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I remember this older scifi movie where I think only 2 of the astronauts return alive from an expedition, but they bring back an entity that has mind control. One of the astronauts is immune to the mind control because he has a metal plate in his head, so he sets about to save the day.  Toward the end of the show, to show his complete control over humans, the entity (which is a large mass) has the immune astronaut’s best friend (and only other surviving member of the space expedition), walk into the entities mouth and goes crunch.  Eventually they save the day so humanity does not end up as snacks for the entity/monster.

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  1. They Came from Beyond Space (1967)

    From Wikipedia:
    “Several meteors fall in a field in England. Those who approach them are seemingly taken over, and barricade the area from intruders. A scientist is immune to the takeover due to a metal plate in his head. He enlists the assistance of a friend, who must melt down his silver cricket trophies to make a helmet to protect him. Although initially claiming that the takeover is benign, the aliens attempt to remove the metal plate from the scientist but are thwarted and learn the human value of courtesy.”

    1. Thanks, but that’s not it. It takes place in the US. The alien is not seen until the end where one of the two surviving astronauts is commanded to walk into the aliens mouth, which he willingly does, then chomp. The hero, immune to the telepathy/mind control of the alien finds a way to kill it. Tada, the end.

  2. If you’re thinking of something more recent than the previous reply it could be the Italian-American coproduction and total crap-fest “Alien Contamination” (1980), also known as “Contamination.” It’s a very similar story but with more icky gore, and the scene where the guy walks straight into the mouth of the big alien to get crunched is there in all its glory. It also has flashbacks of the two astronauts meeting the alien intelligence in a cave where one is overcome but the other is immune. The one guy eventually brings the consciousness back to earth and grows a bunch of eggs that hatch and make people’s chests explode. Sound familiar? If so I’m very sorry. This movie sucks!

  3. Nope, but thanks. I think the film I am thinking about is older. Something that would be on network TV movie at 4 pm on dialing for dollars.

  4. The only sci-fi movirs or shows that I can recall that have main characters with metal plates in their heads are Corpus Earthling from the 1960s Outer Limits TV series and a 1970 TV movie called Night Slaves. By the way, Night Slaves was sort of a re-make of They Came from Beyond Space.

  5. “Night of the Blood Beast” (1958)?
    It has an astronaut crashing to earth, an alien creature with mental control over the astronaut, and he sacrifices himself at the end by letting the creature chomp on him. I’ve never seen this one so I don’t know about the metal plate in the head thing. The entire movie is on YouTube, but I posted the trailer below.


  6. Okay, scrap that last answer. I just watched the ending to ‘Night of the Blood Beast’ and the man does NOT get eaten by the alien entity.

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