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Sci-Fi Tentacled Body Horror

Not much to work with.  I only remember a single scene.  What appears to be space soldiers standing outside a room.  A sliding door opens to the room which is completely filled with tentacles hanging from the ceiling.  The tentacles grab one of the men and drag him inside on the floor.  A few seconds later, his body comes sliding out with a huge hole burned (or eaten?) straight through his chest.

Movie or TV show?

I remember this guy (who was kind of the focus of the episode) whose dad had been accused of killing his childhood friend (a young girl). She had been missing for years and because no body was found, the boys dad had been dropped of all charges from lack of evidence but the boy was certain his dad had done it because he remembered him coming in with muddy shoes the night she went missing. Years later, the man never forgave his father. He found out his father was ill and his sister tried to convince him he needed to forgive their father. I believe as the dad is dying he says “shes under___” (something I cant remember). It makes the guy think shes burried under his old playhouse in the back yard of their childhood home. Him and his sister go digging for her. They find nothing and the sister says their dad was just crazy. Then the boy remembers a campsite they used to visit and rushed over there only to find her body still in her rain boots from the night she was murdered

I just remember on scene from the movid

I remember this scene from the movie. Its based in NYC, the main character always visits her rich grandmother, and the uncle who lives with her. She is super mad with the uncle because he has abused her or someone else in the family when they where younger but the grandmother and rest of the family defend him saying he is sick. I cant remember what else the movie is about!!!

Children in a sanatorium

So I am making this post for a friend of mine who has been struggling with finding this movie’s name for a while. She remembers watching it in 2015 and said it was pretty recent at the time (so it must have come out around 2014/2015). Her memories are vague but here’s what she remembers: the movie is centered around an old man who goes to a sanatorium where there are children, some are alive and some are spirits. One of the children, a boy, died being drowned by other kids. She also remembers that, at the end, the old man kills himself (apparently by hanging but she might be remembering wrong).

Really hope someone can find this movie’s name because I’ve searched everywhere for it with every keyword possible and nothing has come up yet.

Girl in a dream that somewhat fit reality

I really do not remember much but I had to have seen this movie between 2004 and 2008. It was in color and I am pretty sure it was a movie. There is a main character girl who is in a dream but doesn’t know it, and her teacher is talking and something prompts her to stab said main character in the forehead with a pencil, but then the scene, as the pencil would go into her head, flashes to potentially scientists of some sort(?) putting something where the pencil would have stabbed, and some other characters walk by who are okay with the situation I believe.

Follows life of a poor young boy

This movie has a few scenes I can recall so I’ll write each one, not necessarily in the chronological order, because I truly can’t remember. I must have seen this movie sometime between 2004 and 2010 because I know I was quite young. The movie at least for a large chunk centers around a boy, and his very poor family. One scene I recall is this boy peeping with some buddies on his many beautiful blonde sisters getting dressed, they watch from a window and I believe they end up being caught. In another scene their father brings home a sheep head and proceeds to gross the kids out by eating the eye, saying it’s the most nutritious part or something of that nature. Another scene is that the family is very cold one night and decide to start a fire with one of the thin walls in their apartment and they have a great time tearing it down and using it, but do get caught by the landlord not long after. I also believe the father leaves them at some point in the movie. That’s all I can recall other than it was definitely in color and not something from the 40’s or 50’s because I remember the image quality being very decent.

Movie of a girl who was kidnapped and held hostage.. help pls !

Ok.. so i barely remember ANYTHING of this movie. but it was about a blonde im pretty sure who was kidnapped and held hostage. her kidnapper was a white male. there was a scene when he was like questioned or something and people came to his door and he made some excuse like he was in the army and he said “hoo ha” or “hooah” pretty sure it was hoo ha bc i laughed at it. i remember the blonde made like a video tape to seek for help i think. and i think she was wearing a olive green t shirt that might have been flowy bc i think i remember a scene where she was exposed. lol. help pls 🙂 also i think she looks like ashley tisdale bc i thought it was her but cant find the movie through her. thx.

sifi movie about a family going to the future

I remember this movie about a family who lives in what seemed to be the 60s with a style that reminds me of Edward scissor hands. I remember they go to what I believed was the future, There was a villain whos goal was to steal the fathers wife and kid/kids. The only two scenes I remember was of when the father gets thrown into a sewer system and meets these creatures, I believe he gave them a piece of candy and they get hostile and he escaped by finding a ladder over a chasm. The other scene I when the villain gets his comeuppance and is thrown into the sewer himself and is eaten by the creatures.

