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Repeating sequence

There is two friends that went on a trip and their car entered at the bridge then they met a girls there. There is an accident that happen that night then suddenly the sequence of what is happening the accident, the guy rolling in the grass is repeating all over again. Then after so many sequence the other one guy see his body already death and when they went to the bridge that they entered a while ago the two guys saying goodbye to each other because the other one is already death and when their car reach the end of the bridge his friend disappear.

Lifetime/LMN Movie

Hello everyone! I have been rattling my brain for the past few days trying to figure out this movie, but I can’t seem to get it. I watched it one time back in 2015, but I believe it was possibly a 2012-2014 production. The movie I’m thinking of is either a Lifetime or an LMN movie. I was watching it on demand, so I am not truly sure. I remember it in bits and pieces. The movie is about a women who works at like some type of architect or planning event job. She meets this man formally whom she had met before going to her job. I think he pays for her coffee or something. All of this happens at the beginning of the movie. When she goes to her job, he is there and they eventually end up getting locked in some type of room together due to an earthquake or something like they. He eventually takes her to meet his mom. The mom is an older red head/ginger. She ends up telling the girl along the line that she has cancer, but woman noticed she wasn’t losing hair yet. One day, the same woman goes into the bathroom to find pieces of red hair in the trash can, which she realizes is the mom’s. The woman finds out that the son’s fiancé had died. Somewhere in the mists of the movie, the woman ends up near the pool. In the pool shed, she finds pool cleaner or some type of chemical in relevance to it, she eventually finds out that is how the fiancé dies. At the end of the movie, the mother tries to kill the woman. That’s all I honestly remember if someone could help me find this movie that would be amazing! Thank you!

Early 2000’s movie with ‘talking zombies’

When I was a much younger lad I walked in on some friends watching something on a TV. It frightened me so much I ran away and hid. I now wanna track this film/tv episode down. What I remember was a brightly lit room, most likely green. A girl or two with an axe or something lodged in her head walking towards someone saying “talk me out of it” The footage can’t be from anything beyond 2009. Sadly I don’t remember much more as I fled after seeing this. Hopefully this rings a bell to someone out there!

Old black and white movie where people mostly women are turned into robots

I watched this movie in the late 60’s early 70’s. It was one of those late night black and white movies. Probably science fiction. Might have been British. People are turned into robots/androids.cyborgs. The men  wear 60 style suit and ties with hats while the women wear some kind of shiny black outfit. They are both controlled by the black military style glasses they wear. They are being used to kill people. A detective gets a hold of the glasses and puts them on, they control him and take him to headquarters/lair where the controlled people are working in an  office.

Drama movie about a lady taking care of mentally disabled children


I saw this movie back in 2013 with my family on tv. It was probably one of those tv movies made in 1999-2001.

The story was about a lady who had to raise children that had some kind of a mental disability. There was a small boy (age 4-5) that was scared of color red, hyperactive boy (age 12-13) who had anger issues and an older boy who had Asperger’s syndrome (There was probably more children but I couldn’t remember).

Here are some scenes that I remember. All of them were at a birthday party and the hyperactive boy was upset about losing in MONOPOLY. The Asperger’s syndrome boy was taking photos of shoes which he later showed to other kids from school (They were laughing at him and they also said something like: “Can’t you take better pictures?”). The hyperactive boy made a hole in the wall and he stuck in it (He was also screaming: “I wanna go OUT!”).

Wish I could provide more but that’s what I remember.

British film with pink birds

It’s 30 years since I saw it, but it was a British film about a small fishing village that tried to save themselves from , perhaps an oil company, by faking a rare species of bird to get some sort of environmental protection.

The film was pretty much about the whole village trying to save their village.

It was probably made in the 1960’s, early British Technicolor equivalent (pretty garish colours).

The end of the film showed a couple finding that the local birds had hatched pink which apparently saved the town. Lovely closing shot (or close to closing shot) of a sunrise.

Thanks for your help – I’m really keen to see this again.

