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Old Kung Fu movie about pressure points

Hello, i’ve been trying to remember a very old movie that i watched as a very young child (i’m now 37). It is an old kung fu movie. I remember that the bad guy was using some unbeatable fighting style based on hitting pressure points of his opponents. And there was only one style that could beat him but it was like gone or forgotten or something. And the good guy accidentally (while drunk i think) found some old book or something hidden behind a furniture or something like that. And this was this forgotten style of five dragons or something similar. And i think then some ghost or something appeared to him to teach him this style. At the end there was a fight between good and bad guy and everyone was surprised that he knows the forgotten dragons style.

Thats pretty much all i remember from this movie. I’m guessing its from 70s 80s maybe, no idea, but old.

I really hope i can get help here, cause i’m looking for this movie pretty much all my life haha

Old ordinance flick


Once again, a movie from my child hood. When I was a very young boy, there were three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. These were all on VHF and could be picked up with rabbit ear antennas. Then there was one independent station, KBMA, which was located in the Business Man’s Assurance building in Kansas City.

Saturday programming was different then. The three networks in the morning aired cartoons. The independent had community programs. In the afternoons, the three network affiliates would air older movies and comedies. The independents would air “wrastling”. Had the likes of Bob Giegle and “Bull Dog” Bob Brown and the “Drill Sergent” beating each other up in phony wrestling.

So I remember this old movie from the 50’s that was a Korean War ordinance flick. There was nothing special about it, however one scene that I remember is that there were a group of American GIs trapped in a Buddhist temple and there was a tank outside that kept them pinned in the temple. One of the GIs had a Bazooka, but naturally only one rocket for it. He went outside and was aiming the Bazooka at the tank, taking his time when his buddy told him “don’t make love to the thing, fire it!” The rocket took out the tank, the guys got out and the movie was over. It seems that the Temple that they were trapped in was an underground Temple, but then I was very young.

I know that ordinance flicks were a dime a dozen in the 50’s and 60’s and that WWII was still fresh in a whole generation of men quickly entering middle age. I would like to find this movie, not only because that scene still is in my mind after all these years, but I would like to learn more about the context of the movie.

Thank you very much,

Joe Herdler

Footie Pajamas

I watched a horror movie roughly 2011- a movie about people in woods who were camping and running from a killer. The find a watch tower to hide. Then they were running to the car. Their friend got killed (an African American man) and the rest got to car only to realize they didn’t have they keys. They suggested their friend who just got killed had keys and someone declared:


“He’s wearing footie pajamas. He doesn’t have the keys!”


Was I imagining this movie?!

Found this on the comments on a BlameItOnJorge video

Can somebody help whoever posted this comment on a BlameItOnJorge video:

I remember watch a movie as a kid about a girl’s birthday party, the mom makes her wear a girly dress and she hates it but her best friend (a boy) sees how pretty she looks and kisses her and asks her to be his girlfriend but she says no so he says it isn’t fair because they’ve been friends for so long and he “earned” her. She’s upset and storms out behind the house into some kind of woods that look creepy af and the lighting is kinda weird like they’re a huge flashlight illuminating the scenes through the trees instead of a towned down light to immitate natural light. Something starts chasing her and when it reaches her it’s some kind of weord the human-like cellophane man, it was very disturbing. She escapes into some kind of mud structure and meets some knock-off of an ice queem or smth. Then eventually she gets back home and her friend apologizes, and suggests they switch clothes if she’s uncomfortable wearing a dress. So she goes to the party in his suit and he goes in her dress and they dance and that’s how the movie end. Im very sorry fpr the rant, I’ve been trying hard to find the name of the movie so I’ve been commenting on every YouTube vid that has anything to do with lost media. Does anyone know what it’s called??

A blue alien or god-like man…

It has been years since I saw this movie, probably pre2000, maybe a foreign film. What I remember is a blue-ish alien or god-lke man comes to Earth and meets/fnds a woman and impregnates her on purpose, without her knowing that she with him. It was like he made it out to be a dream or something. Anyway, she’s pregnant but the blue guy can’t stay (not sure if he knew that all along or not) but he finds a guy that will step in to be her husband and take care of her. It was like he knew to look for these 2 people to take care of his offspring? In the end, I think, the 2 ‘humans’ connect and the blue guy leaves. Details are a bit fuzzy but I think I got the main points about the movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

strange drive in movie from the late 70’s to early 80’s

Hi All,

Movie question #3.