Obsessed/crazy woman?

I can’t remember any actors in this movie, but it was about a crazy woman (blonde) who is obsessed with a guy. There was something about some letters between them, I think. It might have been that he made the whole thing up and that she wasn’t really crazy. The movie was colored and I saw it on tv, I am certain that it was a movie, and not a series.

I thought Renee Zellwegger starred in it, but she doesen’t.

I think the first letter of the movie is O, maybe.

I also vaguely remember a bathroom scene?


I remember a film shown on TV in the 1970s late at night on ITV. Cant remember the name but I remember 1 scene where a soldier was running through long grass, where he comes across a group of women eating coins. They were pretty much naked, then it goes back to Black and white and he is in hospital and has bandages all over his face. But each time he dreams it goes to colour. Later in the film there is an old man in a boat and a young man standing on top of a cliff. The young man is wearing a long cloak that reaches the floor . He opens it drops it to the ground and is naked then I had to go to bed . I would love to know what the movie was and how it end. I think it was a foreign language film with sub titles.

Any ideas as to what this movie is?

90’s Campy Romance

I think the movie was released some time in the late 90’s but it could’ve been anywhere from the 80’s to the very early 2000’s. The basics of the plot are as follows: A woman works at a convenient store and she makes a bet with her coworker that she’ll kiss the next guy who walks into the store. A man walks in and she kisses him. He then falls in love with the woman and spends some time trying to impress her in various ways, including trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure I remember a scene where the guy is sitting on a black motorcycle surrounded by trees with orange autumn leaves everywhere but that may be unrelated to the movie.


Help please!

There’s a sort of princess with a necklace that makes ppl give you whatever you want, and somehow she loses it and it falls into the hands of a teenage boy. His sister finds it and realizes what it does so she steals it to go shopping and get stuff for free. There’s also an old man in a cave, I think in the beginning of the movie who writes down in his book the present, and also what’s about to happen in the future (I think)

I watched this movie when I was younger, maybe 8-9 years ago on TV, in color. It was with real people but for some reason there was 2 people made of rock (a dad and a son). I don’t remember the connection to the plot.



Back in like 2006-2008 I got this pack of DVDs in my Christmas stocking. I remember I LOVED the movie but I really can’t figure out the name of it. I’ve been searching for years!

All I can remember is that there’s this boy who is going somewhere with his mom, but they end up in car crash and the mom dies/gets in a coma.

After this, the boy starts visiting a book shop and gets this book which takes him to a fantasy world every time he reads it. When he is in the ”real” world, he keeps seeing a black cat that is there to warn him not to enter the fantasy world again, or something like that.

There’s a bad princess (I think it’s a princess haha) and a good princess, both in a war over in the fantasy world, and the little boy is supposed to like save everyone or something, haha.

I’m pretty sure that the actor at least looks like Josh Hutcherson. I might be wrong though, because apart from this one, my favorite movie back then was Bridge to Terabithia so there’s a chance I just mix those two together, haha.

I’m pretty sure that the name of the movie is the same as the name of the fantasy world. But, could be wrong there too. I wouldn’t be here if I knew the name of it 🥵🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Arabian Nights themed European movie been looking for 8 years

So, i hope i get help here, been looking for this movie for at least 8 years posted several times on IMDB forums no one could figure it out, movie is basically set in Arabian themed environment where Scheherazade and her friend/or some slave girl make some kind of plot and exchange roles so that evil Vizier fails with marriage to her, to be honest i can’t remember the plot properly and since IMDB deleted the forum cant extract from there, i have looked everywhere from Wikipedia categories list to imdbs movie mentioning anything about Arabian nights or Scheherazade. movie is for sure c. 2000-2010 and is of European origin, i presume its kind of low budget or b movie fantasy most likely French origin and that’s why tracking is so hard. i know i gave little information but any help is appreciated and yes this is not the “Arabian Nights”  miniseries in 2000 i have seen it at least 15 times! thanks guys!