Very Specific Scene from V series

I’m having trouble finding a very specific scene from a 1980s sci-fi series. I think it’s V, but I couldn’t find this specific scene.


I just remember that the earthlings are hiding out in some kind of bunker while one of the aliens is pacing around outside screaming “Donovan!” in a really high pitched voice. I think someone inside the building was giving birth to a half-person half-alien

4 thoughts on “Very Specific Scene from V series

  1. Yep. From V.
    Specifically from V-The Final Battle.
    Done in three parts, this was likely in part two or three.

    1. Agreed. Mike Donovan (played by Marc Singer) was one of the main characters. I have this box set at home, but I don’t recall which episode this is from. You’re probably right.

      1. I was asking around about this one and someone pointed me towards the dedicated fan wiki for V, where I went through a list of all the aliens that had anything personal against Donovan (So basically all of them.) I finally found the specific one that was screaming his name in a high pitched voice in episode 16 of the 1985 series. So I was confusing the ‘Final Battle’ episode where the baby was being born with this one, where the baby was being hid in a warehouse. I don’t know how to mark a question as solved, but this one’s done for sure.

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