Small Boy (Maybe 7?) Eaten By Tiny Dinosaurs

My sisters and I use to love watching home videos. In one video there is a video that interrupts the tape. I’m not sure what year it was from, but it had to have been before late 2001/early 2002. In the clip there is a boy running in a forest. He is being chased by a pack of tiny dinosaurs that are about 2 feet tall. They knock him over a log to where he can’t be seen, then ripped clothes and a shoe fly up, indicating his death. Nothing is said in the clip, so I can’t tell is he had an accent, but he was Caucasian, and I’m an American, so we’ll say this is an American movie. I mentioned this memory to my middle sister, and years later she clearly remembers it as well. This video has literally traumatized us, and I really want to find it.

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