Girl has friend with psychotic controlling father, murdered at end in a school bus.

Looking for a movie with a girl who tries to save her best friend, from the girls father.


I don’t remember a lot about this particular movie, I do remember some key points there is a scene where the girl climbs out her window because she doesn’t want to face her mother who I guess people would say is trailer trash, she is overweight drinks smokes, watches TV all day.


The basic premise is that a girl thinks her friends father is bad because he is very controlling, to the point of abusing her if she doesn’t obey every command he gives her.


I remember a part where the girl goes off to find her friend because she either gets a video message from her friend and she fears the girls dad hurt her. She goes to their house and a game of cat and mouse ensues, this is about the ending I belive the girl is hiding on a school bus hiding from her friends murderous father and she records a short video message on her cell phone after finding her friends clothing, I think it was bloody, and then she dies or something because if I remember correctly it goes black, and she screams. I think that was the end or almost the end.


If I recall the mother at the end goes in and smells her daughters clothes thinking she has run away and cries about it.

Man befriends telepathic horse…

The man discovers a tribe of telepathic horses that perceives humans as barbarians. The horses are morally superior and call humans something like <> . It was a serious movie, not a comedy. I was thinking that it was a scene from one of the gulliver’s travels adaptations. I didn’t find any movie that fitted the kind of cinematography i remember.

I saw this movie scene at least five years ago. On television. Color. Real actors, not cartoon. French translation. Maybe 90s.

civil war movie

Several years ago I saw a movie on TCM. I was not able to see all of it. All I remember of the story was that it was set in the south just before the civil war. Some rich bully had taken over a plantation from someone who had died in debt. He announced that the dead man’s daughter was actually the child of a slave and so was a slave and belonged to him. The girl looked and had been raised as white. The movie was black and white, I think. I don’t remember more. I would appreciate finding out what this movie is.

Fighting scene in the van

It was fighting inside of the van where the character was transported by bad guys (possibly character was a female, but I`m not sure). There were to guardians together with the main character in the van. One armed with smg, another with taser. During the fight they got to the position where smg-guy pointed his gun at the guy with the taser, and the taser in that guy’s hand touched the body of smgunner. The main character clicked the button on the taser causing the finger of the gunner to pull the trigger. Thus the head of the man with the taser was blown off.

Amnesia apocalypse!!!

Hi all, I’m looking for a movie a saw years ago.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where an amnesia-causing virus has brought humanity to the brink of destruction. A couple is struggling to stay together despite losing their memories of each other. I remember a few scenes from it:

– The opening scene is them waking up in an apartment and finding each other, they start to realise that they are married and should not be separated or they might lose each other forever.

– THE NEXT SCENE IS QUITE INTENSE, don’t read if rape/suicide triggers you. A guy is sleeping in a car in a multi-storey parking lot and gets jumped by a group of people who beat and rape him. He gets to the top of the parking lot and climbs over the ledge ready to jump. As he finds the courage to do it, the sun rises and you can see a shift in the look in his eyes. The virus that causes amnesia has made him forget the traumatic experience and he goes on as if nothing had happened.

-Last thing I remember is the couple gets separated and they forget about each other, but during the final scene of the movie they see each other on the street and she smiles, leaving room for some hope they’ll be reunited.

Thanks to whoever can help me find this, I’ve been thinking about this for months but I just can’t recall the title.

Lonely wife isolated with husband in remote area with harsh weather

One of the lines is: “The best cure for melancholy is industry.”

The movie is narrated by the wife in first person.  She laments, “The wind carried off our speech, so we spoke less.  And with work, I suppose, we had less to say.”

Another line: “I knew I would not be able to leave and I had to bite my cheek to keep from breaking into tears that, once started, could continue forever.”

australian horor

hello fellow stranger on the internet

thanks for clicking on my thread, much appreciated!

