Teenage comedy movie

I'm sure this movie is from this century, it's a teenage comedy 
movie and I remember two scenes.
The first is a student girl who is in her apartment 
and in the next apartment, some boys put music. That
annoys her and asks them to turn down the volume. 
I think afterwards there is a party in the place and the 
girl goes.
The second scene is of two boys who ask for a
ride and truck stops with a strange creepy man inside. 
During the trip, the man turns on the stereo and it hears moans
of a girl. The scene is creepely funny.
Last thing I remember from the movie is that at the end 
it shows how all the characters stories finished and what
they did afterwards.

(Sorry if I wrote something wrong, it's not my native language. Thanks ლ(╹◡╹ლ) )

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