot her in the head .

Another part is where the nanny and the boy went out to the balcony , and she helped him climb up a white trellis ( things that look like fences that can be attached to the side of the house ) to get to the roof away from the intruders .

Somewhere in the story I’m pretty sure the little boy hid in the cabinets as well.

Kids movie played on HBO occasionally in the 90’s

There was some movie that would play on HBO occasionally. A girl had a stuffed animal (dog) that would come to life and talk with her in her bedroom. There was a boy who had a crush on her, and she blew him off all summer. Then she almost drowns while out swimming at the beach and in a twist of fate he actually drowns saving her. Which gives her a moody existential crisis, until her unusual aunt comes to visit her from out of town. They have a heart to heart, her aunt gives her a decked out gypsy type vest and that prompts the girl to give her magic stuffed animal to another little girl that she meets at a social event.


so there is this movie I believe it takes place in space or maybe another deminsion and its from the mid to late 90’s, and its about a daughter and her dad who is king trying to destroy earth and invade it, but a guy with his friend come to stop them and eventually falls in love with the girl. that’s when the girl wants to stop the dad so they do, I remember one specific part where the friend gets his memory sorta erased and the king is watching his memories be played

Old movie from 90’s

I remember an old movie wherer a father/scientist created a device which could shrink things.

He accidentally shrinked his kids and he were looking them in the grass of the garden.

The kids had help from an ant in order to return to house and find their father to make them normal again.

Movie about Female Author – 19th Century?

I read a brief write up of writer George Eliot’s life that prompted an old movie memory – but no luck finding the movie I’m thinking of based on her life.

It was a color movie, I must have seen it in the 90’s or 00’s, but it would have been set in late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Main character is a female author who moves into a boarding house and ends up finding work writing a serial for a newspaper under a male pen name.  I believe she meets another writer (male) who she falls in love with and helps finish his novel?

I of course could be smashing up more than one movie into this memory.

Horror Movie that talks about Body Dysmorphia and Rape

about 5 months ago I watched this horror movie and I’m trying to find the same of it for a project. All I remember distinctively is that there are a group of people in a house with a murderer, and before the murderer shows up two of the characters discuss why they’re so insecure around others, the guy tells the girl why he works out all the time (he has body dysmorphia) and the girl tells him she was raped by her ex boyfriend.

Home Run Scene

So I probably watched it between 2006 to 2010, could’ve came out before then. The main scene I remember is where they’re playing baseball and the main character is on the third strike and it slows down and he grips the bat then hits it to a home run. I feel like the character was a kid, might not be.  Could be a movie or TV show I’m not sure. I probably would’ve watched it on kids channel. It might not necessarily been a baseball movie either.

Recent Crime/Thriller from Netflix

Please, help me. I watched this movie in 2017-2018 on Netflix, but they took it down since. It’s new, US. The main character is played by a French (I think) actor. Ex special op in Middle East leaves the Army having some PTSD, ends up in USA in CIA or Police, where his somewhat shady looking superior challenges him right away with a witness protection case in a mob case and almost explicitly warns not to go near some falling apart fort in the nearby forest. Needless to say the MC ends up near that fort, looses the witness and discovers a ring of dark criminal activity, including kidnapping of young people, torture, murders, going on in that fort and involving mob bosses, other respected locals and curated by his superior. MC takes out bad guys in the fort one by one and his superior gets killed on a landmine boobie trap generously placed around the fort.

The superior looks a bit like Michael Chiklis (Eagle Eye, Fantastic 4), but it’s not him. Generic plot, not a single widely known actor, not a single female character in the entire movie. Please, kindly help. 🙂

80’s (possibly 90’s) movie

I think this film was from mid-late 80’s, possibly early 90’s.

A city guy is travelling, he winds up getting in an accident in the country. He’s hurt (I think) and a local farmer finds him and takes him in. This part I might be mistaken about…it’s possible he’s not hurt, but the farmer lets him stay there while his car is being repaired. Either way, he stays with the farmer.

He falls for a girl on the farm, I think it was the farmer’s daughter. They sleep together, but eventually he goes back to his life in the city.
Farmer’s daughter finds out she’s pregnant and goes to find city guy, but when she does she see’s that he’s married/with another woman. She leaves without ever telling him

She winds up dying, I believe while giving birth.

Years later he finds out about it all – I think he goes back to the farm or something and see’s the boy.

Sorry that’s all I remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Guy finds his a girl from school he thought was beautiful

I remember from the trailer it was about this guy that was talking to his friend about a girl from school wondering what she might be doing now and the friend reminds him of another girl and shows him her site(as in-she s a pornstart now). He ends up finding her playing her guitar or in a reading group or smthing like that and they go for a walk together or smthing and that s how it starts

Unpopular boy tries to get with popular girl but brother beats him to it

I remember that he was by his crush and his brother made fun of him because his pant crease looks like a boner. Then later on the same unpopular boy went to to visit his cousins on the coast and met a girl and began to like her. He thought that they were cousins to but she later explains their are not and that they can be together. I watched it before 2010 probably on Netflix streaming services!

Looking for help identifying scene name

X rated movie  .. from somewhere between the late 80s and 2012??? Not very precise I know … a couple … the wife is blonde  .. go for a car drive .. they end up picking up a guy that was hitchhiking… they pick the guy up … take him home .. the blonde wife does a seductive dance and has sex with her husband and the guy that was hitchhiking… the name of the scene or the blonde actress would be appreciated … thx