Apocalyptic movie almost like mad max

Movie where in the beginning it has a guy walking and he happens upon a girl who looks like she was just in a wreck and she’s asking for water and it turns out to be an ambush and he defeats the ambush and eventually he gets captured and tries to escape but needs the help of a girl and everyone else who is in the same place they are has bright coloured hair and the main Villan had a Mohawk and he chases the guy and girl because they hurt his wife and they steal a car and the evil guys care has spikes and is used to stop other cars and the guy escapes with the girland that’s what the film was basically and I remember it being very brutal can you help me I’ve been trying to find it.

4 thoughts on “Apocalyptic movie almost like mad max

    1. That’s not it but I think i just stumbled upon it. Doomsday and I may have been confusing it and another movie but thank you so much 🙂

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