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Monster kept in insane asylum, undercover reporter, $5000

It was a 1950-40s movie, black and white. I think maybe it had an investigative reporter visiting an insane asylum to investigate some kind of corruption scandal. A lot of people in the movie kept on talking about how much money $5000 was ( I think this may have been to bribe the reporter into dropping the case?) The movie had a title like “The Human Monster” or something, and there was some kind of human monster locked up in the asylum, but it only showed up in the last few minutes of the movie.

Very Specific Scene from V series

I’m having trouble finding a very specific scene from a 1980s sci-fi series. I think it’s V, but I couldn’t find this specific scene.


I just remember that the earthlings are hiding out in some kind of bunker while one of the aliens is pacing around outside screaming “Donovan!” in a really high pitched voice. I think someone inside the building was giving birth to a half-person half-alien