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Anthology animated film

I remember watching a DVD growing up in France in the early 2000s; it was an anthology of animated shorts. My memory of them is that they might not have been super children friendly – definitely somewhat bleak. I don’t know if they were Japanese or American & dubbed or French. I’d lean towards Japanese.

One of the shorts I remember involved a society that collectively decided to all take a pill that allowed them to read each other’s minds, thinking this would solve all of society’s problems or something. I distinctly remember a scene with a political speech in front of a crowd and then all the crowd being shown as taking this pill from a cup or glass.

What ended up happening is being able to read minds lead to everyone hating each other – there was a scene of a couple having a fight without speaking at the dinner table. So everyone had to start living alone and far away from others (as the mind reading only works within a certain range?).

The protagonist of the short is a foreigner travelling on a motorcycle who drives through this place and ends up hearing the story of what happened from a woman who is initially taken aback by the fact she can’t read his mind.


Another one of the shorts I remember less distinctly, but it definitely involved children in some way, and the ending was during a particularly harsh and snowy winter where food was scarce, we see a butcher’s truck or just a truck with meat cuts hanging from hooks inside, and it’s implied that the children were killed to be eaten?


Horror movie from around 90’s about a house

I cand recall a name of a horror movie from around year ’89 to ’96. I remember one scene very vivid about a guy locked in a haunted house trying to escape opening a mirror on a wall in a bathroom which turned to be a window behind which was total darkness. He then tried to climb down the window on a rope/blankets (not sure) and if I’m correct he was attacked by flying creatures. Another scene had a dead, cut-off hand running around the house much like the hand from The Adams Family but more scary (but this might be a memory from a different movie…)

Christmas movie about unfortunate/unlucky situations

Looking for a 2010s tv-only Christmas movie I saw about 7-8 years ago. I can’t recall any actors or the name, but I vaguely remember the plot went something like this:

Janitor finds abandoned puppy but can’t keep it himself, so he dumps it at a random house. As he is leaving, he slips and breaks his back. The owner of the house finds him and tries to take him to hospital. (I don’t remember what happens directly after) Eventually, they get caught in a snowstorm and wait for the police to save them. The police take them to the police station where they stay overnight. The police station catches on fire, but I can’t remember what happens from here on. I might be getting some scenes confused with another movie.

Girl wraps Christmas decor over guys neck in some sort of slim hall or something

Ok so I genuinely don’t know how I got this movie in my head again but the only scene I can remember is a woman (not sure but I think blond) takes like the fluffy Christmas decor stringy thing (or lights) and wraps it around his neck. They did this in I guess like the hallway of the house. Some other random memories of it I have are them on the bed (idk if they fricked or not) but the lighting was like blueish and also I THINK (like 20% sure) they like had some fight really no sure about that one though. Btw I know I’m describing like every hallmark movie out there but I’m like 70% sure this wasn’t a hallmark movie. I’m sorry for being so vague but I genuinely don’t remember that much and if I do somehow, I will leave it in the comments. Please comment ANY movie you think fits any of this and please remember I said im not sure about some things so not every detail HAS to match. Thanks for reading

80’s – 90’s movie wher a guy has a helmet which detects non humans

I remember a movie where in a given moment a guy finds/discover something like a helmet which could detect “not human” people with an on screen message telling “non human” when someone was ahead of him and – i don’t remember if it’s about demons or zombies that looked like normal people unless he used that helmet.

I don’t remember  more about the movie except that specific scena and that it was in the 80’s or early 90;s.

Old Movie?

I don’t remember much except for this one scene

A young girl and a boy were ice skating, I think they were related in some way like brother/sister or Cousins or friends (Not really sure) but they looked like they got along well while they skated over this frozen pond or something but then the girl somehow ends up tripping/falling on the edge of the lake and laying in the snow. The boy then skates over but instead of helping her up like she asks, he ends up raping her at the edge of the ice on the snow. That’s the only thing I remember.

I think the movie was in english and maybe in the style of those 90’s to early 2000’s style movie thrillers and dramas. I think I watched it in HBO or something and I have the feeling it might be an old movie.

I hope you can help, Since this memory is so vague and this is the only thing I remember about it. Just need to convince myself that this movie is real and not something I imagined hahaha.

Demonic possession type movie

i saw this movie some time between 2012 and 2017. It was a demon possession type plot, vague on details. The specific scene is when someone, i believe one of the lead characters, gets possessed at the very end of the movie, the other lead calls out to the demon “what is your name?” Or “name yourself” , something to that effect. The reply from the demon was “you know my name. Everyone knows my name.”

And then it killed them all I’m pretty sure and that was the end. I was sure it was the devil inside but I’ve looked and looked through that movie and havent found the scene in question so I’m sure im confusing it. Help!!!

