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Russian guy

The russian bad guy calls good guy via pawn shop or gass station (can’t remember) and uses it as the middleman so he can’t be traced. They start about the kidnaped girl. The guy who works in the shop is black and he gets tired of them thinking it’s a prank call. So he starts talking shit like “the girl is under the desk sucking my dick” etc… At the ending of phone call bad guy says do svidanyie (goodbye in russian) and the black guy says “Dosvi what?” That’s all I can remember, hope you can help me.

Weird Movie for Kids (I know it exists!)

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing a movie in the early 2000s. It was English language and in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s.

I can only recall a few things about it. I know the two main characters were a black girl and a white boy (they both looked like they were maybe 9 or 10). They were students and wore typical Catholic-style school uniforms.

All of my memories are disjointed. I know the boy and girl were together in some city for some reason. At some point, the boy had to wear the skirt to the school uniform as the pair talked to some old lady in her doorway. They were trying to get some information from her and the old lady thought they were both girls.

I remember bits of only one conversation. The boy and girl were talking about someone (I believe the boy’s mother). He mentioned something about his mother saying that smoking was bad, that it would turn your heart black, or I don’t know what. Then the scene cut to a limousine pulling up to a curb. In it, a fat lady (the boy’s mother, I assume) was smoking, gorging on fast food, and listening to loud opera music.

Yes, it was a strange movie. But I know I didn’t imagine it. Please help me!

Two afghan hounds enter the room

I saw it on tv like 8 years ago, it was in a castle i think with baroque rooms and vivid colours. Posh  dark haired lady was important, in one scene she walks in a room with two afghan hounds and a man waits for here. The other scene i remember was on a balcony with young girl with blonde hair i think and the moonlight shining and a butler asked what she wants to dring and she said giraffs milk i think, and later in the movie butler brings it to her.

Suspense Movie

I remember this scene where they (a man and a woman) climbed in a sewer that lead to this guys house and found suitcases of bones and who the bones belonged too. He kept this girl in the basement of his house, the door looked like a prison door where they look all the prisoners at. He had them tied by their necks. He also made them do the house worked. Another scene I remember is when the girl who was kidnapped she was cleaning in the laundry room and one of the kids seen her while running by, he went back to see if what he seen was true but the girl hid so he was unable to find her. Though his curiosity peaked and he went to search but was interrupted by his dad so he didn’t see the woman. PLEASE help me find this MOVIE I WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN

Woman Writes Script for Man’s Life

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing either a movie or TV show in the early 2000s. It was American-made, in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s. I swear it was an episode of The Outer Limits or some show like it, but I cannot find anything.

There was a man who had some blue collar job, a wife and young daughter at home. But things started going wrong for him–he lost his job, his wife wanted a divorce, etc. Then one night he saw some men messing around outside (I think they were trying to slash his tires). Eventually, he figures out that they are part of why his life has taken a bad turn. They just do the dirty work according to a script they have about the man’s life. At some point, the man finds and confronts the scriptwriter–a young woman  who looks like a stressed out reporter/professional lady. He demands that she start writing about good things happening to him and she relents. It ends with him and his wife back together and happy. During the ending scene, I think I also remember the daughter badly practicing the violin off-screen. The man then jokes to his wife that they should get their daughter a piano instead.

Any help is appreciated!


Its a horror movie. At the beggining there is a birthday party. A boy and sister fight and the boy gets angry (i think he do something to his sister or someone else) and fot that reason he is sent away to some hospital. He later escape and attack and try to kill his sister. At the end we find out that the father was actually the one who got aggresive and blame it on the son.

What movie has an Asian girl reporter killed by a meteor hitting a restaurant, and everyone is happy because she is a bitch?

I am trying to remember where I saw this scene on my computer.  (Not in a theater).   An obnoxious Asian girl tv reporter goes into a restaurant or other such business and the cameraman stays outside.  Then, the building blows up, either from a meteor or other catastrophic cause. Viewers enjoy it because the character was such a bitch. I thought it was in “Breaking Bad”, but don’t think so.

Could have been a Netflix movie or tv series on Netflix.

A Family Drama About Children and Divorced Parents?

I remember watching this movie around 90s-00s. It’s a family drama about a battle of custody I think? The mother left her husband and 2 children (a little son and a daughter). And now years later when she’s in a much better condition she wanted her son to live with her and her new husband. The father had already remarried and the stepmother had a great relationship with the children.

