Strange movie from 80’s-early 90’s

Strange movie/tv show from a long time ago. I probably saw this in the late 90’s, so I was super young. All I remember was a white male with blond hair sitting on the floor in the corner of a room. There were a bunch of bobble heads or figurines of some sort surrounding him. He looks terrified, tries to get up, grabs an American flag and the bobbleheads attack. You hear him scream and see a bead of blood on one of the bobble heads. Another scene ( maybe episode?) showed the same male going up against some alley wall , kind of fusing with the wall(I know, sounds crazy) while some force caused a bunch of needles to go shooting to the wall,kind of like stabbing him, but he’s fused with the wall It’s been driving me crazy for years

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  1. the more i think about it, the more convinced i am. the first (“Rogue Cop Revelation”) and third (“KKK Comeuppance”) segments end exactly as you describe.

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