The movie that im searching is about a australian psychopath/killer based on a true story, I watched it when I was younger like 17 but I just cant find it. So if I remember it right it began with a couple out in the australian wild like camping or something, during their sexual interaction they are attacked by the murderer ( a fairly old man ). the boy gets killed immediately, the girl runs of and gets on the road stopping a truck. the passenger a man in his 30 or 20s gets out and tries to help her but suddenly he gets knocked down, he wakes up seeing the killer litt. butchering the couple, you see all the meat and stuff. the man runs off and escapes ( this is the first scene I remember the next is like in the middle of the movie) I remember him trying to escape with a new truck and the killer following on his big truck, he whistles on his flute like thing and kangoroos or something like get attracked by the sound and they get crushed by him while he laughs like crazy still following this person. ( next scene) the man eventually gets caught by the killer, he sits with him in his bunker type thing. He is tied up and gets asked history questions by the killer but if he answers wrong the killers chops of his finger. He anwsers wrong but claims that he cant be wrong bcs he is a history teacher implying that he is delusional. the killer chops of one of his fingers and when distracted the man frees himself and runs of. the killer laughs hysterically and frees his 2 dogs. the man gets trapped in of his booby traps and passes out while seeing the 2 dogs and the maniac in front of him. He awakes before a police station when the credits finally role with the full after story explained trough text which says that he survivied, its based on a true story.

So thanks for reading my explanation. Im really gratefull!

Pls if you recognise this movie pls leave a reply! it really stings when you just cant remember the movie if you know what I mean 🙁

thanx in advance!

best friends, love.

hello, i cant remember this movies name. i have searched as much as i could. but not a single search brought up the right movie.

this movie i am talking about is about a man who comes home from across the country and visits his mother for her birthday i believe. a girl next door comes and visit, turns out to be one of his childhood friend and crush. he used to be in love with her and still is. he never confessed it to her although he wrote a letter to her (it is recited that he did in the beginning and we see the process at some point in the film) their senior year but he never sent it but instead left it hidden in his year book or a book of some kind.

then years later when he comes home. he and her plans out his mothers 50th birthday i believe and both falls in love (again for him, and for her its recognizing she is in love with him). but both doesnt realize btoth love eachother . she tells her bestfriend. who works in a flower shop about it. later on in one of the ending scene, she dissappears after the photo projection she made his mom finished. (which had photos they both took together) he finds her at their old high school football field in one of the stadium after he findsout/realizes she loves him and shows her the letter. While she reads the letter, HE recites the letter from memory with out batting an eye at the letter.

(a small portion shows that the man’s bestfriend used his letter of love confession as a cheat sheet for a card to give to the girl’s best friend trying to swoon her and the guy finds out and gets mad about it but in the end forgives him for it. all 4 of them knew eachother in high school on personal and not personal level. )

HELP i just CANNOT remember the actors name or the film name at all and i just cant forget it until i find out the dang name.


Black and White Movie from 40s or 50s

I remember seeing at least part of a movie on tv back in the mid sixties when I was a little girl.  I think my dad was actually watching the movie.  However, I remember a scene from the movie that I distinctly remember.  In the movie (black and white) a car is trying to out run flood water or maybe water from a broken dam and there is a little girl holding a doll in the backseat of the car the next thing you see is the doll floating in the water.  There were adults in the backseat with the little girl as well as the driver and at least 1 other person in the front seat.  I want to say the movie was either rom the 40s or 50s. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I don’t know

I never saw this movie, but I used to see the trailer on tv all the time. I was a kid so I think it was in the early 90’s. It was probably the year 1991, or close to it. It was about about a woman who kidnaps a kid (or kids) and you see her wiping off the car license plate with a mud like substance and at the same time saying, “I’m your mother now.”

It was a tv movie, and don’t know who was in it..

Comedy/ Romance

Comedy/Romance. The movie is about several different couples and there sexual statuses. Every couple had a type of sexual status. One of the couples, his wife is always grouchy. One day she took medication that made her tired and nicer to the husband. The husband was happy to finally be intimate with his wife. So he would come home every night and give her that same medication so that he could watch mivies, hold and kiss with her. At the end I believe he got into an accident and died