Christmas film with elves following a star and singing

ok this is a bit of stretch, I dont remember much, here goes. Me and my sister used to have this really old mostly degraded VHS tape (of which the first few minutes were the only watchable parts, the rest of it was static) it was a home recorded tape so I wouldnt be able to recall anything about the box for clues.

It starts out showing a star in the night sky and panning down to see some elves marchng through the snow and singing a song, the next scene im sure carries on in santa’s workshop but the tape we had was so badly damaged everything was speed up and nothing more of the film survived, me and my sister would watch it just because we found it so funny (before my parents had enough and distroyed it). Im sure it was live action (or at least with pupets? I was so small my memory might not be the most trustworthy), its not any of the santa claus movies either, if anyone has any suggestions? (this was likely in the mid 90’s if that helps)

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