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A film about women unhappy in love

I’ve been trying to find a movie (mini-series) for a long time, which I watched on TV once and not until the end, somewhere in 1997-1998. The name of the film and the actors I do not remember. Genre history, drama, melodrama. The action takes place around the 19th century. I remember 2 of the storyline. 1-one married young aristocrat women falls in love in young, then whether writer, then whether scientist and I remember one moment of movie, as they somewhere in the grass on meadow sat and talked and like would have them occurred a kiss. Her husband is an elderly nobleman of high rank. Then, I think, there were problems with her husband. 2-another poor girl, without parents, its played dark-haired simpatichnaya actress, for it tried to sloppy worst owner a small of the castle, or homes. He got her to agree to marry him. On the day of the wedding, on the wedding night, the newly made husband is in the bedroom drunk and rudely attacks her. At night, across the fields, as if in the rain, she escapes to her former home. Then he he comes to her, begs her to come back, she’s disagreeing. Next, the storylines intersect in some way. I did not get to see the end and I was left in agonizing ignorance, what it all ended. I am asking to answer, if suddenly someone remembers such the film. Thank you in advance so much.

Love story rural south

I saw this movie over 20 years ago I think, it was rural south or rural Texas.
Poor girl lives on the outskirts of town, she is very backwards, men come out and pick her up and take advantage of her (maybe she is being prostituted?)
Younger guy hears about her and goes out there, but he is kinder to her than the others. He buys her a Coke and she looks at it, visibly touched, because no one every bought her anything before. Also, the girl had been bleaching her hair and it looked harsh or damaged, so the young guy asked another girl with dyed hair why hers looked nicer than the 1st girls and she told him she bought some purple pill or tablet that stopped the bleaching process. He gave the girl one of those tablets and she was again very touched at his thoughtfulness. I think he picked her up in a pickup truck.

Cant seem to figure this out

Several years back, my mom was watching this movie and I cant seem to remember the name. The only thing I remember about the movie was there was one part where the KKK had tied this girl to a tree and then stripped her down and left her there.

Also… Another movie question….. In this scene a roman soldier walks out and is surrounded by people holding knives and they circle him, cutting off his head and a little boys takes his head



Animation: boy loses his father in shipwrecking and becomes actor to find him

It’s about a father and his son and it takes place maybe between the two wars but I’m not sure. In the beginning they have an orange plantation in Europe but it freezes and they lose everything so they have so they go to the USA on a boat. The boat sinks and the boy is alive but doesn’t know where his father is. He lives by himself in New York, meets a girl and they become friends. He still doesn’t know if his father is alive or not and decides to become actor so that when he’ll be famous, his father will see him.

It ends in a cinema years later, it’s a screening of a movie of the son, the father is in the theater and cries because he recognizes his son on the screen. Then the reunite and it’s very emotional.

I’ve seen it as a kid and loved it, I’ve been looking for it for years ! Thank you very much !

Movie about a father hiding his past about being in a rock band from his son

I’m trying to search an old ‘rock music’ related movie (1980s or early 90s) that I watched on TV long back but can’t seem to find the name anywhere. It’s about a guy that does a white collar job and has a son who loves playing in a rock band. The father has no interest in music and the son thinks his father is uncool and doesn’t know a thing about music. But then one day he discovers that his father used to be part of a popular rock band before marriage, and he’d decided not to pursue music again after some incident and do a simple job instead.

It should be a fairly rare movie and may not have done very well. Please help me find the name.

Help finding movie

Can’t remember movie name??

I remember watching a horror film years ago. It wasn’t the best film but I’ve been wanted to rewatch. I only remember two scenes vaguely. One scene follows a soldier returning home and having sex in a motel with his girlfriend before he is murdered while buying her cookies from a vending machine. She is soon murdered after.

I remember another scene where a couple are killed while entering an abandoned theme park.

The vibes I remember from the movie were of a small town killer, possibly attacking people after an event from years prior. Hope someone can help! I watched on Netflix around 4-6 years ago I’d that helps

They were dead all along

I’m going to start off with- it isnt Dead End and it isnt The messengers.

The movie starts with a family trying to get to their new house and then they get in a wreck – or almost. I cant 100% remember if they wreck and walk the rest of the way there or if they just finish driving there.

