2 Movies I cannot find from early 2000s. 1 Wolf movie, 1 about a “demon hunter”


There are 2 movies I cannot find anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can only remember the beginning and ending of the movies with any detail significant detail. Most of my memories are visual, I was very sick when I watched these movies.

watched this movie in the early 2000s prior to 2010. It was a colour film and was rented from blockbuster video.

The opening scene there is an execution, specifically a hanging with a large crowd. The main character bursts onto the scene with crossbows attached to his forearms and stops the execution. He is soon led to a castle where they are having suspicious instances. The movie culminates with the main character going into the dungeon of the castle to find a demon (A female spider demon I believe would best description) which is eating everyone in the castle as cattle.

Watched this movie early 2000s prior to 2010. It was a colour film, and was rented from blockbuster video.

It begins with the main character on a horse drawn transport into a village. This village has been having many suspect instances occurring such as people going missing. The main character soon finds out wolves are the cause, and there maybe a leader among the wolves. The main character goes into a forest and finds the den of wolves who live under a tree. They maybe Dire wolves. Also I believe there was a werewolf. I believe but am uncertain but I believe the movie was European.

I am not sure what else to add, but if this rings any bells I can attempt to add more detail.

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        1. Nope, the first scene is almost out of assassin’s creed. A guy in a hood with tons of concealed weapons bursts onto a medievel gallows where someone is being hung. He attacks the guards and saves the prisoner to be executed. The protagonist then goes to a castle where mysteries are occuring. It culminates in a plot where at the bottom of a castle a Demon Spider Lady is pulling all the string and manipulating and eating everyone.

    1. It was much darker than a robin hood story, it was very assassin’s creed like. The opening scene he has cross bows readied on both forearms and battles his way and saves someone from being hanged. Also it was prior to 2010 when it was on video.

      1. Sorry, had them backwards. It was a stand alone movie from my understanding. A tale of a european town being attacked. Someone goes to town to investigate. They find wolves are attacking. Then they find the wolves are coordinated. They go into the forest to find the den of wolves, and there is a den of large wolves like dire wolves living under a tree. I believe the pack was a lead by a were wolf of sorts.

  1. Ok, I think 1st one is solved. The creature in Beowulf matched description and the hero uses crossbows and the release year is about the same. The 2nd one might be: “Brotherhood of the Wolf”(1999)? I think on IMDb you can watch the trailers for both movies.

  2. 1st Movie maybe Beowulf. I’ll watch again to confirm.
    2nd Movie maybe “Brotherhood of the Wolf” I’ll watch again to confirm.

    Thanks a ton!!!

  3. Please come back and confirm when you can James. I also think the second movie sounds like “Brotherhood of the Wolf.”

    1. The second movie is “Brotherhood of the Wolf”,

      However, Beowulf doesn’t seem correct.
      For example beowulf the protagonist holds his crossbows, they are not mounted to his forearms.
      The protagonist in the movie I remember, had the “classic” burst onto the scene of an execution. I am fairly certain it was a execution by hanging.
      Mid fight he reveals he has crossbows mounted and armed on his forearms.
      If anyone has played “Assassin’s Creed” it was very much like that. I am fairly certain he was hooded.
      The protagonist then goes to castle and begins to solve the mystery of the castle and of the strange instances.
      The protagonist has a hard time figuring out the cause of everything, and eventually (in the end) goes into the dungeon of the castle and fights a “large demon spider lady” who was pulling all the strings, and using everyone in the castle as cattle.

      Also, in beowulf it was about an outpost being attacked by “grendel” not a castle which turns out to be the “large demon spider lady’s” farm.

      I am thinking it was an independent stand alone movie.

      Beowulf 1999 is remarkable similar based on the poor description I can give.

      1. I am fairly certain the protagonist was a “demon hunter” of sorts, which is why the people of the castle invited the protagonist.

  4. Okay, thanks for confirming Brotherhood of the Wolf. I was hoping for a 2 in 1 solve, but I still think Beowulf is correct, you mentioned an outpost? I believe that was another movie with the same title (Beowulf)? and the same actor! I will try to download a link, but I am at work and it might be a minute. Thanks again james!

  5. Ok, I was trying to post a link to the sy fy channel’s version of Grendel from 2007. That’s my final guess for the 1st one.

  6. You guys were correct! I believe it was Beowulf! The first version I shifted through was very poor quality.

    1st Movie = beowulf
    2nd Movie = Brotherhood of the Wolf

    Thanks a ton, and well done! Can’t believe this worked and so quickly.

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