Looking for a 90s (or earlier) action movie based on just 5-10 seconds

I’m trying to find a movie that I can only remember about 5-10 seconds of, so sorry for the lack of details in advance. My parents were watching the movie, I was just a kid and snuck down to watch part of it from the stairs and went undetected for all of about 10 seconds. Were I a better sleuth you’d have more to go off of (I’ll try harder next time!). I’ve had this scene burned into my memory for at least 20 years though and it’s all I have so I hope you can still help!

Some details:

  • The movie was shot in colour
  • There’s a 99% chance it was in English and I’d guess American made
  • I saw it probably between 1994-1999 but it could be older than that
  • I’m not sure if it was a TV movie or on VHS
  • The scene I saw was an action scene with a fist fight
  • There were a lot of people and I think it was a hero vs a gang
  • I think the characters were dressed in Mad Max style leather and possibly had mohawks
  • I think it took place in a desert during the daytime with a clear blue sky
  • It isn’t Mad Max (despite the clothes and desert) unless I missed something despite watching all of them multiple times
  • One guy punched another guy in the jaw, the guy who got punched turned his head because of the punch, the camera angle was a hard cut to his turned face, he stared towards it and his jaw was super pushed to the side broken – it sort of paused like this for a second to emphasize how far pushed his jaw was

I know this isn’t much to go off of, but I also know you guys are experts, so I’m hopeful and appreciative!

4 thoughts on “Looking for a 90s (or earlier) action movie based on just 5-10 seconds

  1. “Fist of the North Star” (1995)?

    Here is a scene with a villain getting his jaw rearranged from YouTube.

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