Medieval/Fantasy/Horror Gorey movie

So there was this movie I watched as a kid, back in 2005 probably.. not sure when the movie came out but it looked a bit old but it was in colour, it may have looked old because it was a medieval setting and everything was dark. It was in english. The movie was my dad’s and I came across it as a kid and watched the whole thing, it was horrifying. I remember there being pigs in the beginning of the movie? And men’s heads being cut off. It was outdoors and in a barn yard setting I guess. At one point in the movie there was a man in a cave and a bunch of roaches started coming out of a hole in the cave and the whole place is surrounded by bugs, it was so disgusting. I remember (maybe) a sex scene by the end of the movie where a man and a woman are in a tower having sex on the bed, and someone was sitting outside by a tree right after that? That’s probably all I remember from the movie but I mostly remember being so weirded out and disgusted, like the whole movie plot was weird. I searched everywhere for the movie but can’t remember what it was.

Alien Invasion movie

Hello everyone, you guys have helped me before and I hope you can again.

I remeber watching this movie. A guy comes home for christmas with his new girlfriend for a holiday i think christmas. there is a quarantine and the tv starts giving instructions including offering vaccines. Slowly the tv seems to turn the family on each other trying to prevent them from leaving the house. Spoilers it is revealed that the entire house is blanketed in thick black alien cords that have been using the tv to communicate with them and that this is happening to everyone. In the end the “guy” escapes the house and is the only survivor.


Thank you in advance

Horror goreish movie with realistic guts props

Realistic props is the main thing I remember, it was on TV but I’m sure it was a movie, the date could be between 2010 and 2015 (but I’m terrible remembering dates, so), it was in colour and English, can’t say anything about the actors. NOW WHAT I REMEMBER: a psychopathic boy shows a carton box to his classmates (two girls probably) INSIDE OF IT there’s a dissected mouse with it’s guts showing and the skin spread to display them. THE NEXT THING I recall is the same boy, now a man, recreating that torture with one of the girls BUT IT TURNS OUT she wasn’t actually dissected, it was a prop he put around her waist, he rips it off in front of someone else, probably the other classmate girl. And that’s all. It looked inspired by Final Destination or Saw but it wasn’t from any of those sagas.

chinese movie series ugly guy and pretty girl

it was a chinese movie that started with a nerdy “unatractive” boy doing private things he rememberd his mom yelling at him for doing it that’s all i remeber for the intro, this guy was a transfer student at a highschool he was being introduced to his new class . He fell in love at first sight with a girl that had her hair was dyed burgundy red with a side bang and black smokey eyeshadow. I remember some scenes when she sneaked in school and fell from the bridge but the nerdy guy caught her and but she just ignored fim and went away, and another scene where she went to the boys bathroom with her girlfriends to smoke but the teacher caught them and ran away, mind you they were wearing the school red gym set. The guy tried to grab her attention by puting origami folded letters with love quotes daily and always tried to talk to her or take her home and the girl slowly started to fall in love with him. They started dating and one day she got kidnapped from this shady hostess bar company with other girls and he went and searched for her and struggled to find her. He found her but the boss found the school and followed her to a empty classroom attempting to sexually assault her but the guy tried to protect her and she ran away lemme tell you he got beat up real hard, also there were two teachers hooking up and they watched everything in fear behind the tables of the classroom.  Then she finished school still dating that guy and she became a group idol singer, they were happy. Thats all i remember from that scene. This is probably a series of films because i rember after she retired from singing she started taking defence classes and went to the military to be a cop police officer and she found out that the nerdy guy did some sort of crime and arrested him despite her feelings for him. That’s all i remember.

A jogger gets shot with a tranquillizer while jogging at night

A woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There’s a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: (original video) or

Looks like old to me, set in between 1970-2000, from an English-speaking country. It is also like a TV series or some sort like that.

I have already posted this case 5 times here, still nothing. One clue I got from someone was that the car in the video is 90-95s Acura. For anyone clever and genius enough to find it, I hope you’ll always have a good life. Thanks.

A repeating banging noise, slow pan right

It’s at the start of the classic horror movie, you hear a bang like a thud that repeats every 3 seconds-ish.  Almost sounds like someone raising a large club and slamming it back down.  Real eery.

The camera is panning right (I think) real slow to whatever is making that noise.

Takes forever, sense of dread builds.

You happen across a large fence gate slamming into it’s hitching post over and over by the wind.  Thud… thud…

Losing my mind trying to find it.

It’s at least the 80s, maybe 70s.  I think the scene is in the early morning, out in the woods, not dense.  Wide wooden fence gate for a car to pass.

Do you know this European film?

I watched this movie around 2014 on cable. I don’t remember many scenes but just the general plot and the ending. I’m desperate to find the title!

Plot: Four college girls come together to find the real identity of a masked serial rapist who has been attacking women on the woods inside the campus by tying them to a tree and then sexually abusing them.

One of the girls (red hair) was attacked by the rapist and she provides some details that helps them figure out his identity.

SPOILER – ENDING: Eventually they find out the rapist was the university’s librarian and manage to catch him.

Other details about the movie:

  • Probably filmed in the late 00s to early 10s
  • A European film, and judging from the language and culture most likely somewhere in Northern Europe or maybe even the Netherlands or Belgium??