Alien movie

I’m not sure which year it was produced but I know that it’s an American movie in colors. The only scene I remember from it was some guy in a vent who gets chased and killed by an alien while hunting for it.

There are a couple of things I want to know (I will be as clear as possible):

1) What is the name of that movie?

2) Which year was it produced?

3) If anyone has that movie on DVD or has seen it and if I wanted to borrow that movie on DVD and watch it on VLC media player on my computer since my DVD player is being temporarily fixed at the time, at exactly which time interval does that scene with the guy and the alien in the vent occur in? That is my main concern.

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        1. I have the movie on Blu-ray. I checked the theatrical version of the film and the air duct scene starts at 1:11:00 and ends at 1:15:50.

  1. Dark Star (1974)?
    This was a student movie by Halloween director John Carpenter, that was made into a full length feature. It has the elements you describe, and was actually an influence on the original idea for Alien.

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