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ll of the group can summon monsters.  The main character can summon a dragon-like monster that can fly.

This is an animated TV show where there is a group of three friends that can summon monsters. They all have main monsters that they summon. The main character normally summons a dragon-like creature that can fly. His friend can summon a short blue four-armed water creature and his friend that is a girl can summon a mole-like creature I think.  At the end of the season, I think all the creatures get ultimate forms and I remember most distinctly that the blue creature became four miniature clones of itself. There was one episode where one of the monsters infested the school and they had to stop them. I think that the monsters come from different worlds like a light world, a dark world, a forest world, a fire world, a water world, but I don’t remember anymore than that.

Three siblings who were physically abused as children now as adults reconnect because the brother has the memories of what happened

Three siblings who were physically abused as children now as adults reconnect because the brother has the memories of what happened and he helps his sister recover from mental illness brought on by the abuse. One scene is a flashback of the three as children holding hands as they jump into a body of water to escape the reality of their shared abuse.

Murder in space ship, disabling the oxygen supply while people are spacewalking

hi everyone and sorry for my english skills,

i probably watched this film between 1999 and 2007…

the scene i remember takes place in space, people are working on a “space factory” or something like that and they had to do spacewalks for their work, but a murderer is on the ship and managed to kill one guy while he was spacewalking by disabling the oxygen supply cable the spacewalker was linked to
the scene was quite hard (i was a child at the time) because we could see the man inside the suit “exploding” because of the pressure change

and if i’m not wrong there was a big dormitory for the workers, with beds linked to each other looking like many trampoline canvas beds

thats all i remember, thanks for you help

horror movie about a woman dreaming shes completly paralyzed while crows are eating her body and waking up to being compeltely…

…paralyzed while they assume she’s dead

i saw this movie around 10 years ago,i believe its for 2000-2010 it was colored and in english, the main character was a woman and she had a husband, fiance or boyfriend ( i assume husband ) i remember a scene she was dreaming about someone or maybe herself being completely paralyzed and crows/ravens are eating her/his body, this happened more than once i think and the bad guys in the movie i believe was her husband’s family ( mother in law i think ) and at the end i think she dreams that crows eat her heart or some other part and she wake up seeing every one including her husband standing at top of her while she is in a casket and her husband is crying thinking shes dead, her eyes are open but that’s all and she cant do anything only see and hear, and i believe her husbands family was also standing there knowing what is actually happening to her but not saying anything because they wanted to get rid of her, i think this is the end of the movie and they close the casket and the end. i’m not sure about thoes guys being her husbands family or not but i think they were, also i think she was living with them or the two of them were visiting them and it was one of those big old mansion they lived in.

70’s TV Movie with Witches

I’ve been trying to remember this 70s TV movie about modern day witches, but I don’t think the details I remember would find results.

I’m guessing it takes place in modern day Salem, but certainly North East.

The movie is sort of like Rosemay’s baby where lots of normal looking people happen to also practice witch craft.  A young couple moves to the area and are suspicious of the behavior of local people.   In the end the wife is forced to give up the soul of her husband. They force her by laying a door over her and placing large stones on top until the weight is so strong it begins to crush her.  She eventually gives in and gives them her wedding ring, which is apparently what is needed to surrender his soul.

They let her go, she never sees her husband again. Then in the closing seen she is walking her baby in a stroller.  A police officer, I think on horse back stops to chat with her.  He notices a bow on the baby’s stroller is undone, and reties the bow.  The way he ties the bow is apparently unusual, and is something she only saw her husband do.  So, she wonder’s if her husband’s soul is now in the police officer or something along that line.

That’s about all I remember, but the torture seen with the door and stones has haunted me since I was a child.


Crazy fan befriends favorite writer, kills several people to “protect” the writer.

So, I watched this movie about a month ago, and I wanted to shiw it to my friend, but couldnt remember the name. The stalker was named Lee, and I think the writer was called Sarah. I remember a scene, where Lee put rat poison in Sarah’s friend’s water bottle. I have looked everywhere for this movie, and no, it is not Misery. I remember that Lee had killed her father and mother, but says her dad killed himself and her mother died of sickness. Please help me out,thank you.

Please help me remember the name of this 1990s science fiction

I don’t remember a whole lot. It was a cheesy science fiction – not too different from spaceballs – there’s a bunch of misfits on this planet and they all escape from it. The only lines I remember was that in their escape – they are pursued by a company tanker ship – not even a warship. One of the character yells “A Tanker Ship! A Tanker Ship!”. The hero suggests something ludicrous that they all fire at the same time and they do and the Tanker Ship blows up and they all escape.

Not much to go on and i would never see tripe like this now – but its a hole from my childhood – would appreciate it if anyone could help me remember!

Old educational science tv show

Hello, I’m searching for an old science show that my teachers would put on in primary school. The show was very old-fashioned, maybe filmed in 80s-90s? I remember the show had a black and white logo that would split apart and then clip back into place during transitions. (I think it was a black circle inside a diamond shape but I might be wrong).

