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Movie about sister/girlfriend/wife who becomes a lawyer to save brother/boyfriend/husband

Can’t quite remember the name of the film, obviously, that’s why I’m here, but it’s as the title says. It’s a movie about a woman who’s brother/lover is in prison and she puts herself through law school, among other things, to save his life and get him out of prison. I wanna say it came out in the mid to late 90s to early 2000s, but I’m not completely sure. Thanks as always, this website has saved me so many headaches.

WW 2 Movie, behind lines operation – great initial fight scene.

The bottom line – At the beginning of the movie, a group training had a new arrival.  He gets in a right with the instructor and breaks his leg with a “trick he learned in a bar fight.”.  Later in the movie, the instructor joins the mission again.  All forgiven.  I think that maybe the training was in Scotland.  Great movie, but cannot remember the rest of it.  Probably 80’s.

Jogging Woman Gets Shot With A Tranquillizer At Night

A young woman jogging at night, gets kidnapped on a car after being “darted” (shot with a tranquillizer) by a man. There is a Final Confrontation by James Horner soundtrack playing in the middle of the scene.

The videos are available here: (original video) or

Looks like old to me, set between 1970-2000, from an English country. It is also like a TV series or some sort like that.

I aready posted this 3 times here but still no results, even just a clue as to where or when did this film took place. Many thanks for whoever find it.

Weird horror/comedy movie

This is probably going to be one of the weirdest movie description, but I’m gonna write the parts I remember. So the main character is two guys and they are like moving somewhere new. Little did they know, the place was haunted or something. I think it had something to do with a portal or something in the basement. Anyway, they throw a party. A priest shows up (and I think does drugs and kills himself?) and two girls get cooked in the hot tub. I think there is some possessed girls in it at the party trying to seduce people but idk I can’t remember much else. I would love to watch this movie again but I can’t figure out the title. If you know this movie, please help me out!

European movie

I watched this European movie that was translated to English. It was something about an old couple who would sit in a park under a tree. They had a son and grandchildren. And considering their son’s meagre means, they even bought coffins before their deaths so that they could have decent funerals. The title of the movie probably contained words like autumn and spring.

Asian movie

Hello everyone! Please help me recall the name of the film. I watched it for a long time. I think the movie is 2010. Maybe not. The plot is based on two twin brothers. One of them is in a coma, and the other at this time converges with his wife. And when he woke up from a coma, he began to impersonate his brother. And the wife got confused. Genre is a bit of a sexual thriller. Throughout the film, it is difficult to understand which of them is who. The film is Japanese or Korean. I remember that there was a sex scene in the car. And at the end, one of them is in a wheelchair. But maybe not.

Some british show on netflix

ok so I’m trying to find a show I used to watch. It was when a group of kids was on a field trip I think and then the adults just disappeared bc one of the character’s dads (whos a scientist) accidentally created two dimensions with people over 16 in one, and people under 16 in the other one. and they all had British accents and at some point, they lived in hotels and I watched it on Netflix. oh and one girl could see into the adult dimension and idk any of the actors bc they r from britan or something . and they all started trading and farming again

guy with dummy doll goes crazy and kills wife and her girlfriend with a hammer

I think the man was in an army uniform or was a veteran. In the scene he is standing in a room where his wife and another woman are in bed together sexually and the other woman is smoking a cigarette. The two women mock and taunt him and at one point invite him into a threesome with him. While this is going on the guy has a doll possibly a ventriloquist dummy sitting in a chair. I think he hears the doll talk I cant remember. Finally in a fit of rage he kills his wife and the other woman in bed with her I believe with a hammer before fleeing. If you have any idea what this scene is from please help me its been bothering me for months and ive spent many many hours searching different phrases trying to find where this scene is from. It is a movie in English. Possibly older but I wouldnt say older than 1980 but more likely it was from the 90s.


I saw this movie at or before 1954.  I associated it with Suddenly but it is not that movie.  The last or nearly last scene is a shootout among bad guys in a room in which they previously played poker.  One guy walks away alive and all others are dead.  Film noir.  It might be Crime Wave but doesn’t seem to fit.

Thanks for any help.

Don’t know the title of the movie just know that it was a scene that involved outdoors in the snow upon rocky cliffs maybe or a lot of bows…

… in arrows attacking each other or maybe an ambush of some sort or taking over another party to take power maybe and Smaby spear is involved very bloody would like to know more about this movie

I saw this movie on a premium channel like Showtime or HBO etc. it was probably about 15 years ago it was very violent in this Movie seen I remember there was a tribe of warriors attacking others and they were on horses they were using Bows arrow‘s, spears, there was a lot of blood in this Snowy scene like a takeover or some type of ambush battle, and it Had Like rocky areas or maybe flat planes covered in snow and it also was  shot In color, and was In English or it may have had subtitles? I don’t remember, The Warriors were on horses but I don’t remember if everybody who was Fighting had horses of their own, and weren’t your typical American actors that I remember, pretty sure they were Asian foreigners but not Indian Warriors. I also watch a lot of movies and I’m a movie buff myself but I can’t for the life of me remember this movie name or who starred in it just the scene that I can’t get out of my head and I’d like to put this puzzle together if somebody’s out there can help me do this I would appreciate it if any other details I’m thinking Of I will add it to this post thank you!

Movie Name

I watched this movie in 2007 or early 2008 on Disk that contained american pie series and this movie, that i am looking for. Movie is not very old and its in color with clear graphics. The movie is american college sex comedy, there is some special crown after wearing that people get extremely horny and there is one scene i remember very clearly the professor after wearing that crown had sex with the cleaner. There is scene where cat wears it and she also gets horny. There is also one scene where one of the friends gets into the body of a female and as soon as he realized it he start sucking her own boobs. Please find this movie or please tell me the name of this movie. I do not remember any of the actors name featured in this movie. The movie also had a scene were girls are taking sunbath at the back of house and there was a dialogue “booobies in my backyard”.





How could you do this to me!?

The only thing I can remember is that there is a girl who is crying her eyes out.

She is betrayed somehow by who I presume is a guy. And she ask him while she’s crying; “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!?”

Thats the only thing I remember, and it’s a heart wrenching scene thats stuck to my brain and  can I just vaguely remember the details. I can’t remember if it is a movie or a series…

Help me, I’m going crazy!

Jim Roar