The “Richie movie”

In about 2005 when i was in elementary school i remember in DARE we watched a movie about a drug addict. It was referred to as the Richie movie. It was about a guy addicted to heroin and i remember they interviewed him at one point in a white room and he was extremely drugged and out of it. Then at the end of it he died and his friends rolled him up in a carpet and left him on the side of the road. It ends with a gong sounding a few times and with each gong the camera zooms closer to his face.

No one else seems to remember this and I have such distinct memories of it and i need to know what its really called.

4 thoughts on “The “Richie movie”

  1. I saw a scare-kids-away-from-drugs movie in fifth grade. It was very dated by the time I saw it, but I’ve remembered the title: The Death of Richie.” I don’t remember many details, but I remember him being “interviewed” by his principal and was totally high when that happened. I think his death was violent. I don’t remember him being wrapped in a rug, or the gong, but maybe I was asleep by the time it ended.

    1. The Death of Richie was a full length mafe for tv movie starring Robbie Benson. I think was ’70s.

  2. movie ending scene where the boy buys a motorcycle from an old man on a farm and then rides off

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