I remember they did an episode on hydroponics, and I think there was also a subplot of a female character in a robotic-submarine like setting and a bunch of characters we met during the episode would recount what we had learned, but I’m not sure if it’s the same show. Thank you!

alien war tv show

It was an animated TV show, where si-fi human soldiers fought against zerg-like/ bug aliens. There were human sikers. The universe was set in a starcraft/warammer like setting. The humans fought in green armor with sifi weapons. I dont remember when it was made but i watched it around 2007-2009 and there were already serval seasons made.

The few quotes i can remember being

  • the queen is already on earth
  • time to light the bugs up like the 4th of july
  • “hey you could have shot me”
  • “yes i could have but i didnt”


The movie was in color.

What I remember is a white actor playing Merlin bit in modern time.

He bought a house far away from everything. When he bought it he persited to clean up the house finding a lot of weapons.

The next part I remember is when this princes is being chased by urk like creatures. She has 3 people by her side as one by one get eliminated by the urks. Then she enters a Portal to the time with the guy that supposed to be Merlin but after arriving he dies and later gets rivived by a native person telling him about the person who used to live in the house. Then he starts to set up a defense against the urks because the Portal only opens at a certain time for so long. Next a huge battle happens where urks are rushing through the tunnel with a dragon as the guy that supposed to be Merlin start to shoot them with a sniper set up on top off his roof. After he defats all the urks he has the dragon left which he get it to follow him while he is on a 4 wheeler. He enters the others side but there is only so much time left until the Portal closes, so he returns to his realm with enough time for the Portal to close decapitating the dragon.

PS: it was a movie.

That is all I remember

Spirituality and coma

This movie is about this guy who is at a book event, where the writer is talking about how he gets inspired, etc. The book talks about spirituality and talking to people subconsciousness. This guy ends up talking to the writer (who is an old man) and says he does not believe in it. I can’t remember what happens next but after some scenes, you can see this guy apologizing to his girlfriend by singing to her window from the other side of the street. She walks downstairs to forgive him and when she crosses the street she gets hit by a car and ends up in a coma. Somehow the guy reaches out to the writer and asks him to try and talk to her while she’s in a coma. The writer goes and talks to her and says “come back”. She eventually wakes up. That’s all I remember about the move and no, it is not “If I stay”. I have been looking for this movie for the past 3 years and would really appreciate if someone could help me.

Cartoon: Nipple Pokes Man’s Eye Out

I’m not sure if it was a feature length film or a collection of cartoon shorts. I was quite fond of the artistic style that the cartoonist had but I forgot the name. The cartoon in particular showed comedic sexual things. The one I specifically remember was a man tweaking a woman’s nipple to make it erect but it got so erect that it grew to poke out his eye. If anybody knew the specific film it was from it would be nice. Double nice if you know that name of the cartoonist/animator


A British romantic comedy remade into an American film. A woman with a mysterious illness, has braces on her hands, is crippled – husband meets a blind woman, a red-headed author, and becomes friends with her – wife also becomes friends with her – the wife ends up dying but is happy because she believes that her husband will end up marrying this friend.

Movie kid/teen trying to get family over crom Asian Country

Movie where Asian family is trying to get to America. The relative here in the states is bartering for them somehow. You see the family overseas in a line in the rain trying to get on a boat throughout the film. It pretty much takes till the very last second of the film for the family to be allowed to get on the boat to make it over to the united states. I thought that the movie was Safe, with Jason Statham, but it wasn’t. That’s all I can remember, sorry for being so vague.

2 young girls robbing trains

There’s a movie that came out a few years ago, it’s not too old. It’s about 2  girls that live right next to some train tracks. Their parents aren’t around much, if at all. The older sister starts robbing the trains that pass close by their house. Soon the little sister joins in. It’s set in modern time. I believe they start to give back to their community, but the people who’s products they’re stealing aren’t happy about it and come down hard on them. The girls in the movie are African-American. That’s all I can think of.

An 18+ movie I’ve seen as a kid

When I was very young I watched a 18+ movie which I still keep thinking about from time to time since it was so unsettling and fucked up. It’s about 2 girl friends who start a new job at an office/company. Friend 2 makes friend 1 seduce an older guy who also works there while she tries to seduce a rich guy unsuccessfully. The rich boy actually takes a liking to friend 1 instead. He marries her and brings her into his dark world of joint incest with his sister and burning money. Friend 2 eventually kills the rich guy, there was a scene with (I think) a raven landing on his dead body, and ends up in prison where she gets married to a prison guard while friend 1 inherits all of the rich guy’s money ans lives a lavish life (not too sad he is dead as far as I can remember.) I think it could have been a 2000s movie and I’m 20 now, don’t remember how old I was when I saw it.

Hitman horror/thriller

This is going to be a tough one,

I watched an upcoming movie trailer a few years ago. So its a pretty recent movie. And i barely remember one scene.

Theres a couple in a fancy house. Husband and a wife. Husband is a rich guy, wife puts up with everything for his money, he beats her up and all of a sudden a female hitman shows up saying that she will kill the husband and asks for a password of his bank account or a password of his safe where he keeps his money and wife tells the hitman the password since shes in that relationship only for the money and doesnt care about that guy.

Looked like a thrilling movie, please help me find it. Thanks