Old movie about robots\strange creatures


I have been dying to find a movie that I remember only some fragments of from my early early childhood, so please bear with me on this one:

Since I live in Lithuania chances are that the movie might be a Soviet block flick (so countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia might be candidates for the origin). I would guess it should have been released way earlier than 1992, but it seems it was in color (I saw it on TV). The movie might be related to Amphibian Man as it aired on the TV at the same’ish time.

So the scene I remember goes something like this:

There is a young woman that is running away from a group of strange tall looking creatures in an open location (the creatures are seen somewhere in the distance on the hill). Then one of them uses it’s key-like horns on the other creature and the world reverses(?). For some reason I feel the creatures are robots, but don’t count me on this one.

I know this i vague, but I only have my early childhood memories. I would appreciate any kind of help.

2 thoughts on “Old movie about robots\strange creatures

  1. “Invasion of the Animal People”(1959)?
    Wild guess, it’s Swedish and is known by many titles.

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