I remember a scene where at night the mom sneaked around the backyard of the new house to try and peek inside how her children look now. And she touched a high jump pole (her son is into high jump) and it fell and people in the house woke up so she had to left immediately.

There’s also a scene where her daughter (now around college age), told the mom how she remembered, as a child she spilled a carton of orange juice and the mom who was cooking got angry/frustrated and that’s when she left and never came back, and the now adult daughter said “I’m sorry about the orange juice back then” and the mom sobs out of guilt and told the daughter she was sorry and it wasn’t the daughter’s fault that she left.

The movie’s ending was bittersweet. I think in the end the children refused to go with their biological mom and are content with their new family. But the daughter kinda promise she’ll see the biological mom time to time.

all girls school with strict nun headmistress – either Spanish-language, or Italian film

I’m in my late 20’s now; watched this as a teen. I’ve been searching online but couldn’t find this one, I get crazy whenever I think about it for years now. I just scoured the internet for hours before deciding to finally post it here. Here are the only things I remember about this movie:

  1. A drama movie, possibly set in early-mid 1900s

  2. All girls boarding school with a strict nun headmistress

  3. A woman comes to teach in that school and I think she became close with the students

  4. There’s a scene where the headmistress was talking with that woman in her office, and she squeezed her pet bird to death

  5. There’s a scene where one of the girls meet up with her bf and make out inside a stable with haystacks

  6. One of the girl’s name could be either Nicolette, or Nicoleta

Thank you very much for helping me out!


Man and women are  driving alone on a empty route and after some time of kissing while driving they almost crash into a flipped over car and find a surviver.He is so hurt and he is unrecognizable.They take him.After some bloody events hapening because of the surviver,the man driving the car is again in a car but a different one.He is pursuit by the police and then he escapes from them,but crashes,flipping the car over.Then the same car which he was in with the other people almost hits him and then its him.Early the same night.Its a movie about some loop.(Sorry for bad english)

Trying to find name of movie with man in coffin still aging

I’m trying to find a movie that’s been in mind, don’t know what it’s about, but the one scene I remember, a blonde man, younger man, in a coffin on a hill, it’s a colored scene so it’s not that old I don’t think, anyway, the young man is still growing his hair and nails in the coffin, the audience gets a scene of that, the time changes too as the sky and the hill on which he’s buried shifts too.

Anyway, that’s all I remember, sorry

The E__________

I saw it a several years ago on either TBN or Daystar.  It starts with The E________________ .  Don’t know the name?  It’s about people walking in the woods and coming upon this house.  The is a man that guides them – he is the E_____________.   If they’re ready, they can go into this room and be raised into heaven.  Otherwise they go into this other smaller house and it’s not that good – maybe like punishment.  I taped it because it was so different, but we got a new tv and I didn’t realize it for a while, but I lost it.  🙁  I was surprised to see it on TBN or Daystar because it really didn’t seem to be a “Christian” movie.  I would love to see this movie again.  Please help me find it !!!!!  Thank you.


*Spoiler* Movie where man sees his life backwards

I saw a movie a few years ago where *spoilers* a man was viewing his life in reverse. The audience (and I think the man) doesn’t know this until the end, though. We finally realize that he is dead and the whole movie is his life flashing before his eyes. I think he may have been killed in a car accident and he may or may not have been drunk and killed someone else as well.

The movie was in color and in english. The main character was a man (not really old but not really young) and I remember him having red curly hair but that could be the complete opposite of the truth. I have no idea.


Scifi teen movie

Hi there…. I cant remember this movie name or the whole plot.. it is an hollywood movie in english.. there is a scene in which the hero(teenage boy) asks his friend(he is some sort of an internet hacker who has many persons working for him) for some sort of an invite code for accessing to dark web… In another scene the internet hacker friend and his group members try to their best to hack into something like the villain’s computer to help his friend… The hero’s mom comes to know all these things only then…

They buy a house and everything is not included

Late 80 to mid 90 movie where a couple buy a house and juring the visit, the current owners jokigly say on multiple occasion that this or that is not included. As it turn out, when the new owner mouve in, all that was said jokingly is true. The windows, possibly the front doors and multiple inportant parts of the house or missing. As I remember it, it was a comedy family movie.