They get there and it’s like a normal scary movie, it slowly gets more and more haunted of a house so they call a priest to excersise the house or whatever. For some reason I feel like it was morgan freeman?? But when I look up his movies I cant find it.

Anyways, he goes on and on talking to the ghosts and the family about how it works and all. The exorcism doesnt work so instead they just leave the house and as the do, they see their car in the ditch where they “lived through the wreck” and it turns out they’re dead all along.

I know the kids were younger (between 6 and 10?), the family is white, they’re younger parents. I’ve looked at plenty of forums and seen a lot of suggestions for other posts but CANNOT find this movie. I was maybe 6-9 when I seen the movie. So I’m assuming the year I seen it was between 2007-2010

I can’t remember this movie name

I saw this movie in 2010 at a hotel. The movie took place at a beach and the police men were trying to shoot a shirtless man with a sniper on a hill while the man was trying to avoid the bullets below the hill. Then the police men go into a bathroom and then the shirtless man went in the bathroom. Then the police went to the man and got a kitchen knife and cut his skin. The knife went from the shoulder to the chest to the stomach. After the man being cut he got out of the bathroom and went inside a log and crawled in it. He found a knife and got out of the log. When he got out of the log the police found him and put him inside the police car.

Romance ends in Heartbreak?

The movie I’m looking for was between ~2002 to ~2007. It is a full length color film in English. From what I can remember, a guy gets into a motorcycle crash and he may have passed? Maybe he was seriously injured. But his girlfriend or loved one is completely devastated and goes on this small boat and just cries and cries on this boat. Maybe she got lost at sea? She did it on purpose to be with him again? I was a small child so my memory is foggy.

Animated animal movie-HELP

This is a movie that I watched a lot when I was little. So it would have been between like 2006-2009 ish that I watched it. It’s an Animated movie that has rabbits and chickens. I mailed chicken robbers the town bakery in the middle of the night. The baker hears him and comes down and throws a pie at him as the robber escapes. The pie get on the robbers red cloak. Turns out the robber used his grandma’s red cloak. So the next day that Grandma is walking around town with the red cloak with Pie on it. She is arrested and a grandson feels terrible but does not fess up.

Old Woman Driven to Suicide

My mom recalls watching this moving as a teen about an Old woman that lives in a bad neighborhood. She lives off of social security benefits and relies on a check in the mail every month. Aware of this, a burglar enters her house every month and calmly asks her to hand over the money. Without struggle, she hands it over to him every time without fail. This happens so often that the doors to her house are often open, welcoming in the burglar but it’s only a facade. The truth of the matter is, there is nothing she can do to fend him off and if she were to lock her doors, he’d probably enter by force or worse, kill the her. The old woman only has one person she can consider a friend that visits her every now ‘n then to see how she’s doing, aware of the trouble the burglar causes her. The old lady wants so desperately to move away from this place but cannot afford to do so. Eventually, the several inhabitants of the neighborhood form a meeting discussing what they should do to stop the violence and mischief that takes place in the neighborhood. The effort is fruitless, as eventually towards the end of the movie, the poor old woman cannot bare to live under the stress of this reoccurring stranger. She commits suicide, ending her forced devotion to giving the burglar her money.

I’m uncertain how old this movie is but I assume it’s from the 1980s or older but not old enough to be in black and white. The movie is most likely a Hollywood movie.

The wedding gift of an army general.??? And his young tender virgin

A wedding party of lots and lots of people when a man calls them to recieve his very personal gift in private and so makes them excuse themselves, assuring their swift return to their many guests. Behind closed doors the newlyweds are pedastalled chest high to the gifter and each one facing the other one, and when thoroughly excited to experience the selected gifts requiring such ceremonious detail and their host steps up on a stool behind the virgin throes her dress up over her head and forces his penis violently into her and takes great pleasure in the imediate chaos hes created but then its turn for the grooms turn and his host steps up behind the war hardened general, licks his fist draws back a mighty K C and punches all 40 levels of hell up into the poor generals arsehole and further chaos ensues while the party host presents his
ring covered in the generals weeping yawn for him to kiss and thank him for such a considerate gift… gush and bow gush and scrape return to quests who demand to know what gifts they were given, and are obliged to reveal their awful shame and once again thank the gifter as they try to comfort each others disposessed honor thay had stolen and can never gift and laughter laughter laughter…. scene fades