Horror movie with a whole lot of naked people

I saw the first ten or fifteen minutes of this movie on KTVU’s Creature Features one Friday night in 1979 (I remember because John Stanley hosted on Saturdays while Friday’s show was unhosted). It was in colour and the production values suggested it was filmed earlier in the ’70s, possibly the late ’60s.

In the film, a group of young men and women take a boat up a river or to an island for a party or orgy or — I don’t know — Junior Chamber of Commerce AGM. Their clothes come off immediately upon arrival (apparently the network’s censors had turned in early that night).

The last thing I remember seeing was a young man and two young women casually smoking and chatting naked outside on the moonlit steps of a castle or mansion. I then turned the TV off and headed to bed as my father had picked that night to fall asleep on the couch next to me, and I was certain he’d wake up any minute and say, “so you stay up on Friday nights to watch SMUT?”

(Worse, he would’ve likely followed up with, “that’s my boy!” and insisted on watching it with me.)

This movie was all the talk among the other prepubescent boys in school on Monday and I’ve never gotten past missing out on all that scandalous nudity. Well, okay, I actually forgot about it entirely until I stumbled upon this site. Now I’m more curious what horrors would have been justly visited on these young people for their flagrant disregard of propriety. Anyone know this movie?

5 thoughts on “Horror movie with a whole lot of naked people

  1. Also known as ‘ Horror on Snape Island’. It has tons of nudity, teens going out to a lighthouse island, a disfigured slasher, hmmm. . . this should have been the progenitor of the typical 80s teen slasher film, but it probably wasn’t widely distributed. I saw it on late night TV in the late 70s or early 80s.

  2. I specifically remember the flashback scene in the first 15 minutes of “Tower of Evil” with the young man leaning back on his chair, sharing a smoke, but the picture in my mind is of him leaning back on stone steps, outside, naked, which is similar to the subsequent post-skinny dip scene. Just fascinating how time plays with my memories. This must be it, Livinghead. Thanks very much!

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