I remember going with a significant other the the drive in movies in my old 1968 Bel-Air station wagon (the “Mean Green Lovin’ Machine”) to um, watch the movies. Well actually, we were watching the movies, starting halfway through the first one, if you get my drift. It was one of those very cheap movies probably shot in 16mm that were made for the drive ins at that time (other greats like “used cars”, “Hollywood Knights” and countless trash flicks set in modern Egypt with mummies were the standard fare back then before the internet and less morally restrictive times). It was a fantasy movie where the main character has a three bladed sword, where the two outer blades were like a ballistic knife, in that the blades could be launched by pressing a button. There was a scene in the movie where some witch like woman does an incantation over a stone sarcophagus, and after she was finished, the lid slowly opens (of course), and eyes that were carved into the sarcophagus opened and started rolling in their sockets. Then this disgusting man that was covered in equally disgusting green slime rose up and killed the witch. It went down hill from there. The villain in the movie was named “Cromwell”. I would like to find this thing to show my grand kids today just what “bad movies” were like when I was their age.

Thank you all in advance!


Old Anime style lightgun shooter

OK, I’ve seen a few people post on here trying to hunt down old video games, so I figure it’s OK. Here’s what I can remember:

* I’m putting a next to the ones where my memory is a little fuzzy.

This was an old stand-up arcade game.

The light gun for the game was similar to the NES Zapper*

The main character in the game was a young kid.*

Its art style was anime and wasn’t that great.

The gameplay was similar to Dragon’s Liar, but most of the game, if not all of it, was played with the lightgun.*

There was a mentor of sorts, that handed you your first weapon (I don’t know if there were any more weapons in the game) I remember him kind of looking like Dr. Light.*

After he handed the gun to you (this is the part I remember the clearest) he leaned down to you and said something to the tune of “This gun can shoot the antennaes off of a cockroach’s head, now it’s yours.”.

This would’ve been in the mid-80s probably.

I believe it was at a Malibu Grand Prix in Houston, but obviously, it could have been and probably was at other places too. 🙂

I could never get past the first section of the damn game and I always wanted to see more. I’ve thought about it for years and years and years. I’ll be 40 in a few months and I remember seeing the anime style as a kid and just thinking THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL!

I hope someone can find it I’d love to even just see a walkthrough of the whole game. Thanks everyone.


Criminal eats at the childrens table

Probably a famous movie, but I can’t remember which one. Just remember the scene that one member of the mafia (or criminals) has done something wrong.

In the scene, everyone goes at the table for eating, but the boss tells the punished member to go eat at the childrens table. The children ask if he’s done something wrong.
Wife of the punished member tries to protest but is getting silenced by the boss.

French movie about girls in some kind of monastery

The only scene i remember from there is when 4 girls are digging potatoes in garden, talking about stufd and i remember phrase that goes like “feminists? I heard they have moustache and hairy legs “, then woman with comes near them and asks why are they there by themselves, woman then tells that they should also think about flowers in that garden, then red hair girl’s nose starts bleeding, nun freaks out about that, red hair girl and some other girl running to some kind of bathroom and then they kiss

That’s all i remember, no actors, no dates

Name would be REALLY appreciated

Mom shot while child is in the car

I’m trying to remember a movie where the main character has a flashback scene when she is a kid in the store with her mom. There is an old man who owns the store and a young man is the cashier. The mom and daughter leave and while they are getting into the car, the cashier guy comes out of the store holding a gun, then the old man comes out and has been shot in the arm. The cashier then shoots the mom in the head while the little girl is in the car crying. That’s the end of the flashback. The mom and daughter are both blonde if that helps.

A film about stealing (90x-2000x)

I’ve got very few details about the film, so it might be a tough one.

Should be a Hollywood film, but might as well be European technically. Released before ~2003. A team of thieves steals something from bank or something like that. I remember only 2 scenes from there:

  1. Rain, a male driver (I guess, one of the main characters) and his female partner in crime in a car. They drive in order to check how long would it take to get to the robbery place (for police).
  2. I remember even less here. During the robbery “electronic guy” replaces the video with pre-recorded one. And then something goes wrong, the security start seeing the actual video with thieves. Then the thieves somehow (I don’t quite remember) get that, fix, and… that’s it.

I actually remember one more scene, but I’m not quite sure whether it’s the same film or not. The thieves somehow start triggering motion detection alarm, the police comes, finds nothing, leaves, they trigger it again. Then, after a while, some cop in a police precinct, shouts to other cops: “Who hasn’t been __place__ yet??”

cant remember this movie

I am thinking it was a late 80s early 90s movie , so the scene i remember involves a young woman who is training for some kind of swimming competion and kinda ignores her boyfriend , her boyfriend comes over to see her she is in the pool swimming and wont even get out to greet him so he is talking to her mother in the house , her mother asks the boyfriend if he would help hang a picture , so he climbs up the ladder to hang the pic and the mother supports him by holding the back of his legs and after a bit starts giving him some attention he climbs down the ladder and they start kissing while the daughter / girlfriend is out swimming

Help find a movie

Hello everyone from Russia. Help me find a movie. When I was a child I saw a film about a boy who controlled a fighter, I don’t remember much of the scenes, only rare footage. the guy controls the fighter, perhaps a joystick through the remote control, one of the fighters seems to have a microcircuit, the evil character looks like a Shaolin monk, the older brother of the protagonist seems to have fought with him. thanks in advance!!!