Single man in a tropical resort for couples only


I can’t remember the name of a movie I watched before.

There was a man who had to go to his honeymoon on an island (or just resort) only for couples. When he waited his wife at the airport somehow he realised she left him just few days after wedding.

Anyway he travelled to the resort. They tried to deny him to enter due to he is single, but after he cried and pleased them they agreed.

At the resort he slept with few ladies and he had troubles with their husbands. After all his wife decided to go to the resort to relive there releationship but she caught him with few women at the time.

I suspect it was a comedy made before the millenium – maybe from 80’s or 90’s.

2 thoughts on “Single man in a tropical resort for couples only

    1. Unfortunately it is not 10 (1979)… In my movie the guy goes on his own honeymoon but without his women as she left him just before it.

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