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Hi, I’m looking for a film which was shown on channel 4 about 15 years ago, during a season they called “relentless”. It was about a woman running frantically through the whole film with people jumping out of cupboards, chasing her and trying to catch her (in a kind of nightmare scenario). It was an action film but not scary. It was a young woman and the film was probably mid nineties.  Not much to go on but I remember watching the last half of the film and being exhausted watching it. Ive just always wondered what film it was. Hope you can help me.

Penguin belly dancer?

Aight, right off the bat, the movie was about a penguin who was a mechanic or something, and there was this penguin girl who belly danced. (Wow I’m already starting to question if they were really penguins or some other animal… so not off to a great start, but you’d think it’d be wacky enough for it to be easy to find right?)

I watched it when I was a child, I’m 19 now but I honestly can’t say how long ago it was. I remember watching Anastasia around that time though. It was most likely before 2010, but the movie definitely felt older to me.

It wasn’t the only movie on the DVD, it was a collection of different movies, pretty sure they were all cartoons / stop motion.

The movie was probably stop motion and colored (I remember the girl’s outfit was pink, but honestly my memory’s pretty wacky and any of these details could be wrong, oop)

The reason I’m looking for the movie is cuz’ I keep almost remembering some rly funky music from it, but it’s not enough that I could hum it for a music recognition software.

There might’ve been something about building a plane in it, and saving the girl from some evil dude who forced her to dance? Idk.

I’ve already tried googling for it and I’m usually pretty good at finding stuff but I’m completely stumped here.

Oh also, I’m Danish but I don’t think they said anything in the movie, and if they did, I feel like it was English. Pretty sure it was mute tho, like 95% sure.

Thanks in advance for any help, I’ve been completely plagued by this *almost* song popping into my head for years now, finding it will really help me out

Horror movie with monster that wraps people in cocoons

It’s a horror movie I saw as a kid most likely made before 2015, in color, in English. I remember a suspenseful scene where a child was hiding under his bed in his dark room as the monster walked around the room. While he was hiding he was staring at his toy on the floor and watching for the monster’s feet. I think he had a nightlight that held some significance and I think it was shaped like a train.

I don’t remember what the monster looked like but the monster would take people into it’s nest into the forest and wrap people up in slimy, stringy, sticky cocoons. The nest was covered in the webbing a lot like spider web. There was a scene where the kids went to rescue their friend from a cocoon and had to cut them out with a knife. That’s all I remember thank you if you know it!!

Scene: 1 man & 2 women tied by wrong turn-like creature in their hide out

It’s in this IG tv:

Two humans (possibly cannibals) are talking. Meanwhile a woman with both arms tied wakes up, realises she is tied with 2 of her friends and starts shouting. The 2 cannibals are alerted, then one of them deals with her. Etc etc more talking.

In the end the 1 man who’re getting tied are being taken with one of the cannibals (presumably to be killed).


The background scene/the house seems to indicate the film is a horror Wrong Turn-like movie. Already searched about “cannibal movie, woman tied etc etc” but still have had no result. Thanks for whoever find it.

A Movie about secret agents



can not recall name of a movie. Seen it about 2-3 years ago. kind if fresh 2000+;

the movie start with assasination of group of Russian hackers in USA, after it appears that on of killed guys was a sun of top ranked woman in Russian special forces. after an asian person comes to US embassy to surrender in some asian country and that guy was TOP WANTED. in general that whole story was a revenge of that mother..

please help to recall the name of that movie.

does anyone know the name of this anime?

this isn’t something i’ve actually seen before myself but it’s something that i WANT to see, i just can’t find any info on it even with a reverse search. it looks like an anime, but it could be a full movie instead of just a series. all i have to give for any info on it is a meme that uses the material.


so if anyone knows what the name of the material is that’s being used in this meme and could tell me, that’d be fantastic

Horror from 90’s that I can’t find

A very strange horror movie which I watched in the 1990s.
I only remember one scene, as I’ve stopped the film after watching it, but it stayed in my mind till today.
During an event one desperate man enters the WC and takes out some equipment from his pocket, which is golden and looks like а cockroach or а spider. If I’m not mistaken, it starts to suck blood out of the man and one could tell from his face that he was enjoying it.

I think this was on TV rather than a film??

I can remember this from the early 80s:

A family of 4 appear trapped inside their house, after many attempts to leave it they find something ‘alien’, some kind of pink goo (freaky?), later the house becomes unbearably hot. They cannot escape as all the windows and doors have metal shutters on the outside. It appears they are living in a futuristic dolls house – the owners brother is torturing his sister by pitting her dolls house in the oven (overheating and metal outside the doors and windows) causing a pink sweet to melt (pink goo). I thought it was a ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ but it didn’t match any of the synopsis I read. Does anyone remember this?

Movie with 2 spy-people and bulletproof vest

I saw this movie in the 90s. I think it had “silver” in the name? I’m not sure though, so don’t put too much stock in that. I remember 2 scenes – there’s this lady who’s wearing a catsuit. I only vaguely remember what she looks like, and I want to say she resembles Max Guevara from Dark Angel (TV series in like 2000 or s0). Anyway, there’s an enemy guy behind her in a room twisting her arm or something. In a later scene, a guy – the lady’s ally – gets shot, and the lady thinks he’s dead, but then he emerges (I want to say on a roof?) and takes off a bulletproof vest, showing he survived the shot.

Someone suggested Ecks vs. Sever, but I don’t think that’s it.

Language was English and it was in color. I saw it on TV.

A movie I saw a long time ago

I am looking for a movie I saw a long time ago,probably in 2009.

I don’t remember almost anything about it except for a scene between a young girl with dark hair and a young boy.They were talking about the first kiss and the girl said that the first kiss should be special .The boy tried to kiss her but she said she should be going back home (I think she had ran away ) because her grandmother doesn’t deserve to worry about her.I think that before that scene the same boy saw her with another boy and asked her if he was her boyfriend but she said no.

Sammy Terry movie about a father whose daughter died

There was an old black and white horror movie that played on Nightmare Theater with Sammy Terry back in the 1970s I am trying to rewatch. The only vivid scene I can think of is where a father goes to visit the mausoleum of his daughter (I think her name sounded like Ilsa, or Elsa), who may have been killed by a vampire as I recall. Her casket had a window on the front of it and you could see her turn into a  skeleton inside. The father shouts her name into the sky.

I am looking for a horror movie

I am looking for a movie I saw in December 2013. It was a horror movie and I don’t remember almost anything, except a scene where someone (I think a girl)  was kidnapped and later her body was hanged  above a naked woman. That woman cut the body open with some sort of a long stick and she enjoyed the blood falling on her body.